Film: 5794

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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1960's Story of steam Railways

History of Brunel and the Great Western Railway and the rise and fall of the steam locomotive. Opening scene of train coming towards camera, lots of steam.
Euston Arch. Brunel's Bristol line. Stills of Brunel. Train from driver's point of view crossing the Bridge across the Tamar at Saltash. View of train crossing the Tamar from under the bridge. Stills of engravings and drawings of early trains in Britain, the Great Western Railroad. Navvies are seen at work digging the tracks.(Lovely silhouette Pictures). Re-enactment of the opening of the Bath and Bristol line. Great celebrations at the station with people dressed in period clothing and waving and cheering. Viaducts and aquaducts. Still images and also footage of trains going over them. Still of Brunel's iron bridge at Newcastle. Still images of industrial Victorian Britain. Workers assembling and building locomotive steam engines. Station approach and engines 6201.LMS, 60017, Mallard. Engineering bridges and building large stations to accommodate the trains. Still images of Victorian Britain. Lamps being placed on front of engine CR123 with Scottish Thistle emblem. 'Golden Age of Travel'. Changing signal, train changes track. Train pulls into busy station. Crowds get on to a steam train. The Royal Scot, guard waves a flag and blows his whistle. Trains speeding through the countryside whilst passengers relax. Railway worker shovelling coal into a furnace of an engine. One passenger having attention of barber and other passengers reading the newspaper and a couple enjoying a drink on route. Close up of female passenger applying lipstick. Train goes through tunnels, scenes go dark, lots of steam. Good shots of The Mallard. Engine 60017. En route. The engine driver. The Silver Fox, stoking the furnace. Diesel and electric trains slowly replace steam. Image of a 'graveyard' of steam engines. Graveyard for old engines at Darlington. Engines 60981,61415. Workers break up trains. Swinging wrecking ball. Wheels lie stacked up.

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