Film: 5803

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Shipping at Hull, East Yorkshire on Humberside 1950's - Loading and unloading a ship of freight and boxes.

Preparations for the arrival of the S.S. Bravo , a cargo boat from Gothenburg, at the port of Hull. The cargo boat comes into harbour to its allotted berth. The dockers arrive for work, mostly on bicycle. They crowd into a hall labelled "National Dock Labour Board". As they are employed for a job, they give in their cards.

One of the passengers on the S.S. Bravo, a Swede, is visiting Britain to purchase farm equipment, and disembarks from the boat.

The stevedores secure boxes together with rope. A crane hoists the boxes from the hold onto the quay. Planks, paper in its raw state, and casks are similarly treated. The outgoing cargo is marked with a doller-like sign, and loaded onto trucks or stacked in storehouses.

The Swedish passenger travels by train to inspect an excavator that he has ordered. It will return with him to Sweden when the S.S. Bravo next sails.

The unloading of the ship's cargo continues. The dockers finish for the day and depart for home on bicycles. At night, a policeman patrols the docks with a guard dog. The next day, the stevedores return and start to load the ship. Soft goods are packed around brittle ones, and care is taken that the weight is evenly distributed. Heavy items are moved into position with a crowbar.

The Swedish passenger visits a farm, and is very taken with a bull. He rings the shipping firm to find out if it is possible to transport the animal alongside the excavator.

The dockers are told that they are working against the clock to finish the loading. The ship's passengers arrive, and the bull is delivered. The stevedores move some of the cargo in the hold to make room for the bull.

The boat leaves the quay, and the passengers have dinner. The boat makes its way down river towards the sea. Night falls.

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