Film: 5805

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Round South America by Air 1950's

Thomas Cook promotional film for holidays in South America Flying in an aircraft to Panama - sleeping compartment on the aircraft like a train curtained off The panama canal Arriving in Columbia Bogota and buying emeralds to Quito streets and sites. The equator monument. Making and buying Panama hats - hand woven hand moulding and ironing. Tribal people of the Rainforest areas. Peru landing Lima airport - Hotel Bolivar the cathedral and the University of San Marco . Peruvian gold items and the good prices ! A gold llama and a gold llama on a box. Silversmiths at work. La Laguna restaurant Meeting a famous bullfighter. In the bullring and a bull fight.

Cuzco traditional dances against the massive stones walls. Llamas galore. A herdswoman picks up a baby llama cria Machu Picchu examined. La Paz airport and a plane lands. La Paz city streets. More llamas parading thought he streets. A hotel swimming pool. Lake Titicaca more hotels. Santiago city changing of the guard ceremony - busy streets cars and trams. Car train up to the ski resorts Skiing on the pistes.
Boat trip down the coast of Chile. Icebergs at San Raphial. Chilean lakes dramtic waterfalls. Great charabanc type open top red coach. Fishing on the lake. Chilean cavalry do a performance.

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