Film: 5808

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Drama set in an American hospital. Urban poverty in USA 1940's

The blackboard with Doctor, student nurse attending written on it. A cat walks among garbage on dirt roads, there are two garbage cans but nothing is in the them, its all on the ground around it. One of the doctors opens the curtains and the two doctors take off their gloves. The woman looks exhausted on the bed. The young doctor pulls out the ironing board from under the mattress. The young doctor washes his hands, the other doctor wipes the face of the woman. The young doctor writes out the response. The doctor pulls back the cloth covering a smiling baby. The doctor takes her temperature. The father comes in with two little boys. The three health practitioners walk down the street. They see children playing on a demolished building. Children run around with dirty noses in streets that are dirty and unsafe. Lots of children sit around a table eating noisily. A baby cries as it is bathed in a basin. A child takes off its clothes and climbs naked into a bed. A fly crawls over a baby. Run down ramshackle houses. Company houses, barely holding together, with stairs and porches almost falling off. A woman scavenges for vegetables from the loading area of a warehouse, her children watching. Old men look through another loading site, a man carries boxes behind them. A woman drags home useful boxes and crates.
Receptionist receives a call from the police and the doctor is stopped on his way in, he yells for the emergency bag. They jump in the car. Travelling through slums districts. They bring the woman to the hospital. The younger doctor brings a blood sample to the hospital lab. The man in the lab works. He hands the young doctor a card with the test results. The doctor give the night nurse instructions.
The young doctor sits at a table reading, the nurse and the mother of the pregnant woman sew at the table. The woman walks around. She talks to the doctor for a bit. The new intern sleeps on a trunk. The mother looks in on her two children asleep in the same bed. The woman feels a contraction and grabs the table. The doctor is there immediately. He wakes the intern and tells him to scrub up. The intern checks the foetal heartbeat. The grandmother rocks back and forth on her chair, her shadow moving on the wall. Two men sit on the steps of a brownstone, one plays a guitar, a policeman walks by, he walks by another set of steps, the man lounging there tells him a woman is having a baby. Weighting the baby in a blanket. Mother and baby in bed together, the doctors go through their rules. The doctor goes to check on the woman and finds her unconscious! Quick action with needles, the doctor takes some blood. The young doctor rushes the sample to the hospital. The nurse gets all the jars it the falt and starts to boil them. The other doctor at the clinic rushes out on the haemorage case. He does his tie up as he checks the address. The other doctor comes down and they leave. O'Donnell, the young doctor goes the woman a shot of adrenaline. They set the kitchen table up as an operating table. The nurse get glucose and saline set up. They put a saline drip in her arm. The grandmother holds the lamp as the older doctor goes in with lots of bandage. The young doctor arrives with a pint of blood and they put the blood in place of the saline. Sun rise. The tension is unbearable! Is she alive, is she dead? The doctor checks her pulse (whew!) the two other doctors put their coats on. The baby yawns in its crib.. The receptionist at the centre wakes up from sleeping at her desk. The three doctors come out of the front door, with the bags in hand their hats on and ties done up. They all get in the front seat with 'Maternity' written in the door, looking very tough!

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