Film: 5809

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A story from the travels of 'Palladium Circus' 1940's

which comprised of a man, Manetti, the clown and a woman Jan Andree, the trapeze artist, probably on their last performance with five dogs, two ponies, one monkey, a goat and their old horse

The man organizes the horse and gypsy caravan and setting off on a French country road. People get on a bus in a small town, focusing on an actor who sits by the window. The bus over takes the circus carriage while the artist is leaning over brushing his teeth. Views from the road as the bus arrives at Le Village De Millieu Des Brumes. On their way to the village they come across their competitors, a small theatre company that is about to perform at the same time in the village hall. People come off the bus, amongst them the actor, his wife at home in the kitchen, he comes lone, she wakes up the kids, while he is having a wash, the boy barges in dressed as a cowboy, shooting at him. The horse and carriage are still on the road, passing by the graveyard. Four fighters fly above, the man urges his horse, now arriving at the village, children are about in the main road, the man, woman and monkey looking out and see a poster announcing the theatre show they move on. The ponies attached from behind, the young 'cow boy' stand watching them on his way to school. Arrancy train station with a guard signaling to moving train, he throws his stick into a bucket, marks in his notebook and watches over the valley to see the circus ring. Dogs, chickens, ponies, the trapeze on the ground in disarray, a man walks across, the dogs, a military aircraft above, the woman in the carriage nailing a shoe, the man comes and picks up a drum, he walks to the village centre to announce the show. Another man comes with a drum and announces his theatre performance. They cross over each other competing over the same crowd. The man from the circus goes into a school, put his drum down, the actor's son notices him and informs the teacher. The class full of children, the man talks to the headmaster then leaves, in the class headmaster picks up a violin all kids sing together. Close up of kids, doll's house at corner. The circus artist walks in the street with the dogs. She stops in front of café de Lorraine, the drum is leaning outside the entrance, she finds the man with a bottle of wine and despair she comes in with the dogs asks for his wallet and leaves. He has a glass of wine with the change from his pocket, poured by the barmaid. The village clock strikes 12, all kids run out and down many steps, the little 'cowboy' runs on his own elsewhere. His parents come out of a building and going home. The mother with the younger child in the kitchen. She is fetching some things and going out. We see the actors getting ready while their son is captivated by the preparations at the circus ring. The horses, dogs skipping over hurdles, close up of the 'cowboy' watching the artist training a dog to jump on rear legs over hurdles, she pulls out a prize and throws it to the boy. A woman is painting, someone walks and kicks the paint-tin, the actors at rehearsal, needing a hat, someone throws it in. Three ladies sewing costumes. The woman at the circus is training a goat, the boy is watching the goat walks over a plank of wood. The man trains the ponies, trains going by, the man throws his stick in frustration, a plane goes by, the man sees a poster of his competitors and snatches it off the wall, neighbours look out, he hides the scrambled paper in his hat. Kids running down the steps carrying chairs. Four aeroplanes over the head, people dressing up, last preparatory of the actors, make up, costumes, the circus man pops in and sees a rehearsal, two lovers on the stage, the audience mock them. The boy on a bench by the circus rings high and time. The woman feeds the animals, the boys run off to call for more people, the clown is putting make up on, a train passes by. The guard finishes his duty at the station carrying an oil lamp, a view from above at the circus ring, where the woman is juggling, throws the skittles away and leaves the ring. The five dogs, one dressed with a hat and a coat on runs off, people are gathering in front of the theatre when they notice the dressed up dog, a circle is formed and the dog dances on rear legs, applause, a man picks the dog up to return it back, meanwhile the circus lady is taking off her costume, the man eats, the monkey in front of a wall full of pictures of clowns, she smokes, when all of a sudden an outside noise, a crowd of people had followed the dog back, they take seats and wait. They quickly put costumers back on and out on the ring with the clown and the dogs presenting the great trapeze artist, he walks on a ladder, she enters and climbs up to the top swing, doing acrobatic seen from many angles, great applause, the camera zoom out and dissolves into a grave yard.
The End.

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