Film: 5817

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Techniques and methods of contraception 1960's
A young boy and girl draw with felt tip pens. Graph indicating increase in maternal morbidity after third or fourth pregnancy. List of common methods of contraception. From least effective to most effective. Family planning and sex education.
1) Post-coital douche: Diagram of neck of uterus where sperm can be seconds after a man's climax. Micro photography of sperm. Close up of rubber douche with water coming out end. Not recommended as a contraceptive.
2) Homemade barriers and spermicides: Still shot of butter, lemon, vinegar, oil, barriers made of cloth including cotton and silk and sponges. Making spermicides in chemical measuring tube with vinegar or lemon juice; butter, margarine or oil can also be used.
3) Spermicidal products: Pharmaceuticals displayed on table. Three different types including vagitories, creams, pastes and jellies, foams.
A. Vagitories in soluble pessary form and foaming tablets. Close up of both types of vagitories. Model showing where foaming tablets are placed in the vagina.
B. Creams, pastes, jellies are squirted across the screen. An inserter is filled with cream from a tube. This cream is inserted into a cutaway cross section of the female reproductive organs. C-Foams in pressurized containers. Display of applicator being filled with foam and inserted into model vagina. C-Film is a "new" product being tested which contains spermicide.
4) Coitus interruptus and reservatus: Diagram of uterus and vagina and the withdrawal of a penis before ejaculation.
5) Rhythm method or Safe Period: Diagram of monthly cycle. Explanation of calendar method. Woman marking off days on a calendar. Close up marking off days in June. Diagram of temperature method. Graph marking off levels of temperature for safe period.
6) Barriers and spermicidal products: Diagram of vagina showing where barrier must go to prevent fertilization. Close up of diaphragm and old packaging of Ortho-Gynol gel. Close ups of the diaphragm, the cervical cap, the Voolt Cap, the Vimuel. Different sizes of diaphragm. How the diaphragm sits in the vagina. Application of spermicide to diaphragm. Insertion into plastic model vagina. Removal of diaphragm.
Condoms: Lots of condoms laid out on table. Diagram of how they work. Latex rubber condom in two thicknesses. The thicker type can be used several times! Teat ended or round ended. Mock up of how condom is worn. Close up of end of condom on the end of a model penis. Diagram of how condom should be removed from the vagina.
Intra-uterine Devices (IUD): diagram of uterus and fallopian tubes. Five different types of IUD laid out on display. Close up of IUD. X-ray photograph of IUD in uterus. The Lippes Loop in four different sizes. Method of insertion using a 3-D cross section of the uterus and the introducer with the IUD in it. Removal of IUD. Delkon shield. Closed IUDs that have previously caused strangulation of the intestine. Lippes Loop IUDs being sterilized in disinfectant. List of side effects of IUD including diagrams.
7) Oral: Diagrams of progesterone and estrogen content in pills and affect on hormones. Syringe and vial of progesterone for vaccination every three months. Effect of oral contraceptive on regularity of periods. Diagram of changing regularity due to pill taking. Side effects of the pill. Shots of various types of pill in their foil packets. Comparison of pill induced deaths (1) with cigarette induced deaths (1500). Very detailed about side effects, both beneficial and adverse, of the pill.
8) Sterilisation: Finger runs along a shelf of law books. TOA, International law criminal, contract. A book on contract (by Cheshire and Fifoot, 4th Edition) is opened. Diagram of female reproductive organs and how sterilisation is performed. Photograph of woman on operating table credited as from Patrick Steptoe's book Laparoscopy in Gynaecology. Diagram of how hysterectomy sterilizes a woman.
Diagram of male genitalia and tying the vas deferens. Diagram of failure rates, advantages and disadvantages of each particular contraceptive technique.

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