Film: 5827

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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The history of the English Village 1980's

Traditional house, thatched cottage, cricket match on the green, church, English country garden, outside the village church the vicar greets the churchgoers. Wild moorland, Dartmoor, Devon, Bronze Age hill fort on Dartmoor, the history of a structure of the village, Chichester near Land's End, Cornwall, Iron Age Celtic village, West Stow in Suffolk, Angle origins, reconstruction of such village in wood and thatch, Arncliff village in the Yorkshire Dales, horse on the green, square village for protection, village in the Lake District. The Bayeaux tapestry. Serfdom. Pictures of medieval farmers, Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey, a Norman family monuments in the church, 15th century map of England, deserted villages due to the Black Death and the plague. Forest clearances. Burwash in Sussex, iron working village, workers cottages, famous village for its iron ore, early industry, the Iron Master's House. Burford in the Cotswolds, a village built around the road with an inn and shops for the travellers needs. Stabling. Many shops and types of houses. Fishing villages. Strip farming, good aerial views of the strips. Milton Abbott, planned village, identical thatch cottages, alm houses and church. Bourneville village built for factory workers, school, shopping mall. Half-timbered house, Long houses in Cornwall, ornate plaster work, pargetting. Long Melford in Suffolk, detailed look. Wool villages. Huge church shows wealth. Clopton family in the stained glass windows. Melford Hall. Sir William Cordell's house with map of the area. Map shows fields and deer park. Linear street. Older buildings with later brick façade. Georgian house with earlier back. Bassett's House, lower beams show the room ceiling heights have changed. Antique shops. Furniture restorer at work. Foundery. Cast iron bumper on the corner of a house. Iron headstones in the churchyard. Cast iron canopy for the grave of the Iron Master. Foundary yard now builds fleetwood Caravans, "Cocoanut House" as the village once made cocoanut matting, Ford Hall, the local farmhouse. Rugs for horses, making industry, modern machines weaving, cutting, machinists and packers, new estate built during war, playground and new school. Industrial estate. Healthy village of Long Melford, Suffolk. However, some villages are dying, no school, doctor, post offices. Country church. Village unity at the fete, stalls, races. The changes to rural and village life.

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