Film: 5836

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Tourist Information film for the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire 1970's

good footage of rural and resort attractions, including hunting, morris dancing, stately homes and castles, resorts of Skegness, Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea, with holiday camps, donkeys, working man's club and teenagers at discos. Also local industries, such as farming, pottery, local markets and a rock making factory 1970's

Titles-Coloured simple map of UK, London coloured yellow and North Lincolnshire coloured yellow, pans into North Lincolnshire area of map. Aerial view of Lincolnshire farmland, cheesy background music. Aerial view of Lincolnshire farmland, flat large fields. Aerial view of farmland, large fields. Aerial view of town next to sea, possibly Skegness or cleethorpes. Aerial view of large sandy beach. Combine harvester in field of grain. Two combine harvesters in grain fields. Aerial view of large sandy beach. Combine harvester in field of grain. Two combine harvesters in grain fields. Aerial view of farmland, Lincolnshire wolds. Cows and calves in field with trees. Three geese pecking at path, pans back to show cows in background. Man picks cauliflowers shirtless in field and throws them into moving lorry. Man, 1970's hairstyle, tosses cauliflower behind him and leans forward with large knife. Both men picking cauliflowers, throwing them into crates on moving tractor. Cauliflowers in crate. Man with back facing camera, leans down, putting potatoes in baskets. Man tosses basket and puts potatoes in trailer pulled by tractor. Rural landscape.

Rural landscape, titles camera pans back, cheesy 70's music. Hunting scene, one man in hunting pink riding jacket, others in hacking jackets, beagles horses mainly stationary. Main body of hunt in black jackets, horses slowly walk through gates. Two huntsmen in red jackets next to pack of beagles. Small parish church with tower, Bolingbroke Castle, ruins of, in foreground. Ruined walls of Bolingbroke Castle. Tattersall Castle, intact red brick Tudor style tower in parkland. Tattersall Castle, main tower, showing turrets. Aerial view of Tattersall Castle.

Louth ornamental sign. Louth, church tower amidst old houses in street. Louth market in front of pub, Masons Arms, traders working from covered booths. People in Louth market, pensioners, youngish women with children. Buckets full of cut flowers. Eggs in open top containers, pensioner and man with moustache standing by eggs. Close-up of rabbits nose panning out to show rabbits in a cage. Child with blonde hair holding onto rabbits cages looking in. man bends forwards looking, child next to him. Antique stall, china chamber pot. Man picks up chamber pot for closer inspection. Cattle in pens in market. Farmer moves cow out of pen. Two farmers chatting and smiling. Calves in a pen at market. Public House/ Inn- Ye Olde Whyte Swanne- old pub with flowers at windows. Town street, green bus drives off, pedestrians on pavement. Sign to Hubbards Hills. Hubbards Hills park, children playing in pond, children waving at camera. Children in swimsuits and shorts paddling in the pond. Two women lying on a blanket on the grass in the park. Children's feet splashing in the water, panning up to show two girls with another girl and boy standing next to them. Little boy drinks from jug. King Charles spaniel. Cross-breed dog in water. Three children sitting around woman. Park. Cornfield. Stream passing over miniature dam. Duck in water.

Horncastle, white Georgian houses, market square with monument. Three teenage girls, one in hot pants stand chatting in market. Market Square. Road in Horncastle, shops on either side, women walking along pavement. Horncastle church.

Gateway to Scrivelsby Court, stone arch with lion on top. Lion in close up. Close up of lions face, Scrivelsby said to be the family seat of the champion of England, descendents of Marmion. Sign at Wainfleet. Bridge over river in Wainfleet, in soundtrack mentions this was home to William Wainfleet, founder of Magdalen College, Oxford. Wainfleet, church and village, river in foreground. Small thatched cottage behind white fence. River in Wainfleet, Georgian style house in background. Flower baskets handing from outside shop, selling fruit and flowers. Road sign to Spilsby. Centre of Spilsby, car park area and shops. Car park in Spilsby, panned up to statue of Sir John Franklin who discovered the North West Passage and was born in Spilsby. Face of Sir John Franklin from statue. Monument on which statue rests- reads "Sir John Franklin, discoverer of the north west passage, born at Spilsby April 1786, died in the Arctic Regions June 1847". Statue of Sir John Franklin. Spilsby, possibly old grammar school, now private residence. Boat yard in Spilsby, men building boats. Man polishing side of boat. Boy with hacksaw in boat. Man varnishes boat. Spilsby church. Man in workshop making wooden clock cases. Close up of man carving. Close-up of mans face. Items made of wood crafted by the man.

Sign for Alford Craft Market. Woman using spinning wheel, crowd watching her. Woman smiling. Spindle with thread running round. Girl with glasses watching. Woman spinning woollen thread. Wool winding on wooden reel . Woman with large pile of wool next to her three children watch her. Pottery stall, couple with two children at stall. Close up of pots, mugs and egg cups. Stall full of lamp shades, old woman in wheelchair being pushed by fat young man. Lampshades, quite garish 70's styles on stall. Hand made leather bags on stall. Pictures of wildlife on stall, female customer studies small picture. Picture of field mouse. Female customer smiles. Rather bad pictures of animals displayed on stall. Woman tracing on copper picture of field mouse. Woman stall owner tracing on copper. Woman scratches picture on to copper. Female stall owner bending over her work. Terracotta bowls hanging from straps. Nylon fluffy toys. Nylon fluffy chicken and teddy bear. Garish and ornate candles on novelty candle stall, stall owner hands candle over to customer. Customer examines candle, holding old £5 notes in her hand. Man playing Northumbrian bagpipes with odd rustic beard. Sign - Manor House restored by Alford and District civic Trust Ltd- . Alford Manor House, host of the Alford Festival, people seated at tables on the lawn, pierrot style clowns to left of shot. Sign for the Alford Festival from August 24/28. Morris Dancers dancing in a circle waving handkerchiefs and jumping, surprisingly large crowd of people watching. Crowd, children, parents and pensioners. Morris Dancers in 2 lines dancing at each other waving handkerchiefs. Small boy eating apple. Crowd of people. Brass band comprised of all ages of people playing on street, lots of pensioners watching looking miserable. Young girl with long brown hair. Blonde girl eating crisps. Group of people seated on hay bales and on the floor. Crowd watching blacksmith demonstration, making a horse shoe on an anvil. Boy watching demonstration. Girl holding poodle. Blacksmith making horse shoes. Blacksmiths face. Blacksmith with back to camera, hammering horseshoe while crowd look on. Horse shoe burning amidst charcoal.

Windmill at Alford, seen from the road. Alford mill, working. Alford Mill. Alvingham Watermill, large building straddling river. Wooden wheel of water mill turning. Wooden wheel of water mill. Close up of wheel. Teeth of structure of water wheel. Cogs moving together, part of water wheel, pans down to woman, Anne Davies, said to be only female miller in Britain. Combine harvester in field of grain. Field of grain. Hills in background. Small lane in between fields. Village in distance across fields. Small village amongst fields. Small village surrounded by countryside. Smallest church in England, in Oxton. Door and tower of Oxton church. Oxton church and churchyard with small lane in foreground. Road sign post with Tetford, South Ormsby, Bag Enderby, Alford, Greetham and Horncastle marked. Small lane with fork.

Somersby. Somersby rectory, pretty cream coloured house with white gate, birthplace of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. View of Somersby rectory from road. View of front of Somersby rectory. Rural landscape with country land. Country lane, white gate in foreground. Harrington Hall, red brick Queen Anne style country house, stately home. Garden border of Harrington Hall, panning up to building, Maud subject of Tennyson's poem lived here with her guardian. Interior of Harrington Hall, antique furniture, gilt framed paintings. Sitting room of Hall. Floral arrangement on table, pans out to show rest of room in stately home, gilt chandelier, walnut cabinet with porcelain service displayed, antique furniture.

Road sign to Woodhall Spa. Woodhall Spa street, shops on one side, cars parked along road. Sign - East Lindsey District Council- Jubilee Park-. Large flowerbed full of pink and white flowers in park. Pink roses in beds in ornamental public garden. Public garden, rose bushes surrounding lawn. Large park, people walking. Girls standing on swings in park, two young women sitting on grass talking. Two young girls in swimsuit and bikini run across grass, one wearing long white socks pulled up to knees. Family picnics on grass. Group of golfers on golf course watch as one man hits ball. Man putts ball on green of golf course. Two women golfers on course. Ball putted into hole. Man holds golf hole marker / flag. Man putts ball on green. Portly man drives off on golf course while two men watch.

Cadwell Park, motor racing circuit, motor bikes racing, large crowd watching. Large crowds at motor circuit. Motorcycles bikes racing on circuit. Crowd watching, seated in stand. Motorbikes racing around circuit. Covenham, small boat moored. Man in canoe. Pink buoy. Man waterskiing in green wetsuit, goes over wake and lets go of bar. Beginner on two skis water-skiing and falls off, landing flat in water. Pack of riders riding along path. Group of riders riding along path. Group of riders all children, following adult riding down path. Sun reflected in water. Sun setting behind windmill. Suns rays shining through windmill.

Aerial view of Gibraltar Point, bird sanctuary. Sign- Lincolnshire and south Humberside Trust for Nature Conservation- Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve. Group of people walking in Gibraltar Point nature reserve, large flat marshy area. Pink wild flowers. Group of people including buxom woman in bikini but looks topless, walking along path. 2 teenage girls walking on beach, looks quite bleak and windy. Large expanse of beach. Sing made up of penguins, visit Natureland and Marine Zoo. Seals jumping up for food from purpose built enclosure. Woman with grumpy expression watching seals. Seal jumps off platform. Woman smiles. Seal peeps up from edge. Seabird.

Herd of Donkeys trotting down road, possibly Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes or Skegness. Dolls face. Child in pushchair eating ice lolly. Child standing next to massive toy smurf. Woman pedalling on stand 4 seater bike/car, wind blowing her skirt up, showing large thighs. Man holding harness of Shetland Pony with small cart attached to it. Family enjoying ride in open top carriage pulled by dapple horse. Dapple horse pulling carriage. Miniature train giving rides. Person in rabbit costume waving from miniature train as children sit smiling. Two small boys jumping up and down. Person in white rabbit costume waves, surrounded by children. Children jumping on trampolines set up on the beach. Girl in swimsuit jumping on trampoline. Big wheel. Fun fair with big wheel in background. Funfair with big wheel and swinging chairs. Large slide, children sliding down in sacks. Children sliding off slide onto doormat style material. Flower bed in public gardens. Flower beds in garden next to marina. Skegness, funfair, pans out to show boating lake with people out rowing. Man and boy paddling canoe style boat, man inappropriately dressed in a blazer. Man rows boat, woman and child sit at other end. Two women rowing side by side. Two people asleep on deckchairs, man has no shoes on but has kept on socks, flat cap drawn over eyes. Red haired woman lounges on deck chair. Small child plays on grass. Group playing crown green bowls in Skegness, man bowls while women watch. Groups of people playing bowls on bowling green. Bowling greens at Skegness, groups of people playing, people watching from road. Couple putting golf balls, woman misses badly. Mans face smiling. Rack of dirty seaside postcards, two old women looking at the selection. Little girl, ice cream all over her mouth, holds cornet. Teenage girls eats ice cream. Teenager with ice cream cornet poking out of mouth. Pensioner eating end of ice cream. King Charles Spaniel. Person lets dog lick ice cream, dog eats whole cone. King Charles Spaniel. Dog eating ice cream cone. Small truck disguised as a boat, giving rides to people on the beach. Children and teenagers riding donkeys on beach. People eating ice cream. Little boy running along beach. Little girl in swimsuit walking with older girl and woman. Buxom mother plays in sand with child. Brightly coloured ball being kicked along sand. Two girls kicking ball on sand. People riding on truck disguised as a boat. Girls swinging child in the air. Man parachuting. People riding on the Viking boat car. Viking boat car driving across beach. Two people parachuting onto beach.

Sutton On Sea from the air. Sandy beach seen from air. Sandy beach seen from air. Aerial view of Cleethorpes. Aerial view of Mablethorpe. Illuminated sign "Mablethorpe welcomes you" strung over beach. Weird giant fairies in garden, line of pensioners seated in front. Flowerbed in public garden. Woman walks up path from beach. Family group seated on beach. Long sandy beach. Families dotted around. White rabbit. Rabbit being stroked by four children. Smiling girl looking down. Smiling child. Two children feeding goats. Two girls feeding goat from paper bag, both children in identical clothing, goat steals part of bag, girls laugh. Ponies peering over fence. Ponies peering through fence. Exotic bird at Mablethorpe. Old woman with thick glasses. Eagle owl. Man holds monkey which doesn't look too happy. Family walking through garden. Aerial view of holiday camp. Cable car transporting people within holiday camp. Holiday chalet, megaphones next to them, people milling around. People in cable car. Fountain in pool, children paddling. People waving from cable car. Small train giving rides to children. Derbyshire Miners Holiday Centre. Modern arcades of flats set in garden. Child slides on slide into open air swimming pool. Pool full of children. Pool full of children next to holiday flats. Derby miners and families relaxing by the pool. Derby miner sunbathing. Children playing in pool. Girl in swimming floats in pool. Boy with goggles on head. Two girls wearing Kiss me quick hats. Couple playing swingball. Family playing crazy golf. Family playing crazy golf. Esplanade, lots of flags and poles and bunting. Small clock in Skegness. Road in Skegness, large groups of people walking along pavement. Crowd of people walking along pavement in Skegness. People seated at tables outside a bar close to road and sea in Skegness. Pottery from Skegness displayed on wooden table. Potter at Skegness pottery making utensils. Potter with collar length hairstyle and moustache makes pots. Close up of potters face. Hands plunging into wet clay. Man bending over pot with fist in it, on potters wheel. Woman watching potter. Potter making pottery jar on wheel. Painter paints pots, with group of people watching. Close up of feather design being painted on pots. Woman paints feathers onto pot. Woman paints more intricate pattern over original design on pot. Rock making machine, lump of sugar pulled by metal bars. Rock making factory, man watches sugar being pummelled. Man with quiffed hair, moustache and tattoo in rock factory. Large yellow rock mixture rolled out onto table. Women roll sugar into long cylinders. Long yellow cylinders of rock being rolled onto table. Rock being cut into smaller pieces using hand held machine. Rock being cut into smaller pieces using hand held machine. Fireworks in night sky. Catherine Wheel. Roman candle. Fireworks banging in sky.

Very bored looking family sitting watching cabaret. Very bad stage show of men and women singing "Daisy, Daisy" dressed in Quality Streetesque faux uniforms, possibly Larry Grayson, but not sure. Audience seated at tables. Stage show doesn't look at all professional. Very unfunny cabaret of men in leather jackets pretending to be characters from the Muppet Show. Bert Weedon playing guitar on stage, soundtrack implies he is famous, though one wonders, he is playing "when the saints go marching in", cringingly badly. Band playing in working man's club or bar. Man with black glasses and vast velvet bow tie singing, a 'club singer'. People sitting and standing in club watching band. Girl or young woman watching. Man with arm round girl, smoking cigarette at table in club. Woman with lots of blue eye shadow. Man with pint glass, arm round red headed woman. Group of men all holding pints, fat man with leather jacket and too much jewellery, other man in brown 70's shirt, tie and jacket, other guy grinning laddishly to camera holding pint. Old woman drinks possibly gin, wearing diamante dangly earrings. Old man drinks pint of beer. Young man with side burns, looks very depressed and miserable. Singer carries on singing dire warbly song. Disco, people dancing terribly. Group of people disco dancing very badly. Group of young adults all dressed up for the disco, dancing. Packed dance floor. Man dances badly, not surprisingly alone, but near group of girls. Over enthusiastic male dancer trying to impress blonde. Faded red flashing light, into focus and then faded, very cheesy. Faded green light. Words BINGO illuminated on outside of building. Loads of coloured lights strewn across road. Coloured lights, illumination. Coloured lights. Skegness clock lit up. Flashing lighted flower. Flashing lighted flower. Flashing lighted flower. Flashing ram. Flashing figures of women. Flashing medieval style figure. Flashing owl. Flashing insect. Flashing moon. Flashing owl. Flashing insect. Flashing moon. Flashing sun, illuminated fairground rides. Fairground. Illuminated fairground. Illuminated fairground. Illuminated big wheel. Illuminated sign for Skegness. Aerial view of coastal resort. Aerial view of coastal resort. End credits over rolling countryside.

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