Film: 5838

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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An attempt to give life to Elizabethan England. Street scenes of London 1950's

Cars on roads, red buses, people walking, people's feet crossing road, plaque marking the house in which Samuel Pepys was born, plaque indicating the Tyburn Tree which is marked by a white triangle in a road. Plaque marking the position of the Globe Theatre complete with 3-D image of Shakespeare (before the replica now standing). Modern boats on Thames in London docks. English countryside: river, stone bridge, fields, flock of sheep on rolling hills, shepherd following flock on horse back, man cutting corn with bill hook, shire horses (enormous) pulling plough steadied by ploughman, carpenter scraping bark off tree. Elizabethan half timbered houses in English countryside or villages. Portraits of Sidney, Earl of Leicester, William Cecil, Grenville, Drake, Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I among courtiers, portrait of the young Queen. Exterior of Hatfield House. Books open on desk. Books written in Greek. Elizabeth's signature. Portrait of Henry VIII. Churches in ruins from the days of the Reformation. Choir boys walking and singing in procession in Abbey, walk into main body of church and they divide into the choir stalls. An enormous bible on a lectern. Part of film missing, jumps to painting of ship at sea in the Elizabethan style. Picture of different sea animals. More sea scape paintings. Elizabethan houses. Stratford, Worcestershire. Mary Arden's cottage, exterior and interior, ports, scales, plates, various implements, front room with large roaring fire. Exterior King's Chapel. Interior: choir boys in stalls. Shots of the ceiling of King's Chapel. William Shakespeare's complete works leafed through and lines from some of his plays are recited by voice over. Swan on river under bridge. Meadows shot from boat on river. Cow grazing shot from boat passing under bridge. Queen Elizabeth's tomb with her statue lying on it. Sun shining through trees of forest.

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