Film: 5839

Media | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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British Independent Television of the 1950's

Ludovic Kennedy in jacket and tie sitting behind desk talks about Sunday night at the Palladium hosted by Vic Parnell. He then goes on to introduce an extract from 'I Love Lucy', starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Vivian Vance and William Frawley. Lucy with hand full of playing cards. Camera pulls back to reveal three other women sitting around table playing cards. The women discuss another woman's skimpy dress at a dance and the effect that this had on the men there. One woman gets up holding cigarette in her hand. Lucy and the woman standing begin to bicker about whose husband spent more time with the woman with the skimpy dress. The four decide that the woman (Sylvia) is attractive to men (their husbands) because she is single. The way to prevent their husbands from being so attracted to her is to find her a husband. Return to man behind desk who introduces an extract from 'Highway Patrol' (U.S.A. 1950's) with Broderick Crawford. Commentary states that U.S.A. Highway Patrol's authority includes all vehicles on roads, as a car transporter lorry drives along road. Parked American van in desolate area of the Midwest of U.S.A.. It contains two men who are waiting for the lorry. The two men talk about people getting hurt. The lorry approaches. One of the men gets out of the van. The other starts the van up and pulls in front of the lorry. The lorry stops. The lorry driver is knocked unconscious. One man hides the driver's body, the other drives the van away. Highway Patrolman and man in suit told about a man found dead on the roadside. Back to the man behind the desk, who introduces The Adventure's Of Robin Hood, with Richard Greene. Robin Hood fires arrow that lands in tree. Man and woman dressed in period costume riding horses in forest. Man controls woman's horse. Shot of sign: 'Blue Boar Inn'. Same man and woman sitting at table in Inn. He drinks beer, waiter serves them, she wants to know why he has brought her there (she is posh). He eats, she decides to eat, opens a small case, takes out pepper grinder, he explains to the Princess that King John is deceiving her. She throws pepper into his face and in the confusion she runs outside, mounts her horse and rides off into the forest. Back to man behind desk who explains that Robin Hood was first ATV program to be networked in U.S.A.. He then introduces 'Sword Of Freedom with Edmund Purdom. Man painting at easel, dagger is thrown at painting, artist grabs sword and fights with another man. Marco in medieval costume. Man and woman bid him goodnight. He walks down castle corridor. Man with black beard jumps out on him with dagger. Marco turns in time and they fight with poles. Marco throws curtain over his attacker. Runs off and eventually into room where man is eating. Marco says 'Cut them off at the river' and goes to window. Attacker appears with sword and dagger drawn. Man eating points the way Marco went, Marco pushes him into river. The two men say it is all over. Live serials: 'Five Names For Johnny' starring Conrad Phillips, Norman Wooland, Patricia Marmont (by Lewis Greifer and directed by Quentin Lawrence). A harbour at night. A dark street, a man runs towards camera, he falls, he continues to run, he is wearing hat and trench coat. Car of the 1940's slowly pursuing him, a surgeon (in hat and mask) is on the running board shouting 'Johnny'. Back to man running. Car turns on headlights. The surgeon sees him hiding, the car pursues him as he runs, high shot in slow motion of car chasing Johnny. He runs down steps, more surgeons emerge from car, they are all carrying syringes. One aims a hand gun, Johnny screams. Very film noire. Introduction of 'Emergency Ward 10'. 1950's ambulance racing down British road with alarm ringing. It parks outside hospital, a nurse in uniform emerges from entrance, ambulance men pull out stretcher and take into doorway marked 'casualty'. Operating theatre. Doctor in dirty white coat walks away from patient, nurse gives him tea. Patient with drip on stretcher taken out of room. Another is brought in on stretcher: it is Mrs. Cobb. Doctor presses her arms. Nurse cleans her head wound. Patient talks about the health of her husband, a pilot. She tells doctor she is pregnant, doctor reassures her. Man is now sitting on desk. He introduces a play that had been on ATV: 'The Last Reunion' with Eric Portman. Two RAF pilots of World War Two standing next to each other. One is pretending to fly a plane, the sound of propeller engines on the soundtrack. He tells the other to jump from the aircraft that is about to crash. He persuades him explaining that the woman at homes wants him. Shot of dead airmen, an explosion. Airman wakes and shouts for Elizabeth, he weeps and Elizabeth consoles him. Another extract from 'Emergency Ward 10'. Nurses in corridor, patients in beds. Porter directs patient into cubicle and talks to doctor. Doctor listens to Mrs. Johnson's chest with stethoscope. Doctor talks to nurse explaining that the woman has cracked ribs. Nurse administers penicillin intravenously. Mrs. Johnson starts talking about Bobby, a dog. American male commentator states 'This is France in 1770' as a horse with rider approaches camera. Horse comes to dramatic stand still. Streak of lightning in background. Man puts on mask. This is The Fox (Anthony Dexter). Man in hood and mask talks of assassination of Princess. Skull with hole in top is passed round three masked men (one is The Fox). The man who draws the black stone out of it has to kill the princess. An unmasked man enters the room at sword point. He claims he is a member of the masked men club. The Fox stands up and fights with unmasked man. Sword fight. The Fox kills unmasked man and claims that The Fox is dead. American male commentator states that this is a member of the Office of Strategic Service (O.S.S.). A World War Two aircraft approaches camera. A man in the clothes of a parachutist jumps through aircraft's door. A parachute opens and falls to earth. American man and French woman in bedroom in September 1943. Woman dressed in silk dressing gown sitting at dressing table. Man in overcoat behind her. She reveals a swastika that has been branded on to her shoulder and removes dressing gown revealing underwear (from behind). He sits on bed, takes money from her handbag. Fade to bar where Gestapo officers in uniform are drinking and cuddling women. One soldier plays piano while smoking cigarette. Waiter enters with bottle of champagne. An officer opens it. Woman at bar with the American man. Another waiter enters, he looks around. The American walks about and is followed by waiter. American tells waiter that he is going to take him back. Curtain opens on stage. Alan Taylor, historian, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, Speaks on 'Russian Out of Control', a lecture on the Russian Revolution. He argues that Russian peasants were unconscious Bolsheviks and rejected Stalin's leadership, hence the difficulties that came in 1917. He discusses Kerensky. Argues that Lenin was not a great speaker. Occasional shot of audience. This extract is then repeated.

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