Film: 5859

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Mental health and mental breakdown 1950's

Woman lives in council estate with family including mother who dominates and inferferes with her relationship with her husband. She dreams of pushing mother over balcony. In the morning she is very distressed and distant. She leaves gas on and cannot make the tea as she has run out. Mother gets some from the neighbour and tells neighbour she is staying on with the family. Neighbour tells wife who snaps. She goes to a bridge on River Thames and jumps in, an attempted suicide. She is rescued and taken to an institution in the country. Mother and husband say she will pull herself together but hospital want her to rest. She goes through treatments including ECT, group therapy, sessions with psychologist. Mother says she's leaving and wife eventually goes home well. Reference to ration books. But little said about the actual condition of the woman. Psychology in Britain.

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