Film: 5874

Medicine | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Syphilis. Sexually transmitted disease. Medical film of symptoms of venereal disease or VD 1960's

1- Naked thorax and abdomen of oldish looking man. Man turns to show back. Close shot of thorax hands raised to show body covered with rash. Naked thorax and abdomen of woman. Woman turns to show posterior view. Close up shows that body is covered with marks, same as those on body of man above. Medium shot of man's penis. Pulls back foreskin, sore on glans. Shot of mouth and throat, epiglottis, tongue is protruded.
2- Shot of skinny pair of legs, one knee (left) is purple and swollen. Zoom in, knee looks scarred also. Sideways shot of knee, which looks badly deformed from this angle.
3- Medium shot pair of hands, palm upwards. Close shot of palms shows them to be covered in purple blotches. Shot of man's abdomen and pelvic region. Zoom in to show rash on abdomen. Buttocks pulled apart to show region covered with lumps. Lips pulled apart to show gapped, uneven teeth. Medium shot buttocks, pulled apart.
4- Close shot of man's mouth (with moustache), very swollen lower lip. Swollen tongue protruded. Close shot scabby tongue.
5- Pull back to reveal emaciated calf, covered in sores. Medium close shot of elderly man, close ups to show red blotches on forehead. Scars on palms of hands.
6- Close shot young man with moustache, a few sores round mouth. Opens mouth, tongue looks yellowish. Shot of penis, obviously diseased, brown with white spots. Penis lifted to show rash on inner thigh. Different penis lifted to reveal sore.
7- Leg with swollen knee. Footage of operation, large white cyst being removed from abdomen.
8- Medium shot of young naked black man. Man turns to show his back. Same sequence, smaller frame to show body from neck down, knees upwards. Close shot of abdomen, seems to have rash? Upper body, clearly marked with blotchy rash. Close shot of pock-marking around nipple. Same around navel. Close ups of large blotches above pelvic area. Close up of penis. Shot of back, close up to show marks.
9- Shot of penis with sores on glans. Close up of glans. Reddened rectal opening. Close up of glans with sore. Back of man's head, red spots on neck. Close up spots. Spots on arm and chest. Rear view of legs, testicles visible. Close ups, skin with rash. Shot of diseased looking penis, raw foreskin. Shot of back of woman's neck, close up to show spots. Woman's breasts and abdomen. Buttocks pulled apart to show sore looking rectal area. Close up of mouth, profile view, opened to show sore in corner of mouth. Shot of glans penis with red blotches. Man's nipple. Reddened glans, ulceration. Diseased rectal area with growths. Thighs, waist and penis. Diseased, swollen penis. Diseased leg (?). Man's torso. Face of middle aged man. Nipple. Man's back. Rectum. Palm of hand. Calf. Crown of man's head, camera slowly rotates. Head of elderly man, one eye seems paralysed so that it will not open. Shot into mouth, showing growths on roof of cavity. Penis retracted to show ulcerated skin. Ankle with sore at joint. Close up of ulcer. Swollen penis. Camera pans up and pulls out to reveal distorted pelvic area. Man's chest and shoulders. Close up of skin, faint rash (?). Camera pans down man's back. Close up of buttocks.

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