Film: 5880

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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1 July 1962, change in the immigration laws of the UK for commonwealth citizens 1960's

They can no longer work or live in the U.K. simply on the right of being part of the Commonwealth. Heathrow airport, arrival of people from the West Indies. Immigration at Heathrow Airport, lots of Passport signs. A ship coming into Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The last ship from the West Indies to dock before the new rules come into effect. Interviews with two men and one woman from the West Indies, none of whom have jobs, all three are skilled or semi skilled, and they tell of their reasons for coming now rather than later. A black man walks down a street in an industrial area, with a suitcase and his collar turned up. An Indian works in a foundry, another immigrant works in a fabric store. Various immigrants usually of some visible minority, such as west Indian or Pakistani, do various jobs, nursing, industrial work.

Housing problem, a west Indian family living in one room, eating at the table.
Interviews with Australian immigrants, mostly skilled, who will return to Australia, one an architect, another who is here to get experience in the film industry as film editor. Along queue at the employment office, largely of recent immigrant whose unemployment rate is twice the national average. London transport worker scheme, training workers in Chiswick from Barbados. The instructor shows how to use a conductor's ticket machine. Interview with London Transport's Mr. Tomlin.
Cyprus, possibly the port of Paphos, unloading crates from ships. Road building between Nicosia and Kyrenia, men digging with pick axes and a bulldozer dumping rock. A woman gives one of the road workers a glass of water. Balling hay on a farm in Cyprus. A tailor cuts out a pattern in his shop, another sews. A shoe maker. A fisherman mends his nets on the harbour front. Downtown Nicosia, , men go into a taverna. An army school, children run to get on a bus, the bus orderly is the only man to apply for a work permit under the new law so far. He fills out his forms at the Karagousta employment office. Nicosia airport in the last few days before the law change, it is very crowded, baggage handlers are swamped, people wave passports around. Families say goodbye, lots of hugging and kissing. Interview with one of the airlines directors, and his interpretation of the act. Passengers board an Olympic Airways flight. Air India flight at Heathrow, people disembarking from the plane. Interviews with passengers and how they were treated at immigration under the new law. Interview with Chief immigration inspector at the airport, Mr Roach. More people disembarking at the airport.
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