Film: 5883

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Railways or Railroads and Trains in the USA 1960's

Three men in a bowling alley. Ten Pin Bowling A strike, marking the score. Two men drink coca-cola in a type of locker room situation. A tractor lying in bits on the railway track. Train stands on track and comes down to speak to foreman. A huge Santa Fe U.S.A. diesel train. It passes behind the foreman. It is a freight train. He climbs on the observation car at the back. He sits at his desk doing the paper work. Another huge Santa Fe locomotive and train passes wreck on tractor freight train. Men clearing the mess. Signal man stands on the side of the track and notices a 'hotbox' part of the bogey on fire. He signals but is not received. A wrecked train on the track. Train passes through a station. Driver is in his cab. The driver's speed is monitored on tape. The tapes are analysed. Driver brakes suddenly causing the freight to shift, 'slaps the merchandise around'. Freight train through beautiful U.S.A. countryside. Phantom ride. Point of view of driver. The art of train driving. Technique of driving the train up and down hills so as not to damage the goods. Car clerk on the radio to a man with a typewriter. Girl on tele tape machine. Report room. Tracking of freight carriages by hollerith type punch card system. Tabulating machines. Brake man talks to foreman. Truck with lots of boxes moving around on fork lifts. Stowing the boxes in the railway box cars. Correct way of loading. Coils of wire pinned by floor braces. Moving bulwark head. Boxes fall off a trolley going too fast around a corner. Damaging parcels and packages. Dropping fragile packages. Sacks of flour. Following the "This End Up" notices on boxes. Fork lift truck moves a large box. Split consignment. Impact of speed coupling of trains. Demonstration of load shifting when crashing on train into another. Lots of crashing. Correct signalling. Do not signal when you are out of sight. Old railroad man lifts his bowler hat. Impact recorders record bad coupling which should be four mile an hour. Lots of bad train coupling. Man stamps out cigarette. A cotton fire on a platform. Burnt out wagon. Cleaning out train wagons. Truck delivery. Things falling off the back of a lorry. Man steals a box while lorry is at the traffic lights. A mannequin. People harvesting cabbages or lettuces. Cool wagons. Conveyor with boxes. Four or five huge U.S.A. streamlined train pull out of yard together. Man oiling points. Signal box man. Competition in the railroad industry. Progress. Satellite dish beam microwave messages. Inspection pit. Man sits and watches train pass over head. Welded rails. Track maintenance. Men working on the rail track. New machines for checking the bedding of the sleepers./ Containers on train. White Rock Station. Railway building on new line to Dallas. Train into packed station. Loss of customers. More locomotives of the Santa Fe railroad.

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