Film: 5884

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Champagne bottle has cork pulled out, doesn't pop, so barman disguises lack of fizz by blowing up paper bag and popping that. Bit of conga dance. Bar scene. Exterior of holiday camp. 'Butlins' conga. Tennis . Pool table. Butlins zoo at camp. Roller coaster and funfair. Distorting mirrors. Mirror maze. Big number 'High De High, High De Ho'. Song, 'I'm Bats About You'. Song and dance routine. Stanley Holloway at the piano. Shots of big audiences in Butlin's Concert Hall. Black act 'Lazy Nigger'(sic) does patter then tap dance. Finale 'Come and Join us, Please put a Penny on the Drum.'

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