Film: 5885

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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1966 and a year in the life of the LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman railway engine, great aerial and other shots in preservation days.

The train steaming across an embankment. Sign on front of engine - R.C.T.S. The East Midlander. Alan Pegler climbs into cab. Train moves off. With camera positioned well out of a window we look fowad and see backs of heads of train enthsiasts leaning out of windows nearer the engine. Man sitting at table in carriage studying map of journey. On journey we round a bend in a cutting. Railway sign for Kew Bridge. Passing New Kew Junction. Two camera views of train crossing Barnes Bridge - one external shot and one from within a carriage. Flying Scotsman at Clapham Junction. The train crossing another River Thames bridge. Houses boats morred on the river. Passing gravel pits with excellent shot of steaming engine. A couple of very good panning shots of he train from fields as it passes on a low embankment and over a stone bridge over a river, both in the countryside. Great aerials. Train travels the Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff (General), now Cardiff Central station. Train spotters on railway platform in Cardiff and jumping up and down on a busy bit of platform near the engine. Engine now sports a sign reading 'Panda Pullman'. A promotional trip for the World Wildlife Fund. Back at Paddington. Owner Pegler very happily smiling.
The Fenland Pullman menu. Fireman shovelling coal. Observation car on train. Catering van with 'Filmcraft' written on side. Pegler and other eat sandwiches.
Engine travelling in snow. Northallerton station. Stations of West Hartlepool and Newcastle. Alan Pegler with congratulaory cake. Flying Scotsman in Scotland. Engine 60019 - the Bittern. Hawick station. The train picking up water from a trough on the track. Victoria Station luggage porter pushing trolley. Flying Scotsman leaving Victoria Station. Travelling in countryside. Arrival in Brighton. Crowds of mainly teenage boys at Brighton railway station. Level crossing. The train climbing a gradient of 1 in 68 and creating a lot of smoke. Young man looking through binoculars. Road sign 'Lancashire'.

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