Film: 5887

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Experiments on the sense designed to prove the existence of a God.
Irwin A Moon, the presenter stands in front of benches in a science lab of the 1960’s – various contraptions on the benches behind him – he summarises what they did in Part One. Pink rose with whirling pattern to suggest an odour being produced. Model of the olfactory organs in the nose with eyeball visible – wooden pointer indicates the nose. Graphic of the brain. Graphic of the inner ear. Graphic showing how the eye sees things upside down but the brain rights it. Electrical engineers soldering wires on a wall of circuit boards. Electrical pulses on a screen. Lit up electrical valves. An electrical display board, flashing lights. And another one. A further display of electrical signals. Irwin Moon wearing the head-gear and inverting glasses which formed the basis of the experiment in Part One of this series. Irwin on his motorbike in a desert wearing the mad experimental glasses. Irwin next to a light aircraft with a group of men. Irwin in the cockpit wearing the eccentric glasses, flies the plane. Irwin carefully descends steps from a building – he wears a light grey suit of the 1960s and the head-gear with the protruding eyepieces. A shot through an iris of the world upside down – we see an inverted American STOP road sign. Irwin fumbles in an attempt to open double doors wearing his inverted glasses. Irwin back in the lab not recommending the experience to anyone – holds up the glasses and says they are dangerous. – he walks away – up to a large chart denoting the electromagnetic spectrum. Talks next to the chart about how most of us consider the range of our senses as being the limits of reality. Chart showing visible light with Infra-red and Ultra violet on either side of this – pointing stick indicates Visible light. Presenter with his stick talks about light, standing next to his chart – walks over to another bench and indicates equipment which includes a prism. Close up of prism and eyepiece. Turns on the machine. Screen showing the seven basic colours of the prism. A rainbow seen over a hill, tree in foreground. Irwin back at his chart. Pointer indicates Electric waves on the chart. Pylons. Electrical conduits on pylons. Sparks come from a piece of heavy machinery. Electricity being produced across two wires. Pointer indicating electric Waves again – moves his pointer towards Radio Waves as seen on the chart. In a radio studio of the 1960s with a presenter talking into a large microphone – he wears earphones and, in the background on the wall is a clock – his control panel, in front of him contains many dials and switches – he reads a script – a turntable with a vinyl disc is in the foreground. A tall radio mast. A woman’s hand turns a dial on a 1950s radio. A sound engineer at a control desk with sound monitors in front of him. Man’s hand turns a dial on a short-wave receiver. Short waves receiver with man turning a knob – man wears head-phones. A classroom in 1960s America – children sit watching a TV set with indoor aerial – and the female teacher stands in front of the blackboard watching with the children – writing on the board indicates examples of spelling. A radar dish turns as a plane flies past. More spinning radar dishes at an airport. Pointer on the chart now moves towards Infra-Red. Boy strokes a dog that is lying next to an open fire. Irwin Moon back a the chart, indicating with his pointer – moves over to where there is an electric iron a small table – he says if our eyes responded slightly differently the iron would make a good reading light. Picture of the iron emitting heat lighting up a small figure of a horse. Sheet metal, burning red with heat, moves over rollers at a steel plant as a worker watches. Steel glowing red moving on a conveyor belt of rollers in a factory. Sheet metal glowing red passes between rollers at a steelworks. Presenter continues his spiel at the chart. A beach scene, sunbathers on the sand. A man’s bare shoulder on the beach – he is rubbing his shoulder which is sunburnt – rocks and waves in the background. Back in the laboratory with Irwin he moves over to an array of rocks and picks up a long ultra violet producing light. The rocks change colour. Irwin says it would be wonderful to have dials on our eyes to tune into the different wavelengths to see all the wonderful things around us. Pointer indicates X Rays on the wall chart. Doctor considering an X Ray of a human skull. Moves his finger over something on the X Ray. An x ray film of a human hand – the hand moves – we see a ring on the hand. X ray film of an elbow abducting. X ray film of some rats. Irwin at the chart indicates Cosmic Rays. Graphic of outer space with a line extending up. Irwin back in the lab says we don’t see so much really. Scenery in the American West with rocky, snowy mountains. Leaves fall on water in a stream. Waves crash on rocks at sea-shore. Presenter continues his talk. Irwin holds up a whistle. Irwin blows whistle and it is silent – it is an ultra sonic dog whistle. He blows the whistle into an ultra sonic translator and we now hear the sound. He switches off the machine and walks over to a “super high-powered dog whistle” which they have built in the lab – it looks like a large metal light shade with a dial above it – all on a metal stand. Turns the metal shade to us – says it is a Galton Whistle. Irwin turns on a tank of air and tells us the whistle is blowing full blast – we hear nothing. He uses the sound to balance tiny objects in mid air. We see the tiny objects hovering in mid air – they are spinning clockwise. We see Irwin hand building up a tower of little objects using a tweezers – he moves the dome of the whistle around and the little tower of objects follows accordingly. Irwin switches off the whistle. The little pieces of paper collapse in a heap. The presenter behind his large Galton Whistle – then moves over to another table and holds up a tiny tweeter. Holds the tweeter in water and causes it to gush upwards and spill over like a fountain. He turns off the machine and the water calms. He uses tweezers to pick up tiny machine parts held in a glass dish. His hand places them in a dish of water into which the loudspeaker tweeter has been placed. We see the water shaking the object, washing it, as in a dishwasher. He lifts out the metal part. Places little metal object back in the glass dish having been rendered surgically clean. More presenter in the lab. Experiment shows a corkscrew being pushed through plate glass by an ultra sonic drill. Man in workshop prepares ultrasonic drill . Drill head working, water seeming to boil around it. Drops of water seem to boil away at drill head. Man working the drill. Close up of drilling happening by ultrasonic vibration. Man’s hand holds up the piece of glass which has been drilled through – threads the glass onto the corkscrew. Presenter continues his lecture. A man in wire rimmed glasses in a clock workshop – a machine gizmo in front of him is said to be cleaning, presumable watch parts. A man in an overall stands in front of a bath of water with a large machine with dials and does something. Surgeons in an operating theatre – medical staff in white overalls and masks perform an operation. Back to the lab. Scientist in white coat picks a vial of pink liquid from a rack and wafts the odour towards himself with his hand – on the wall behind we glimpse a large chart showing the periodic table. Man squirts something at a machine which detects smells. Hands moving on a dial. Back to the man with large complicated looking machine – a jumble of wires and tubes. A bloodhound’s face. Man’s feet in black leather shoes walks a gravel path. Bloodhound follows the scent on the path.
Bloodhound’s nose sniffing the gravel. A large Cercropia moth hands on a twig. Feather like antennae of the cercropia moth. Face of the cercropia with its antennae extending up like ears – we are told this moth can smell a female many miles away. Cercropia moth again. Irwin Moon talks to camera in his lab – moves onto the sense of taste. Graphic showing four kinds of taste buds in the mouth – salt, sweet, sour and bitter. Presenter. Man being blindfolded by a scientist - he has foodstuffs on a table in front of him.
Shot of the foodstuffs on the table – an onion and apple a potato and a pear – experiment shows that, with his nasal passages blocked, he can’t tell the difference between all these things. Scientist feeds a blindfold man with bits of food by using a tweezers. Blindfold man chews food. Irwin Moon in his lab tells us our senses are extremely limited. Tells us about an experiment invented by Adelberg Ames Jnr and moves to a white chart on the wall which is a trapezoid – he removes the cover to show six frames underneath – he sets the window frame revolving and it seems to get halfway and then go back on itself – an optical illusion. We see the trapezoid revolving continuously from above. Back to the illusion of the revolving window – the presenter sticks a cube on one side of the window frame to help us get our bearing – and sets it in motions again – it doesn’t change how we see it – then he puts a red iron bar through the window and sets the whole thing in motion again – still the window seems to oscillate. Three windows in the roof of a house. Windows in a high rise office block. Closer windows. Sequence of different window frames. The moving trapezoid. Presenter goes through a door. He enters a room with tall windows and a checkerboard floor – a tall side table against the wall and pictures hung on the wall – presenter walks up the room and we see him grow taller, seemingly, because of a sloping floor and the optical illusion produced by the Ames room – camera pulls back to show how the illusion is produced with tilting floor, distorted ceiling and so on. Back to the interior of the room. Close up of the table and windows – two faces appear, one at each window – one face much bigger than the other. Man’s face in window frame. Other man’s head in window frame. Man enters Ames room through door and seems vey small – man comes through other door and seems very tall – they cross the room, passing one another and swap sizes seemingly – they each exit the door next to them. Back to presenter at his desk – he talks about the time before science when senses told man what was going on in the world – perhaps unreliably. Graphic of a medieval alchemist at work in a stone built room with artefacts like an hour glass and a skull on the shelves – also a balance scales – the alchemist is stirring a pot of liquid. Next a graphic of an astrologer at his desk, again in medieval times, he is consulting an astrological chart on the wall and he is writing with a quill. Graphic image of a phrenologist measuring another man’s head – phrenological drawings on the wall behind them – both in medical dress. Graphic of an early telescope. In a 1960s laboratory a bespectacled man stands behind a network of glass tubes; some foaming and frothing liquid is pouring into a flask. A man in short sleeved check shirt sits in front of some electronic equipment and twiddles knobs. A white coated scientist in a laboratory bends over a work bench on which a flask and tubes are placed – he holds a magnifying eyepiece in one hand. He peers closely at the calibrated glass tube examining the numbers on it. Another man in a scientific workshop with electronic monitors in front of him. An Asian man looks down an electronic microscope and twiddles a knob. A man in a white coat turns knobs on another electronic monitor. Another white coated scientist peers into the eyepiece of a cumbersome 1960s telescope and adjusts the tube length. Another scientist in glasses and white coat working with electronic monitors on racks. A very very early airplane made of bits of wood runs down a wooden ramp in front of a detached mid western style American house and tries to take off but only succeeds in dropping off the end of the ramp – the aeroplane has a kind of fast moving propeller mechanism on its side and one man is at the controls – very home built looking aircraft. A passenger jet takes off at an airport runway trailing dark smoke from its engines – it passes overhead and the words Douglas DC (and probably 8) Douglas DC 8 on its side. A teenage boy wears headphones and has a wire in his hand as he makes electrical contact on a primitive home made crystal radio set. A 1960s hi-fi stereophonic cabinet with inbuilt radio in a living room with an ornament on top of it. An old four lensed television camera on a stand, operator stands behind it and pans the camera – two studio lights with barn doors on stands to either side oh him. An oblong radar dish moving around. A machine comprising three cylinders filled with red liquid, probably blood from which tubes emanate. One of the cylinders up close and we see the blood is being pumped. The hand of a man in a white protective suit holds a cylinder shaped object in his hand and holds it over some thick tubing and metal floor in order to detect radiation. A rocket on a launch pad with ignition, clouds of smoke and the rocket takes off. A desert with a few small buildings in the foreground – a blinding flash of white light in the distance as an atomic bomb is tested – most probably the U.S Nevada Atomic bomb testing site in the 1950s. A dark horizon and a blinding white light of an exploding atomic bomb. At the Nevada bomb testing site buildings are blown away during an atomic bomb test. A large house catches fires and then is blown to smithereens by an atomic bomb during a test at the Nevada testing site in the 1950s. Meltdown on objects during the bomb test. Tall trees bend dramatically as atomic wind and fire blow through them. Back to the presenter at his desk talking about the development and dangers of man’s use of scientific advancements without the growth of moral and spiritual responsibility. A swirling galaxy in space (mock-up). Presenter again – who takes out a piece of card on which there is a graph showing the growth of scientific knowledge with a steep upward curve right at the end – presenter says that in spiritual terms, man has only the symptoms of a dark age philosophy and tries to make up his own spiritual laws unlike in science where he knows he has to obey set laws. A bathroom cabinet is opened to show glass shelves on which are an array of over the counter medications, cough syrups, pills and so forth. Hand reaches in an picks out a bottle of carbolic acid. Back to the presenter who again picks up the graph. Graph showing the up curve of the line in close up. Presenter at his desk talks about where we can find the absolute and unchanging moral and spiritual laws and says we can look to nature. A man’s hand reaches out to take a hard-backed book from a shelf of books. Ruins at Pompeii – a montage of ruined ancient buildings. Presenter at desk holds up a Bible and says that wherever in the world it has been obeyed it has transformed the course of history – he reads from the Bible a bit about sin and death coming about because of sin: “the wages of sin is death”, “the soul that sinneth, it shall die”goes onto talk about the mercy of God’s love. A graphic of text which read “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16. Presenter at his desk again says how can we know that the Bible is the true law – he says to put the laws to test in your own life and see what happens – he says there will be an explosive change – a salvation – swelling music and then a dip to black.

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