Film: 5889

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Youth clubs and teenagers in London in the 1950's(Pt 2)

Boys into truck. Mill Hill Public School cricket tea. Truck leaves. Travelling through London to very large, smart school. Boys in white flannels for cricket match. White pavilion, chairs with ladies. Lambeth boys shout encouragement. The school swimming pool. In the truck lane, the boys sing and whistle at the girls. Boys making an impression. The 'Lambeth Walk' pub, one shot, Lambeth Streets and markets, travelling shots. Women stand in doorways etc., very good south London streets. Friday night dance. A band, saxophone. Boy watch the dance floor. 'Putting on the Agony, Putting on the Style' with the live band. Jiving. Saturday night, coming out from the dance hall. Outside the fish and chip shop, horse playing around. Shouting in the street. Close up of faces. Two girls walk home. Boy and girl walk home. Three boys walk home. Council estate at night.

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