Film: 5900

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Nuclear or atomic energy 1970's in Canada

Upstream power plant. Aerial pans over dams, power plant offices. Tgroup being accompanied around plant. Close-up uranium fuel containers. Interior control room. Close-ups of controls and rector fuel "bundles". Moving diagram showing plant mechanism, uranium make-up and neutron and proton activity, CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) method. Plant workers removing spent fuel "bundles". Pan past exterior of plant. Pan across forests and lakes. Close-ups of uranium pellets and zirconium tube "bundles". Exterior of processing towers. Diagram showing water and heavy water make-up. "Hydrogen Sulphide Process" diagram. Fade from tower diagram to actual tower. Low angle. Night exterior of plant. Chalk River Laboratories. Interior high angle of reactor. High angle of "Atom Smasher". Accelerator. Plant worker inserting cobalt tubes into reactor. Plant worker researching liquid and gas contact in glass jar. Plutonium light observed by plant worker in dark glasses. Plant worker observing accelerator through window. Digital counter measuring accelerator activity. Visitors viewing models including "mechanical hands." Cobalt 60 being handled by "hands". Cobalt teletherapy units for cancer treatment. Close-up of head of unit. Demonstration model of medical sterilisation function. Navigation beacon. ADCL Commercial Products' pocket-sized research reactor. SLOPOC ("Safe Low-Powered Critical Experiment"). University of Toronto interior showing researchers analysing air pollutants. Exterior of lake with fishing boat and fisherman pulling in net. Diver returning with radiation measuring apparatus. Woman examining tree. Aquatic 'bell' being immersed in water. University de Quebec, Trois Rivieres. Professor examining power station outflow water. Exterior of main building and car park at University, Vancouver. Interior showing accelerator lid. Close-up of centre. Exterior of nuclear research centre. Interior showing plant workers controlling reactor loading flask being inserted into channel, White Shell, Manitoba. Exterior nuclear power station, Quebec. Sun setting over banks of pylons. "Power Projects Group", Sheridan Park, Toronto. Interior showing draughtsmen at work. Testing conference. Close-ups of scientists. Close-up of scientist handling circuit boards. Scientist watching television monitor. Interior laboratory for testing reactor equipment prototypes. Long shot of plant worker welding inside reactor. Plant worker inserting tubes into reactor "bundle". Pylon against stormy sky. Split screen sequence including welding, lathe turning, iron smelting. Close-up of pylons at power station. Split screen sequence showing commuter trains, traffic sign, child running up stairway, telephone, cooker ring, television camera. Circular pan into sky past power station transformers, spotlights, floodlights at American Football game. Montage of fairground lights, city lights, cityscape by night (possibly Toronto). New power station being built. Aerial shot of nuclear power station fades to aerial shot of city at night. Credits.

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