Film: 5901

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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How screws are made with Good industry shots 1940's

A cardboard box is opened to reveal hundreds of woodscrews. A screw is fastened into a board of wood using a screwdriver. Nice close up shot of the final turn of the screw. Coal colliery in Bognor. Coal passing on a belt, and a miner wearing a dirty white vest shovels coal. A man dislodges a rock of calcium carbonate in a limestone quarry. Close up of a detonator. Explosion in quarry. In an iron ore quarry heavy digging machinery excavates the ground. Iron and steel processing plant in Cardiff. Train carriages full of iron ore and limestone. The carriages are emptied at the yard. A large mechanical grab reaches down to the yard to collect the ore for the blast furnaces.

Inside a scientific lab female scientists analyse the ore. Conical flasks and bung tubes.

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