Film: 5902

Music | 1970 | Mute | Colour


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Rolling Stones European tour 1970.

Scenes in a concert hall with crowd waiting for the band to appear in Holland ? Probably Amstelhalle, Amsterdam 9/10/1970).

The camera pans over a large crowd at a stadium, onto the stage with the instruments set up and a bearded man at a sound desk and onto a clapperboard. A man wearing a cap and talking into his microphone sits on stage. A few of the crowd are sitting on the metal support bars of the stadium. A roadie smoking a cigarette and wearing a "Cocaine" T shirt in the Coca Cola logo style walks towards the camera, possibly Chip Monck. Various shots of the crowd - a woman with a scarf around her neck, a man in a sweater and jacket moves as though dancing past a man wearing a jacket and tie, a cute-looking blond boy points to something, his father sees the camera and does a thumbs-up. A hippy girl in a flowery dress and beads around her head sits beside him. The two roadies hang around on the stage. More shots of the waiting crowd, a lot of long hair with centre partings. Side view of another roadie wearing headphones. The man with the sweater holds a cigarette. A man with a court jester headgear and a denim jacket with a star on the back and "N Mex" on the sleeve walks around, this is 'Woodstock' veteran Wavy Gravy.

Shot of brass buttons, the camera pulls back to show them on the jacket of a man standing in a group of what looks like ship captains or pilots. One wears a cap. The man in the Cocaine T shirt talks to Wavy Gravy and presses something stuck on the end of his nose. A man in a trench coat approaches. A yellow fork lift truck stands behind them. A group of people appear, some wearing badges. One man carries a saxophone. Someone walks past wearing an Afghan coat. Another shot of the clapperboard. The man with the sax walks up the steps to the stage, followed by a younger black man. A roadie on stage wearing glasses sticks up his middle finger to the camera and passes the joint he is smoking to the second man. The roadie makes the same gesture to camera, smiling. Back view of the man in the sweater talking into the microphone. The support band play, close up of guitarist with Afro and bushy beard, also shot of the saxophonist and drummer.

Lengthy scenes of the Stones hanging around and practising backstage. Mick Jagger tunes a guitar. Bianca (soon to be Jagger) smokes a joint. A guitar lays on a table beside an ashtray. A man holding a bottle of beer opens the backstage door and allows a woman wearing a badge to enter. She sits near Jagger and lights a cigarette. Clapperboard again. Close up of Jagger's fingers strumming guitar. Camera pulls back, there is a plastic cup beside him. The girl takes photos out of an envelope. Jagger looks through the photographs, he passes one back to the girl. A woman wearing a bright pink shawl shows something to Jagger then moves back to other people in the room. A man rolls a joint beside the guitar on the table. Jagger continues to practise guitar then picks up a harmonica, mouth organ, and puts it in his mouth. Shot of others in the room, then back to Jagger. He stands up, puts the guitar down, points at someone and claps.

Bill Wyman appears, wearing a gold jacket. He shakes hands with a man. Mick Taylor is also there. The first man hugs Keith Richards. Others in attendance are Ian Stewart and Stephen Stills. Anita Pallenberg holds her son, Marlon. She kisses Bianca on both cheeks. Lengthy scenes of the Stones and their entourage. A photographer takes photos. Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor and Charlie Watts hold discs for a photograph. Marlon plays with a harmonica. Keith Richards is wearing a ruffled white shirt. He applies eye make up in front of a mirror. Mick Jagger, wearing a glittery jacket, practises his dancing and strutting in front of Marlon. He talks and laughs with various people in the room. Richards plays his guitar. Jagger wears a top hat as they prepare to go on stage. Views of the entourage.

Marlon sits at the drum kit on stage, and has fun playing the drums as Pallenberg smokes. View of the stadium after the concert, covered with litter. A few people remain.

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