Film: 5903

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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YMCA history and conference 1950's

Paris reconstructed to look like 1855. Lion (two shots) from 'Victoria the Great'. Paris exposition, reconstruction. Balloon with two men in the basket sets off into the sky. Reconstruction to show man looking for Rue Jacob, 6. Men of many nations met in Paris. They talk about Paris Association. Meeting in Wesleyan Church. Principles of union discussed. Worldwide alliance in Christ. Discussions among delegates on principles, in a Victorian drawing room with tea, older man speaks to lots of men in the drawing room, gentlemen in top hats depart, by train, 'Lion' through country side at night, Victorian railway and station scenes. French diesel train arrives in station, 1955. At station, man jumps out of window, luggage out of window, people on platform with suitcases, buses outside French station, plane on tarmac, people wave as come down the steps. General views of Paris, delegate with banner 'One Lord, One Faith, One World. Delegates register, huge hall, Mr Sherman of Liberia, he is appointed president, Douglas Copeland speaks, Fifty five work groups. Lots of different nationalities. World boys cap, trumpet reveille, boys in tents get up, flag ceremony, morning prayers, ping pong, swimming, dress, Paris sited, Eiffel Tower, on the top., Sorbonne. Dining room of Hotel Palais D'Orsay. 'Wisemens' Club', reception. Café in parks, people drinking at tables. Cathedral at Chartres, boat trip on the Seine, Dr John Carether, smart typing pool, duplicating machines, daily conference paper produced, general views of Versailles, athletics, montage, YMCA book shop, book launch of YMCA book. Man interviewed who was at the 50 years celebration in 1905. He recalls Russian and Japanese delegates shaking hands in the year of the Russo-Japanese war, George Williams founds London Association, reconstruction of him doing a speech, five world presidents give their feelings, Sunday morning, people going into churches, Centennial Rally in Palais de Sports, Bible carried , pageant of spread of gospel, candles lit, flag ceremony, gymnastics, Polish dancers, American square dances. More gymnastics, more pageant on nuclear war, French stations, plane, ship, funnel blows, two men talk in ship cabin, one quotes from bible. Reconstruction of Last Supper.

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