Film: 5911

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Leeds Theatre in Education Company visiting a special needs school in Leeds, to stage an interactive workshop with the children, on aliens visiting the planet earth 1970's.

Students or young adults loading pieces of set into a van. Students in flares loading pieces of set into lorry. Large metal structure loaded into lorry. Playhouse theatre, van parked outside. Playhouse, 1970's cars parked outside. Female in classroom, puts on white lab coat in front of class. Two boys aged 10-12ish, one with finger in mouth. 2 girls, one with long brown hair, mouth open. Male adult with beard and moustache joins female, both in white coats, speak to the children seated in the classroom, male adult with tape recorder. Tells children he believes spaceship landed last night on earth. Boy smiles and looks excited. Male says he believes spaceship blew up and lots of it were scattered. Children smiling.. Male teacher holds black box with noise coming out of it, asks children what it is. Children trying to get attention. Children sitting in row looking. Children looking at black box, teacher holding box. 2 girls, hands in mouth, smiling looking at teacher. Male teacher walks around classroom testing box which sounds like a geiger counter, children looking on, female brings case like object over, which makes geiger counter box make quicker noises, children get excited and jump up, male pretends he's worried. Boy standing, chewing fingers. Male looks frightened and tries to get away from female with case. Male beckons children over. Female, well away from children tries to open case very gingerly, looking frightened. Children gather round to look. Children gather round table, jigsaw on table, adults request help and children shout. Jigsaw being puzzled over by groups of children. Boy looks on. Children with completed jigsaw. Man in white coat draws on blackboard. Boys stand looking at him. Children standing round jigsaw. Man talks to children about the two jigsaws, children seated around them. Children in hall, man stands next to metal hollow structure. Female with children. Male with white coat tries to explain situation to children, children seated round shouting out to him. Female discusses with children. Male with white coat surrounded by children, he crouching on one knee next to metal structure. Voice over, male explaining the reasons of the methods used in acting like this with the children. Female in white coat surrounded by children. Two adults surrounded by children, looking at metal structure, voice of female adult saying her role was to support "John" and help with the children who were being left behind.

Outside school, male in white coat directing children who are holding bits of the "spaceship". Children running in direction of red brick semi-detached council houses. Boy finds part of "space ship" looks pleased. Woman in white coat, followed by 2 children holding prop, walking across grassy area, council houses in background. Childs feet, child's hand held by female making way back to school. Hands putting objects on frame. Child carrying props in hall. Children putting bits back into frame, soundtrack voice over of male, saying his job is to stimulate the children. Blonde male child, hands on frame. Female adult and children putting frame together. Children standing with props. Children standing. Female adult surrounded by children putting together "space ship". Girl. Female adult looks interested as children talk to her. Male adult selects 2 boys, Paul and Peter from the children. Female adult, Miss Taylor, hands to mouth. Paul and Peter stand, other boy loiters round. Children seated waiting on side lines. Paul and Peter put lid on top of space ship carefully instructed by adult. Male adult goes to sit back with children. Boy looks apprehensive . Children gather round. Man takes object and places it on ground, telling children to stand back, which they do, he moves forward and some children do as well. Man picks up object again, children gather round. Man picks up object, it starts making odd noise, children gather. Man asks children where black box should be, they gather round "space ship" and he puts it on the side, it makes noises. Children smiling. Miss Taylor goes in side "space ship". Children standing at back of Hall. "space ship". Child looks enthralled. Voice of "alien" comes out of space ship, children and man gather round. 2 boys looking on. Children round spaceship in school hall. Children gather behind benches placed at a distance in school hall. Space ship. Children and Miss Taylor behind benches. Male with children. Girl goes up to space-ship, gets piece of paper out from chute. Boy looks excited. Girl hands paper to Miss Taylor, she holds up paper, with word Hello written on it. Miss Taylor gets the children to shout "hello" at space ship. Man holds tape and children gather round. Children look at tape as spaceship speaks to them. Children in classroom, subtitles "One week later". Children's pictures of a helicopter. Picture of a digger. Picture of a motor bike. Picture of a bicycle. Picture of a bicycle. Picture of a lorry.

Children seated around man in classroom, soundtrack, voiceover explaining why they go to special needs schools. Boys face studying. Man speaking to children seated round him. Profile of Miss Taylor. Man plays guitar and sings. Adults sing song , children pretend. Man leads children into hall, he is holding a guitar. Child sings. Children, some singing, some not. Man dressed as alien, not very convincing. Children gathered round. Man dressed as alien talks to children. Alien's back to camera, talking to children. "alien" talking to children. Alien talks to kids. Children looking on. Alien talks to kids. Camera pans over space ship, another not very convincing alien gets out. Children watching. Children show "aliens" handshakes. Aliens press hands with children. Alien presses hands with Miss Taylor. Man takes children to other side of hall. Children give alien a marble. Children teach alien to play marbles. Group of children crouched looking at ground. Children playing marbles with alien. Boy. Children talking to alien. Children gather round alien. Children demonstrate skipping. Girl crawls on floor, showing her pants. Alien skips. Children watching alien skip. Children watching. Children shouting, talking around alien. Children show chewing gum to alien. Child gives alien a sweet. Children put football down in front of alien. Children in a circle playing ball game with alien, girl crawls off. Man with tape machine plays bird noises, while children give aliens books on birds. Aliens look round as children gather. Aliens seated. Children showing alien cards voice over, explaining reasons why theatre group are doing this. Children looking at books. Child writes. Child gets book to show alien. Alien looks at books. Children show "alien" pictures they've drawn. Children show alien drawings they've done. Children shown "alien" plastic toy fire engine. Children show pictures to alien. Children gathered round a table. Children gathered around alien. Children shown spacemen bottle of milk. Children walk with spaceman outside school on grass. Children lead spaceman to school gates. Children lead spacemen to gates. Children gather round spaceman outside. Man and alien and children outside. Children outside, boys somersault round pole. Children gather round spaceman. Children show alien pictures. Child draws on blackboard. Children reciting rhyme to alien. Children gathered round alien. Children show alien object. Man plays guitar and children sing song to alien. Children singing. Children doing hand movements to song. Alien gets up to say goodbye. Alien shakes hands , subtitles- Prof Taylor, Sally Mavor , Prof Burton and John Surman, Alien - Rob Wilsher.

Children outside school, theatre company get into van, soundtrack say they get their buzz from deep emotional contact with the children, van drives off, has "Theatre in education Leeds" on side. Van drives off. Child waves.

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