Film: 5925

Dance | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Ballet Class with the Royal Ballet - Dancers exercise at the bar and practise steps with a teacher, possibly Ninette de Valois 1970's

boys do plies at the barre. They turn on the other side, in first position and begin plies on the other side. Facing the girls, the girls do a forward bend, back bend and the to second position, plie. Rise in second, port de bras. Tendues. Ninette de valois demonstrates in the centre of the room. Close ups of feet. Su e le coup de pied and grande battement en cloche. Close ups of feet. Grande rounde de jambe en l'air. Adage at the bar. Port de bras in centre. The boys do pirouettes. The girls mark out an exercise. Arabesque exercises. The boys get told off. More floor exercises. Girls put their oint shoes on, they tie the ribbons. Cool shot following moving legs and feet over the ground. Pose pirouettes. Reverence.
Mrs Barbara Fewster

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