Film: 5929

Geography | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Promotional film about Victoria, Australia, concentrating on wine 1960's

Young man stops tractor on edge of wheat field. Other man. Swaps places with younger man and drives off. Tractor is turning to dry it.
Old winery in Victoria, Australia. From inside a barn we see two men open doors and step towards us. Younger man picks up lighted candle to illuminate wine cellar. Candle light passes over boxes and wine bottles. Man emerges from around door, holding candle holder and lighted candle. The winery is of Yeanberg, 30 miles from Melbourne.
Man shows young daughter a vine in the vineyard. Girl and dog in field as gate closes behind them. Reverse point of view from back of car of front of car driving towards us on left side of road through forest. Inside car, driver talks to camera. Point of view along road amongst tall ash trees. Car passes in opposite direction on a palm-tree fringed bend. Range of hills -the Alpine Country of Victoria. River, bubbling over stones. The Murray River. A paddle boat on the river artistically shot underneath a branch of a semi-submerged tree. Man steering boat- He pulls cord. Whistle blows in close-up. Banjo band entertain boaters on boat's deck. People clap and others dance: Aerial shot of paddle steamer.
Man in cockpit of light aircraft. Studies map and looks at ground. Aerial views of vineyards. Close-ups of hands cutting red grapes from a vine with a knife. Woman's face glimpsed through the leaves. People picking bunches of grapes and throwing them in rusty metal buckets. Man empties bucket into larger container on back of trailer. Tractor pulls trailer with oil drums full of grapes, pulls up on Bailey's winery. Men roll oil drums off it. Emptying Shiraz grapes into vats. Outside of casks with grapes, juice being extracted and running down. Men walk through cellar of large vats. One climbs ladder and collects sample of wine. Men study wine. Man nods approvingly. Carnival at end of the grape harvest in country town. Grape picking competition. Horse racing. Chef turns spit with pig on it. He pours bottle of red wine on pig. Adults and children disco dancing. Carving meat. Man and woman raise glass of wine to mouths. Women wearing bibs and drinking wine claret.
Derelict boats and machinery on River Murray. Broken down paddle steamer. Country town shop signs "Wheelwright Coach Builder", Saddler and Bootmaker". Historical reconstruction of town of around 1850. Cowboys and townspeople. Cowboy rides into town and ties horse up. Prospector enters bank and hands something under counter. Bank clerk holds balances to weigh it, then pours gold nuggets into weighing scales. Clerk balances nuggets with weights. Women in smart dresses walk outside. Printer in old printer's makes "Wanted" posters. They are for Edward Kelly- Ned Kelly. Newspaper and printing office. Shop window of white leather women's shoes. Blacksmith in forge hammers red-hot horseshoe. Passenger coach pulls for a stop in the street. All this historical reconstruction is in 'Swan Hill' on banks of the Murray. The 'gem'is an original Murray paddle boat. Smart restaurant on the boat.
Man examines label on bottle of wine. New winery. New equipment and technology. Emptying a lorryload of grapes. Man tests the specific gravity of wine or sherry with a mechanical. Aerial shot of well laid out orchard. Close-up of hands picking apples. Man picking pears, and another peaches. Men standing on steep ladders. Feet run up then down a step ladder. Man empties pears into basketsof cork. European immigrant family (possibly Italian) take a break from work and drink red wine and eat bread. The outside of a Bistro restaurant. Inside, man mops his mouth with a napkin. He talks to camera. He shows us sheep's milk cheese. Italian immigrant introduces this cheese to Australia.
Flock of sheep in country. Lines of sheep in indoor milking shed. Making Peccarino sheep's milk cheese. Lake with trees on it. Two men ride in horse trap. Point of view from trap of horse as it walks across a narrow bridge. Trap passes by vineyard. Chateau Tah Bilk winery. Pony and trap stops and man gets down. He shakes hands with another man. In silhouette they walk towards bottles of wine and wine glasses. Men drink, still in silhouette.
Mountains in the west of Victoria- these are the Grampians. Views of waterfalls. Vineyard for champagne making, the grape being the Pinot- Chardonnay. Filling wine bottles. Putting corks on bottles. Champagne bottles stacked in boxes. Champagne cellar. Man turns bottles of champagne. He works by candle light. Man wheels trolley of inverted bottles. Cobweb-covered bottles. Man releases cork on champagne bottle to release sediment. Wine is topped up again. Recorking bottles, tying corks on, putting foil on and washing bottles. Labels pasted onto champagne bottles. Nice shot of line of champagne bottles slowly moving to camera. Popping a champagne cork and pouring a glass of champagne. Group drink champagne, standing up at a picnic. Bierkeller with people singing drinking soong. Oompah band. People serving drinks- beer or wine. Good footage of Bierkeller singalony . Man wearing Bavarian costume( Tracht ?) including Lederhosen shorts shows couple into wine cellar. Close-up of him holding up bottle of German-style wine- an Arawatta Riesling, no less! People working in vineyard. River. Open market and fruit for sale- melons, bananas, oranges, pineapples. Close-up of man carrying boxes of grapes past camera. The Victoria Market, five minutes from the centre of Melbourne.

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