Film: 594

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Bristol Avonmouth Docks 1930s with excellent shots of an ocean liner arriving and departing, not much razzamatazz, but really good workaday scenes of shipping traffic.

P&O Passenger Liner Strathnaver, 664 ft, arrives with passengers from the Mediterranean. Tugs steam out of the harbour. View of ship at sea with two tugboats pulling the ocean liner into port at Bristol Docks. Dockers loop the ropes over the bollards, foot passenger slopes are hauled into place, passengers disembark. Cargo/luggage is seen swinging from ship to men waiting ashore.
GWR Great western railway London Boat train, some double headed haul out of the Royal Edward Dock station as the next lot arrive and passengers then embark for the next voyage Views of train slowly moving from station and other steam locomotives.
The special trains arrive with passengers for the 'Strathnaver cruise to Northern Capitals'. Overhead view of locomotive as it appears from a tunnel billowing smoke and passing.
Arrival at the dock. Overhead view of people waiting at station and cars parked with ship waiting nearby.

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