Film: 5943

Feature Comedy | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Funny compilation of Horror and Science Fiction, Sci-Fi 'B' movies. Please note that some of these extracts require third party clearance

(modern, colour) Man walks towards camera and asks audience to be quiet.

(black/white) Woman in cinema seat looks down and screams loudly twice. "The Tingler", 1959, Columbia.
(colour) People run from cinema. Two policemen with rifles approach cinema - "Don't go in, Jim. It's the most horrible thing I've seen in my life." Gooey 'thing' moves towards camera. "The Blob", 1958.

(Different actors introduce the films: Cheech and Chong, John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, Gilda Radner.)

(black/white) giant locust pursues people down street. "The Beginning of the End", 1957, Paramount.
(colour) Japanese(?) people flee in countryside.
*** (colour) Monster walks through burning city. "Yongary, Monster from the Deep", Korea, ***
*** (black/white) Africans flee in countryside. ***
(black/white) Two shrunken people nearly get run over. "Attack of the Puppet People", 1958, AIP.
(colour) 'War of the Worlds'. Spaceship fires rays at buildings which explode. 1953, Paramount.
*** (black/white) 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' Two aliens talk in a spaceship. 1959, ***

((colour) Gilda Radner presents Gorillas. She sits in an armchair listening to radio. A gorilla has escaped. Gilda opens window, throws porcelain figure out, and breaks light. She builds barricades, and extinguishes the fire. She walks to door.)

(black/white) Man walks to door - "who's there?" He opens it, walks through and gorilla-suited man jumps on him.
***(black/white) Man in jungle has jammed rifle; he is chased by white gorilla which jumps up and down on him. "The White Gorilla", 1947, ***.
*** (black/white) Couple fight 'space gorilla' which wears a metal helmet. "Robot Monster", 1953, ***.
(black/white) Gorilla tries to stab wrestling woman with spear. Man's gun jams.
(colour) Gorillas eat bananas.
(colour) Two-headed gorilla. "The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant".
(black/white) 'Jane' figure swings through tree and calls like Tarzan. Possibly "Daughter of the Jungle"
(colour) Giant gorilla attacked by helicopters. Poor model helicopter crashes.

(colour) Dan Ackroyd presents Aliens. He is living in the year 2020 and looking round streets which have been destroyed in alien invasion.

(black/white) Television screen shows model spacecraft and alien who says 'Attention people of Earth', possibly from a television show.
(colour) Loudspeaker van in street - 'Martians are coming! We must evacuate the city!' "War of the Worlds", 1953 Paramount.
(colour) people run away from camera.
(colour) Cyclists fall off broken bridge.
(colour) Flying saucers in the sky.
(black/white) Buildings explode. Saucers fire laser beams. (Japanese film?).
(black/white) Alien dressed in pointed helmet.
(B/w) Building collapses on people.
(B/w) Announcer talks into microphone, he gives safety instructions: "Cover yourself with wet newspapers and lie still."
(colour) Flying saucer (U.F.O.) sends beam downwards. Model buildings blown apart by winds. "Rodan", 1957, Toho studios
'War of the Worlds'. Soldier vaporized by death ray.
(black/white) Flying saucer crashes in street. People flee. Flying saucer lands in garden of the White House, Washington. "Earth versus the Flying saucers", 1956, Columbia.
Newscaster says rumours of mass destruction are false. "The Day the Earth Stood Still", 1951, Twentieth Century Fox.
Flying saucer crashes into dome of U.S. Capitol, Washington. Flying saucer crashes into railway station and blows up. "Earth versus the Flying Saucers", 1956 Columbia.
(colour) Alien with furry earphones says "do not eat any of the Earth food."
(black/white) Man drives into body on road. Gets out of car and there is no body. Glowing hand touches him on the shoulder. Glowing alien. Man collapses. "I Married a Monster From Outer Space", 1958, Paramount.
(B/W) Dog barks at flying saucer as it lands; death ray reduces dog to skeleton.
*** (colour) Military officers walk down corridor. Scientist tells army colonel decoded message is "Mars needs Women", 1956, ***
(black/white) Woman screams and covers her face. (possibly) "20 Million Miles to Earth", 1957, Columbia.
(B/w) Another woman leans out of the window and screams.
(b/w) Death ray makes woman glow. "I Married a Monster from Outer Space", 1958, Paramount.
Two aliens sit side-by-side; he looks like a bald Vulcan, she looks like Cleopatra. They tell us prisoners will go mad. Aliens in space-suits on a beach use ray gun to vaporize man, before kidnapping woman in bikini. Alien woman in spaceship tells girl to "turn around" so she can look at her. Bald man smiles.

(colour) Cheech and Chong present Giants and Tiny People. They shop in foyer of cinema near popcorn stall. One of them orders lots of sweet food. Cheech and Chong in the cinema; the one with popcorn - a dustbin-sized container - spills some of it.
[film cut in two places here, so only see Cheech and Chong in cinema].

(black/white) Doctor talks to couple on cinema screen. They are small. They recall they were enveloped in a mysterious mist whilst on a friend's boat. Man is small - the size of a child; he is in a living room with big furniture, chairs and radio. Woman is normal height. They stand on either side of the room and talk to each other. Man asleep in doll's house. Cat prowls around outside; man opens door and sees huge cat; cat sticks paw through window. Cat claws man's back and rips his vest. "The Incredible shrinking Man", 1957, Universal.
(black/white) Giant bald man reads small newspaper. 'Man lives through plutonium blast.' We see the blast.
Tall man talks to girl who sits on the bonnet of car. "I don't want to grow any more." Walks off dejected. Normal man enters and says "It's not going very well, is it?" (understatement). "The Amazing Colossal Man", 1957.
(b/w) Giant woman reaches through roof of building and takes man out. Policeman shoots pistol at her. "The Attack of the fifty foot woman"
Policemen shoot rifles into air at tall man; man pulls up palm tree and throws it into the crowd.
Man lifts cover of cage to reveal shrunken elephant and camel. Man carries giant hypodermic. Two men run it into giant's foot; he winces; he takes the needle and uses it as a javelin to kill man. "The Amazing Colossal Man", 1957

(colour) John Candy presents tribute to Ed Wood.

*** (b/w) "Plan 9 From Outer Space.", 1959. Two aliens salute and report to chief.
"Plan 9 - the resurrection of the dead." Couple kiss on veranda; man is in uniform. In cockpit of aircraft. Two pilots joined by stewardess. Flying saucer. Bela Lugosi stars in the picture, acts as a vampire-type creature. Ed Wood's chiropractor took over the role when Lugosi died during shooting, and covers his face as he enters woman's bedroom. Detective and two policemen look down at the ground and discuss body. Detective in trench coat raises brim of his hat using the barrel of his gun. He scratches his shoulder with the gun. Large man who acts like a zombie tries to strangle alien humanoid. Spell is broken when female humanoid throws gun to floor. Man clutches his throat.
(black/white) Saucers fly over city. People in car point out of windows at sky. In spaceship, humanoid alien is slapped across face by back of man's hand - "it's because of men like you that all must be destroyed." Flying saucer explodes in puff of smoke. Man talks to camera - "can you say it doesn't exist?" ***
*** Ed Wood's "Glen or Glenda", 1953, classic transvestite film. Man (Ed Wood himself) walks along street dressed in women's clothes and miserably looks at women's clothes in shop window. Man tells fiancée he is a transvestite, and touches her angora cardigan. She rests her head on her hand. Fiancée is a poor actress and throws her head back - "Glen, I don't fully understand this, but maybe together we can work it out." She stands up and takes off her angora cardigan which she hands to Glen. ***.

Dan Ackroyd impersonates fiancée and removes angora cardigan, hands it to John Candy. Ackroyd is sitting on motorcycle. John Candy gets into sidecar; he wears a skirt and cuddles the cardigan. They ride off, Ackroyd wearing a bra.
Gilda Radner presents Musical Memories. She is on an outdoor set and camera pulls back to reveal she is at a piano, holding a toy dog on top of a van, with the sky and sea in the background. See the camera truck pan out on crane.

(colour) Excerpt from poor musical and the "unforgettable lyrics" where girl just sings "la-la-la", set on a yacht. The yacht sails. (Possibly Japanese).
(colour) Red Indian women musical. They perform a dance in open air. Like a 1940's poor man's Busby Berkeley. Possibly 'Musical Movieland'
(black/white) Man drinks as he sits watching woman sing and play piano.
(black/white) Two men stand and play guitars as they are backed by band; they are twins and sing at microphone.
(black/white) Black African tribe with white queen who sings. Drums, dancers round bonfire. Possibly*** 'Blonde Savage'***
(black/white) Lots of women dance in 1930's musical. Bananas become erect as woman dances near them. They are dressed in two-piece costumes. Ground starts to smoke; fires break out. They jump in water; fountains emerge. Probably 'Sunny Side Up'.
*** (colour) Refreshment cartoon animation briefly comes on with dancing ice-creams and sweets - "Let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat." ***

The films contained in this modern compilation are:
The Amazing Colossal Man, A.P.E (aka) Attack of the Giant Hairy Gorilla, Atomic Rulers of the World, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Attack of the Mushroom People, Attack of the Puppet People, Batmen of Africa, Battle in Outer Space, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Beginning of the End, Black Belt Jones, The Blob, Blonde Savage, The Brain from Planet Arous, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Bride and the Beast, The Bride of the Monster, ***The Cool and the Crazy***, The Crawling Eye, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Creeping Terror, Curse of the Faceless Man, The Cyclops, Daughter of the Jungle, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Deadly Mantis, Don't Knock the Rock, Dragstrip Girl, Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, Evil Brain from Outer Space, Fiend Without a Face, Firemaidens from Outer Space, First Man Into Space, The Fly, The Flying Saucer, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Frankenstein's Daughter, Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, From Hell it Came, The Giant Claw, Glen or Glenda, Hideous Sun Demon, High School Confidential, High School Hellcats, The Horror of Party Beach, House on Haunted Hill, The Hypnotic Eye, I Married a Monster From Outer Space, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, The Incredible Melting Man, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed-Up Zombies, Invaders From Space, Invasion of the Neptune Men, ***Isle of the Forgotten Sins***, The Killer Shrews, *** Lost City ***, The Loves of Hercules, Maniac, The Manster, Marihuana, Married Too Young, Mars Needs Women, Missile to the Moon, Monster and the Ape, Monster From Green Hell, Musical Movie Land, Octa-Man, The Party Crashers, Perils of Nyoka, Plan Nine From Outer Space, Prince of Space, Reefer Madness, Reptilicus, Robot Monster, Rock Baby Rock It! Rocket Attack USA, Runaway Daughters, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Slime People, Son of Godzilla, Space Children, ***Street Corner***, Sunny Side Up, Teenage Monster, Teenagers From Outer Space, The Thing With Two Heads, The Tingler, *** The Violent Years***, The War of the Worlds, The Weird World of LSD, White Gorilla, Wonder Bar, X From Outer Space, Yongary - Monster From the Deep, Zombies of the Stratosphere.

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