Film: 5944

Feature Comedy | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Funny compilation of Horror and Science Fiction, Sci-Fi 'B' movies. Please note some of these extract require third party clearances.

John Candy poses as manager of theatre. He sits at desk and talks to his supposed audience. He introduces:

"Prevues of coming Attractions" or Trailers -
(colour) Woman runs screaming out of indoor showground hall with 'Entrance' over the double doorway.
*** (colour) "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies" - 'The First Monster Musical' - and filmed in 'Terrorama': showgirls dance. People in bright orange leotards hold spears. Woman stares straight at camera and says 'Obey!'. Hideously facially deformed monster runs onto stage as people in orange costumes are dancing. ***
*** (b/w) "The Hypnotic Eye" - man in tuxedo looks at camera and says 'Now, if you dare, look into the hypnotic eye' and melodramatically holds up the eye. Special effect of screaming woman with her hair on fire. An audience waving arms in air.***
(b/w) "The House on Haunted Hill" - door opens away from us slowly and scarily. Woman looks up. Close up of woman's hand with blood dripping onto it. Young woman backs away from something behind camera and screams. She backs against a wall and a reptilian hand appears round the door frame and frightens her even more!, 1959.
"I Married a Monster From Outer Space" and 'The Strangest Marriage of all Time'. Couple leave chapel. Couple kiss in hotel bedroom. Man's face changes with poor special effects. Woman approaches man and he falls over, in a zombie-like state. She cries and screams with her hands to her mouth. An alien glows in the dark and shoots a ray gun which disintegrates a man. "I Married a Monster from Outer Space", 1958, Paramount.
*** Couple in twin-bedded room as he approaches her menacingly. In living room couple talk - she tells him his space race will die out as they have no women, to which he replies:
"Eventually we'll have children with you"
"What kind of children?"
"Space Children" who we then see breaking into a factory by ripping the chain on the front gate apart. Children crouch as they run around machinery. Caption reads 'Our own children - our deadliest enemy' as the children apparently cause an explosion. "Space Children, 1958 ***.
(colour) "Black Belt Jones". Black man flies through train window breaking the glass. Black karate or judo expert defeats many other black attackers with very quick hands. Several men crash through windows.
*** "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" - man runs as if fleeing from something. Focus on his lower body as he runs down front path pursued by football-sized tomato. Couple sitting on sofa talk about their tomatoes eating people. Man retreats from 6 feet high tomato and shoots it to no avail. 1978, ***

Dan Ackroyd presents "Troubled Teenagers". Ackroyd is ostensibly a plain clothes security guard in a school locker room. He shoots at a locker and the door comes off. He talks on a walkie-talkie.

*** B/W "High School Hellcats" - 1950's teenagers dance wildly in a room(!) Some dance on sofas, some on a grand piano, others on chairs and a couple on a table. Girls have typical 1950s big wide skirts. In another scene an elderly man says to a couple of other old people "Now we need an organised resistance to this vulgar rude rocking and rolling". He wags his finger to emphasise the point. Two teenage girls sit under a sign saying "No Smoking". They don't smoke but one throws a flick knife at the wall opposite. Knife sticks in. On a blackboard is written "Good citizenship, self restraint, politeness and loyalty". Teenage girls scowl at the blackboard. Teenage girls fight outside school. In a kitchen, a man meant to be a teenager (??) (the actor, Russ Tamblyn looks about 30) drinks milk as a woman plays with the cord of her dressing gown. She takes his apple and takes a sexy (sic) bite out of it. "You looking for excitement?" She talks seductively - she being the older, married woman.
In the back of an open topped car a couple, she partly hidden from view, kissing passionately for fifteen seconds. When they stop, they look flushed and upset. She says, "Thank you, Tommy". (All the above probably from "High School Hellcats," except the Russ Tambln clip, which is from "High School Confidential!"), ***
(b/w) In a doctor's surgery, young couple 'The Young Lovebirds' enter. Doctor blithely announces "Sally, that first baby didn't hurt you a bit". The young man backs away as she looks mortified. Doctor continues "And, Bob, you'll be pleased to know there's no trace of your old VD, 100% cured!". Bob: "What did you say about a first baby?" and Sally asks about "One of those horrible diseases". When Bob discovers the baby was illegitimate, Sally defends herself well and storms out. Bob: "Well, there went my happy wedding right out the door". Doctor, "I'm terribly sorry, Bob." Excellent clip!!! Possibly ***'Street Corner'***
(B/w) Police car pulls up at kerb in evening. Teenagers flee from house. banner headlines "Teen Age Gang Crashes Party". A fight at party. Policemen at cars in street hiding and firing guns up at a window out of sight. Teenage girls in a room disparage cops. Policeman fires rifle and girl dies. "It ain't supposed to be this way". (Possibly "The Party Crashers").
(B/w) At an open air camp scientists discuss what they can see through microscope - continuous growth of cells in living animals. Possibly(???) "The Killer Shrews", 1959 (?***)
Ray Harryhausen rhedosaurus model in city. Cars stop, drivers flee. Dinosaur tramples a car. A brave cop advances with his gun. He fires twice. Dinosaur grabs cop by the head. Policeman's legs kick. Woman screams and covers her face. "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms", 1953, Warners.
(B/W) Pilot in an airplane cockpit reaches for radio. Ridiculous giant bird attacks ridiculous model plane. Men in plane look out of windows. Luckily they wear parachutes and run to the door. They jump out. Unfortunately, two parachutists are eaten by bird (terrible back projection). "The Giant Claw", 1957, Columbia.
(B/W) Totally unconcerned woman is manacled at wrists. A giant spider (you can see the strings) dances in front of her. Now she's worried - in fact she screams quite a lot. She faints. Two men run in and shoot spider dead.
(B/W) Woman gets off bus and says to driver "It's good to get home safely". He says "Nothing to worry about, you just be careful in that park!" It is foggy. Bus driver's terrified face as he sees giant grasshopper or locust. Mantis pulls bus over. "The Deadly Mantis", 1957.
(B/W) The old "We interrupt this programme for an important announcement" statement. "The giant locust has reached the Chicago southside and nearby suburbs." Another voice says "Do not panic". Giant locusts in a park as people panic and flee in the park. Woman in an apartment is brushing her hair. Outside is a giant locust which smashes the window and knocks over a desk. Woman is terrified. Locusts climb up outside of skyscrapers. Two men inside a room shoot at a grasshopper with machine guns. Locust falls. On outside of building several locusts continue to climb. "The Beginning of the End", 1957, Paramount.

Colour: Cheech and Chong in Cinema present "The Animal Kingdom Goes Berserk".

*** (Colour) Close up of large reptilian feet walking. Giant reptile monster pursues a couple of vehicles. "Yongary - Monster from the Deep", Korea, ***
(Colour) Japanese Godzilla film. Monster Godzilla emerges from sea. Two men on beach are frightened.
Godzilla with flying creature called Mothra.
Godzilla teaches baby Godzilla to blow smoke. He pats son on head. "Son of Godzilla", 1968, Toho Studios.

John Candy presents: "Technical Triumphs" - cheap budgets.

(B/W) - fight between Starman and a creature with big hands in a room. Creature leaps onto and off desk. Starman punches creature and both dive out of open window.
(B/W) "King of the Rocket Men" serial. Man runs and takes off. He flies through the air with rocket pack on his back. Close up of hand adjusting dial from "up" to "down". Rocket man descends into valley. He lands on roof of car. (1949 / 1952, Republic).
*** (B/W) Four astronaut types walk in rocky terrain. Film is "Missile to the Moon". Rock monsters come alive and chase astronauts very slowly. Bullets do not stop the rock monsters. 1958, ***
(B/W) Excellent gun fight between two men who fire very slowly at each other. They fire in turn at regular intervals and slowly sink to the floor wounded. Very funny. Four south sea islander type-girls watch. Possibly ***'Isle of Forgotten Sins'***
***(B/W) "Bride of the Monster" sees a man strapped down with a helmet on his head. Helmet has silly lights on it. Bela Lugosi as evil scientist slaps his male heavy sidekick because man is injured, 1956.***

Dan Ackroyd presents "The Brain".

(B/W) Woman screams as large brain with eyes hovers towards her. Man attacks brain with axe. [Can clearly see strings holding brain up], "The Brain From Arous", 1958.
(B/W) American military officers are attacked by flying brains. Stop frame animation as brains crowd about. Men shoot guns. Brain leaps at girl and attaches itself to her neck. She looks jolly frightened. Man pulls brain off her and other man kills brain with axe. "The Fiend Without a Face", 1957.
(Colour) Peter Cushing in "Frankenstein" movie. In a jar, by side of Frankenstein, is a brain. The water surrounding brain bubbles. Frankenstein asks his assistant to sever the spinal cord of the monster on his bench. Monster's brain is thrown in bucket on floor which is tipped over. Frankenstein removes new brain from its jar. "Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell", 1973, Hammer.
*** (B/W) - two surgeons talk; A: "I can't cover up for you any more. The superintendent thinks it's you who's been stealing limbs from the amputee operations." B: "So what if it is - I've got to have limbs for my transplant experiments. You said 'Test and experiment'. I've got to have them to work with. Sure I've made a few mistakes but I've learned from them" Great!!! Then cut to the two men looking at a woman's head on a table with lots of wires and electrodes attached. She speaks: "transplant my head onto another body". The two men argue about medical ethics - "only a madman would believe she could be like before". "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", 1962.***
(Colour) - Operating theatre. Doctor wears a stethoscope. Patient has two heads, one black, one white. White head has been successfully transferred onto black body. As white man (Ray Milland) recovers, his eyes are closed - he moves his black arm. Doctor tells white head that a last minute decision was forced on them (that his head was grafted onto a black body. Man asks "Is this some kind of a joke?" [racial tension]. Black woman opens her door to black man, with white man attached. "I know you don't like me to ask a lot of questions, but how did that happen." Fantastic!!! "The Thing With Two Heads", 1972

Gilda Radnor presents "Monsters".

(Colour) Old man pokes large meteorite or seed pod with stick. Gel inside attaches itself to his arm. He cannot shake it off. "The Blob", 1958.
(Colour) Woman believes an operation has worked and removes hood from man. His head is that of a "fly" with big eyes. Excellent scream, and multiple picture of her on screen - as seen through the eyes of fly. "The Fly", 1958, Twentieth Century Fox.
*** (B/W) four adults in a room - "I could use some coffee", "and me" - woman opens door and dog-like rabid animal rushes in. Man is bitten on leg. Man reaches for gun and shoots dog dead. Doctor admits dog ripped his trousers. "The Killer Shrews", 1959, ***
(B/W) man with hairy hand and wearing dressing gown screams out in pain and distress (possibly because he's realised he's a rotten actor). He looks in mirror and pulls his robe down and reveals an eye is embedded in his shoulder.
(B/W) monster who is all warty tries to attack American naval officer in a room full of dials. Officer calls to monster (his mutated friend) who answers and does not hit him. First Man Into Space, 1959.
*** (B/W) - "The Slime People" - Five Americans in a TV studio make an appeal to cameras (which we see). One man snatches microphone from another. "The Slime People", 1963, ***
"Creature From the Black Lagoon" Creature starts to clamber up side of boat. Creature advances on camera. He grabs girl who screams and dives overboard with girl. Monster takes girl to bottom of lagoon. 1954, Universal.
*** (B/W) Girl climbs out of sea onto a rock. Ridiculous monster with "a load of hotdogs in its mouth" approaches. Girl screams. (Possibly a Roger Corman film) ***
(B/W) Absurd tree monster walks towards camera. Walking tree stump scares two South Sea Island men who run off. They approach grass thatched hut and knock politely on door. Men inside are Americans. Both groups talk about scary log.
(B/W) Woman says "My God, what is it?" Tall, indeterminate monster walks through canteen scattering tables. People back off. "carpet monster" swallows woman whole, so that we see her stockinged legs disappearing. Repeats this with another woman.
*** (B/W) Two men face one another, one has huge bandage on his hand. Scientist (Whit Bissell) takes other's bandage off - he turns round and shows his hideous face. "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein", 1958, ***
(Colour) - Man peels bandages off face to reveal great deformities. "The Incredible Melting Man", 1977.
*** (B/W) deformed woman with large eyes. "Frankenstein's Daughter", 1958, ***
(B/W) monster puffs smoke.
(B/W) monster carries unconscious woman.
(colour) Octopus like man out of trailer, "Octa-Man", 1971.
(B/W) 2-headed monster.
(b/w) woman screams at monster who has back to camera.
(colour) Monster rises. "Frankenstein and the monster From Hell", 1973, Hammer.
One second B/W shot of group of scantily clad women waving at camera.
The films contained in this modern compilation are:
The Amazing Colossal Man, A.P.E (aka) Attack of the Giant Hairy Gorilla, Atomic Rulers of the World, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Attack of the Mushroom People, Attack of the Puppet People, Batmen of Africa, Battle in Outer Space, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Beginning of the End, Black Belt Jones, The Blob, Blonde Savage, The Brain from Planet Arous, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Bride and the Beast, The Bride of the Monster, *** The Cool and the Crazy***, The Crawling Eye, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Creeping Terror, Curse of the Faceless Man, The Cyclops, Daughter of the Jungle, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Deadly Mantis, Don't Knock the Rock, Dragstrip Girl, Earth Vs the Flying Saucers, Evil Brain from Outer Space, Fiend Without a Face, Firemaidens from Outer Space, First Man Into Space, The Fly, The Flying Saucer, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Frankenstein's Daughter, Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, From Hell it Came, The Giant Claw, Glen or Glenda, Hideous Sun Demon, High School Confidential, High School Hellcats, The Horror of Party Beach, House of Haunted Hill, The Hypnotic Eye, I Married a Monster From Outer Space, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, The Incredible Melting Man, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living & Became Mixed-Up Zombies, Invaders From Space, Invasion of the Neptune Men, ***Isle of the Forgotten Sins***, The Killer Shrews, *** Lost City***, The Loves of Hercules, Maniac, The Manster, Marihuana, Married Too Young, Mars Needs Women, Missile to the Moon, Monster and the Ape, Monster From Green Hell, Musical Movie Land, Octa-Man, The Party Crashers, Perils of Nyoka, Plan Nine From Outer Space, Prince of Space, Reefer Madness, Reptilicus, Robot Monster, Rock Baby Rock It! Rocket Attack USA, Runaway Daughters, Shake Rattle and Roll, The Slime People, Son of Godzilla, Space Children, ***Street Corner***, Sunny Side Up, Teenage Monster, Teenagers From Outer Space, The Thing With Two Heads, The Tingler, *** The Violent Years***, The War of the Worlds, The Weird World of LSD, White Gorilla, Wonder Bar, X From Outer Space, Yongary - Monster From the Deep, Zombies of the Stratosphere.

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