Film: 5948

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Film clearly designed to show the role played by all countries in the Commonwealth. Interesting view of Italian soldiers from Allied experience 1940's

Opening shots of dark satanic mills. Dissolve to entrance of factory with tank situated outside. A crowd look on. Soldier explains function of intercom. Places headphones on head. Inside tank two female workers listen in. Workers male and female look. Characteristic dress of the 1940's. Female workers in tank crack jokes. Soldier concentrates his narrative on crucial role of intercom during war. Each group of workers, rivet boy and welders each stake a claim to their contribution to the war effort. Soldier continues to tell story of a tank crew who have been stranded at nightfall after their radio equipment has been put out of action. Close up of tank. The multi-national crew are individually introduced. Close up of radio operator trying to contact base on radio. Good profile shot. Soldier wears berry and radio headset. It is dusk. Tank is in cave. Tanks are heard approaching. Look out observes troop movement through binoculars. Australian soldier volunteers to take a more detailed look. Crosses desert. Injured man. Dawn sky. Soldier discovers camp. Soldier crosses skyline. Enemy soldiers are Italian. Scout returns to tank. Soldiers discuss enemy camp and their predicament around camp fire. Intercom requires fixing before tank crew can launch attach on enemy camp. Crew discover newspaper. Dawn crew prepare to move out. Soldier carries machete. Sand dunes. Dawn sky. Enemy soldier approaches tank hiding place, discovers tank tracks. Soldier and enemy fight. Wounded soldier is tended by comrade. Captured Italian soldier speaks English. Interesting shot of Italian camp with soldiers in full uniform loading truck with munitions. Soldiers discuss tactics around camp fire. Italian soldier is told to undress. His uniform is worn by one of the crew. Atmospheric use of caves and light creates a sombre and claustrophobic ambience. Camp fire. South African soldier talks to the Italian soldier who talks about his family. Italian defends Mussolini and pledges himself to fascism. Wounded soldier tells story of fascists he saw in Genoa. Close up of face. One of the tank crew approaches camp. Man clears gun. Very poor Italian music plays in background. Close up of Italian soldier cleaning gun. Gramophone player. Tank crew soldier attacks and kills Italian. Sergeant brings back badly needed fuel for tank. Dawn. Entire crew wake up. Soldier drinks cup of tea. Soldiers prepare themselves for attack on Italian base. Welsh tank crew member Bill Owen. Close up of repairs being done on radio equipment. Dissolve to shot of tank interior of tank. Tank engine fires up. Crew moves out. Tank crosses desert. Italian prisoner flees. Tank approaches Italian camp. Soldiers, gun fire. Soldier collapses in front of camera after being shot. Tank fires. Shells. Armoured car. Italian soldier shot. Tank retreats. Tank crew start second attack on truck convoy. Close up of shell leaving turret of tank. Shell being inserted into gun. Various close ups including turret of tank, truck, machine gun on ground. Explosions. Patriotic ending.

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