Film: 5949

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A travel film of the USA 1950's

Opening sequence: Undercarriage of a 1950's airplane with plane wheels retracting as plane takes off. Exterior of plane as it flies through blue sky with white clouds. Interior of cabin with passengers in 1950's dress sitting in opulent seats. A waiter prepares food, champagne poured into a champagne glass to accompany food that has been served. Close up on a couple. On their headrests the letters PAA can be clearly seen. These sequences are intercut with shots of cumulus clouds against a blue background. Exterior shot of aircraft in mid-flight. Crossroads of busy street in American city. Pedestrians walk over the road as the traffic remains static. Aerial view of unidentified mountain range. Adults playing ring a ring a rosie. Woman wearing 1950's clothing - checked shirt, blue jeans hangs dungarees and other clothes on a washing line, behind her, we can see a wooden hut and some leaf-free trees. Aerial view of a large road cutting a swathe through forest. Tracking shot of narrow road in a small town. Street in centre of American city - Chicago. Baseball game. Propellers of an aircraft with the rocky mountains in the background. Folk music accompanies tracking shot of snow covered mountain tops, desert landscapes, rose bushes, cornfields. Aerial view of farmland in the U.S.A. Mechanical digger. Various views of different geographical locations including a very thin peninsula, a lighthouse with water washing over rocks. Snow covered garden in a sleepy suburb. View of Manhattan Island from skyscraper.

Panning shot of Central Park, elegant buildings in background, horse drawn carriage. Unidentified bridge. A young boy plays in the gutter of a New York Street circa 1940's. Grand Canyon, Arizona U.S.A., Petrified forests. Desert with dead trees. Ghost towns. Ancient redwood (sequoia) trees and other national landmarks which feature in American forests. Birch trees in New England U.S.A. Panning shot of horse and plough in the horizon with trees blossoming in the foreground. New England U.S.A. blossom trees in a meadow or orchard. Panning shot of Harvard college founded 1636, Traditional homes in Pennsylvania. Rural views of the country, a car bridge is crossed by two young riders on horseback. A colourful country fair with a small children's railway "Kiddieland Express". Children play on Caterpillar brand farming equipment. Sausages wrapped in bacon are grilled. A young boy approaches a monkey dressed in a red suit. The monkey dons his hat. Fishermen repair boats and nets in harbours. Still photographs of the boats used to carry settlers to New England. Aerial shot of churches in Vermont. Exterior of Indian adobe in New Mexico. Spanish missions of California. Great Lakes lying between the Eastern mountains and the Great Western Plains. Montage of shots of American cities. Industrial plants with chimney stacks based on and around the

Great Lakes. Cars are driven onto transporters. Interior of a sweat shop where women sit at sewing machines. Female telephonists answer the phone. An engineer attaches telephone wires to a wooden telegraph pole. Scrap iron is lifted by a magnetic crane, while in the background four chimneys pour out son neon sign. A stream in Wisconsin. A sailboat on Washington's Puget moke. Steel foundry. Neon lights on Broadway, New York. Ice skating dancer, A bullfighter, in a Spanish restaurant. "Cinerama" neon sign. Budweiser advertising Sound. A woman on a boat sails on a Minnesota lake. Ships racing past down Long Island on the way to the sea. Three water skiers jump a ramp at the same time. A young boy wearing 1950's sunglasses watches. A man dressed as a Red Indian dances art a University American football match in California. The game commences. Las Vegas, with neon lights of famous hotels, circa 1940's. Slot machines. The Golden Nugget. Gamblers sit at a roulette table. A man and piano. Barn dance. Skiers on a mountainside. Rural mid-Western landscape. A Caterpillar drags some bushes up by the root. Combine Harvesters gather up a corn crop. Good footage of the mid-west and the mechanisation of the farming process. Photographic stills used to relay the story of immigration and early mechanisation. Stills of cowboys rounding up cattle. Cowboys round up cattle. Sheep are coaxed into a pen. Pens full of cattle ready for auction or sale. Pigs or hogs are transported to open pens. Rocky Mountains. Various shots of this range of mountains. Frozen rail tracks. Snow ploughs battling against heavy falls of snow. A Caterpillar-make digger attempts to unblock a road. Steam train with large snow plough moves slowly through snowy terrain.

Stills of covered wagons crossing through valleys and over plains towards west Coast of America. Sheep on a mountain. Trees are felled. North West States where steam trains transport the felled wood to mills where it is sawn into household items. Loggers direct the wood by precariously jumping from log to log with large wooden poles. A man runs up a large vertical pole using a rope and spiked boots to transport him. Loggers compete in games to test their skill. Long shot of large industrial plant used to process the logs. Fish jump upstream. Salmon are caught in nets. Large swathes of forest are chopped down by weighted chains which are dragged across the forest bottom. Caterpillar machinery helps in this process of deforestation. Cowboys work on bridges and railroad tracks. Railroads moving through various rural landscapes. Freeway viewed from a pedestrian bridge. Autumnal reds, yellows and browns in a forest. Winter snow and mountains. Mountain streams. Summer in the United States. Young boys with fishing rods. Zoo with ducks. Llama. Tiger in cage. Koala bear inn tree. Bear on hind legs being fed fish. Leopard, giraffes, chimpanzees and peacocks. Various parades with marching band accompanied by dancing girls. Rodeo with bucking broncos and branding of steers. Floats on parade with "Prayer for Peace" flower arrangement. Brief shots of young Japanese or Asian children. Golden Gate Bridge. Aerial view, California.

Cable cars in San Francisco. Chinese telephonist. Chinese New Year celebrations with ceremonial dragon approaching restaurant for ritual offering. Still of San Francisco harbour in 1849. Rocks and sea on California coast. Exercise classes held on beaches. Muscle Beach, Santa Monica California. Trapeze artistes with Coca-Cola advertising billboards. A woman rests beside a house with beautiful plants in vivid colours. Young girls and beautiful women play in swimming pools. Panning shot of luxurious pool and diving board with rolling hills in the background at El Mirador, Palm Springs. Dramatic unidentified dam. Irrigation. Harvest of parsnips. Rivers. Dam with water flooding through open gates. This sequence filmed primarily in and around California. Panning shot of pink blossoms on trees. Close up of flowers with vivid orange colours. A group of riders pass through a canyon similar to Monument Valley and after dismounting, drink water fresh from the stream. Red Indian bangs on a drum. Ceremonial dance by Native Americans in full battle dress. Teepees are clear in the background. Industrial plants of the south of America near the Gulf of Mexico. Oil derricks stretching out to the horizon. Oil rigs and 'nodding donkey' pumps.

New Orleans Streets juxtaposed with images of industrial expansion. Swimming pool in Florida, Saks Fifth Avenue, department store on Miami Beach. A fisherman pulls aboard a large marlin-like fish. Fruit and vegetables are picked North East Coast with aerial shot of stately Mount Vernon. Virginia court house built by Thomas Jefferson. Good views of nation's capital. Statues of Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln. Aerial view of Statue of Liberty and New York skyline. Tourists browse by street art and paintings on the sidewalk or pavement. Boating park in Central Park, New York. Aerial shot of Manhattan Island, New York. Mannequins with "Dior" look gowns in shop windows. Sundown. Waves on a moonlit shore line. Light shining off a dappled sea. Sun setting over mountains. A red glow behind the Golden Gate Bridge. Aerial view of Manhattan skyline. A PAA (Pan American Airways) plane identification number N65280 pulls away.

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