Film: 5952

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Motorways, motorway accidents, road safety, partly dramatised safety film 1970's

Travelling salesman in a Ford Cortina Mark Three. Co-op milk float on city street. Long haired man wearing a leather jacket gets into his MG convertible. Middle aged woman drives Austin Allegro. Airline pilot drives a hired Daimler. Various interior and exterior shots of the Daimler / jaguar being driven. Rear point of view with the Allegro following, various lorries around it. Long haired MG man drives on motorway, he puts an 8-track cartridge into the tape player. Various angles of him driving and the car, he yawns. Allegro changes lanes and pulls in front of a lorry. Cortina man hogs the fast lane. Lorry driver flashes his headlights at Allegro woman who is hogging the middle lane. Cortina man turns heating up and puts radio on. MG Man is at a service station and eyes up a couple of birds (young ladies) outside. He drives down slip road onto motorway and slips his car into a very small gap between a car and a lorry. Dangerous driving - he weaves across lanes and flashes his headlights at other cars, some reverse and side views. View through window of a man sitting having his lunch at a motorway service station and looks out the window at the motorway. Airline pilot runs out of petrol and pulls over and calls on emergency telephone. Breakdown man comes in Land Rover - shows him the problem and asks for £10. Driver grumbles. Cortina man starts to fall asleep at the wheel and his car starts to stray out of lane. Driver's point of view. Blurred point of views of road and barriers as he drops off. Sound of screeching tyres as car wheels skid across the lanes. More blurred shots and screeching tyre sounds as MG man tries to get through an area of bollards and crashes (off screen) Daimler man's car windscreen mists up and as it is a rental car he does not know what controls to use. He crashes into the back of a van. Allegro woman pulls out in front of another car.
Old man piece to camera in preaching tone re road safety- Edgar Lustgarten.
Tow truck driver drives home but tyre in his old car blows out on the motorway. His car crashes and rolls over a few times (good stunt)

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