Film: 5953

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Army training film.How to train and teach army recuits, setting out objectives,. Lots of 'How not to do X' examples 1970's

Strange beginning with a teacher going through a slide film that shows that there is no way of controlling speed or quality of learning. A slide show that asks questions , buttons on the side are pushed to change the slide and find out the right answer. The instructor stands beside a large computer named 'Albert'. He talks and walks around desks that have wrapped packages on them with names, 'Jenny', 'Nobby' etc. Four men arguing over a map, one sits there sayig nnothing and then asks an 'important question'. The instructor talks to the computer. As student fixes, paints a receiver, he dances to Radio Two music, heard through ear phones. Some money changes hands, surepticiously, then two men, one dressed as a sailor lift the receiver out of the back of a van and tiptoe away with it on the side of a dock, they steal the receiver. They put it in the back of a car and then try to look inconspicious, very obviously! A firing range. An instructor in army uniform shows a recruit how to fire a gun. He takes the gun with a puzzled look on his face and pulls the trigger, shooting the instructor off screen, only the yell of surprise is heard though. The objectives of the lesson are refined and refined. The instructor goes up to the recruit, with a bandage around his head, the recruits swings the rifle around, pointing it at him again. The corporal leans in close, yelling ( good face- on shot). The recruit cleans the rifle, standing it up in a bucket of water, covered in soap, he uses a hose to rinse it off. The lesson instructor stands beside and overhead projector taking off lines on the transparency unti the full lesson onjectives are shown. A recuit stands on the side of the ship, trying to take aim with the rifle as the boat moves up and down.
A busty women in a blue velour bikini, she tries to tie a knot in her bikini bottoms, her boyfriend lies beside her on the sand. He looks skeptical at the knot. The girl walks away. A shriek and you see her bikini bottoms around her ankles. The boyfriend smirks.
Old ladies playing football on a football pitch, they look like they're having fun! More of the instructor talking.
'this is a rest break' use it for: ( see lots of cups of coffee and tea and washroom doors.)' Welcome back'
How to create a learning prgramme for a specific task and population. A young sailor using his lesson book in the mess hall, his mates playing cards behind him. An officer reads, relaxing in his cabin. A other man uses his lesson book at home, snapping his fingers when he gets a question wrong and making a note in his notebook. Another sailor uses his on the train, but first you see a woman's legs, the sailor takes a see, holds up his 'Bird' watching book and glances at the woman's legs. How subtle. The teaching machine, the book on film. A classroom with all the students using teachig machines, with dividers between them all. A lesson for the ship's engine room. The student wears headphones to listen to the lesson and to block out the noise of the engine room. Another recruit uses the same system, asking the supervisor for help only when he needs it. The recruit goes into the officers quarters and hands in his tape to be replaced by another one. The instructor talks with Albert the computer and the computer wheels out of the room on its own.

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