Film: 5954

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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French Canada 1970's

Train through Canada, across railway bridge. Quebec old town, horse-drawn buggy, old houses, shops, churches, old walls. The harbour, wharves, market in the rain. Artists selling pictures. Winter carnival, snow sleigh.

Views out of the train from Montreal to Quebec City. The tracks follow the highway, it looks cold and rainy and grey. Passing farmland. Going over a river. View out the front of the train as it goes across a steel girder bridge.
An old woman walks down a narrow pavement, her back hunched over, seen from behind, another woman runs across the street as bells ring out, clutching her sweater together. A girl, looking slightly lost wanders along the pavement. A girl seen through a window jumps down from the ledge. POV of someone walking down the street, you can her the footsteps, the street is narrow, the buildings made of wood and plaster, looks like somewhere in provincial France, one wall has plastic over it to keep the damp out, a café courtyard is passed, with flowers in pots and wooden furniture. POV walking around a bust, probably of Champlain, then a young woman sitting on the bench at the foot of the statue drawing something. POV from a horse drawn carriage, the driver wears a coon skin hat, like Davy Crocket. Two women stand in the middle of a small park area, with a fountain, look around, completely lost, they point in different directions. The driver of the horse drawn cart gives a small tour from the fort, the Ramparts ( des Remparts). The first school, le Petit Seminaire. The Latin Quarter. An old man and woman walk below the Chateau Frontenac. A Viste de Quebec sightseeing bus. Views of houses. An old woman looking out her window, she talks through the glass but nothing is heard. Children playing in the street, people walking home from work, a car comes up behind some children, and honks. Two men look up at an old crumbling building that is apparently being renovated, as it is blocked off. Point of view going up a long flight of wooden stairs, on the river side of the city. 'Salles Voutees 1752' on a house at the top of the stairs, the view from the top of the stairs of road leading back down. Wooden and tile roofs, all steep in French colonial fashion. A tall church spire. Close up of pigeons picking at food on the ground. Close-ups of food in baskets, apples, carrots, radishes, rhubarb. Spring onions go in a bag. An outdoor market. The French Canadian market stall holders. Speaking both French and English. Some Francophone girls talking. A couple in a horse drawn carriage. POV from the driver's seat. Porte St. louis? Porte st. Jean? The road goes under the old walls. The coonskin hatted guide, speaks French now. Sights of the old town, tourist shops, old buildings. The main church of Quebec City, and it huge tall spire with the cross on top. A statue of a bishop. The guide points out over the St. Lawrence River. A motorboat goes on the river, the zoom out to show the boat below the Chateau Frontenac, which towers on the cliff heights above. Looking down from the top deck of the car ferry to Levis. A seagull balances in the air, flying against the wind. A father and his two sons fish off the wharf. The cliffs up to the Plains of Abraham. The changing of the guard at the fort, the Citadelle. The guide, rolling through one of the parks south of the city. Rain dripping off the plastic covers. A street covered over with plastic tarpaulins, a lady with an umbrella up anyway as she makes her way down the street, drawings and paintings are hung up on the walls. Looking out over the river to Levis from a wide wooden view point, possibly on the Citadel. Carnaval (Carnival), men practicing for the bateaux or canoe race on the St. Lawrence. A huge float statue of Bonhomme, the mascot of the Carnival. Crowds of people, some dancing, more large heads in the parade, a Chinese dragon in the snow. The toboggan chute. A man running on the board walk below the walls. More pedestrians walking as if for a Sunday stroll. An elderly couple sit on a bench drinking their coffee, looking curiously at the camera.

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