Film: 5955

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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With Douglas Brown, talks from his couchette, about travelling Europe by train 1960's

Wagons Lits Pullman coaches from Victoria on the Boat Train, Venice, Rialto bridge, Grand Canal, tourists take trip boat, bridges and buildings, boats conducting commerce - the working life of Venice. Stall selling slices of coconut - British tourist (wearing jacket, sunglasses and bow-tie) buys a slice of coconut from the stallholder.
Man in railway carrige prepares for train journey and talks directly to camera - he hangs his jacket up. Various destination boards on trains: The Wienerwalzer from Vienna to Basel, Sud Express via Paris and Bordeaux for Irun, Le Mistral via Paris, Lyon, Marselles for Nice, Warzsawa to Hoek van Holland, the Gotthard Express from Hamburg to Basel, the Rheingold from Dortmund to Basel, the Arlberg Express from Vienna to Paris. Left luggage in a continental European railway station. Asking directions and railway worker changes destination board at top of stairs to platform. He adjusts clock hands to indicate time of next train departure. A hotel booking booth at a railway station.
Left Luggage lockers, 1960's railway station architecture - the new station at Vennice, Rotterdam station, having a beer at the station, close up of waiter's hand placing glass of lager on a mat on table, man sits in café on platform as large engine and train passes by. Longer shot in station of Dutch railway train passing a windmill. Aerial shot of the Mistral train. The Golden Arrow train in Southern England. Dining car in British train with views over sea. Couple at smart dinner with table lamp. The German Rheingold express passes camera position. Electric train. Viewing car. From the train's window a barge passing up the River Rhine. Castle on a hill. Long shot of the train which has a double decker section in the Rhine valley. Lorelei Rock. The Hook of Holland to Moscow train. A CCCP sign. Samovar, Russian steward preparing tea.
Dining cars, Russian trains, cross channel ferries, car train to Lyon, France, eating fondue in Switzerland.
Single funnel cross channel ferry. Man greets Captain. Captain points things out from the bridge. Tourists and trippers on the ship. People sitting in indoor lounge. Cafeteria. Back on the bridge, two sailors wear sailors' hats with 'British Railways' written on them. Steering with the ship's wheel. People enter the car deck at end of crossing and get into cars ready to drive off. On bridge, 'Stop' is signalled. Cars drive off ship, past official and up ramp. Official checks man's papers.
Overnight sleeper train. Boulogne to Lyon. Driving car onto sleeper and it is fastened to the roof. Soft-top convertible hood is folded back onto car.
Food and waiter turns a suckling pig on a spit. Party of four sit around a fondue bowl and dip cheese in the melted cheese. Beared man eats piece and holds mhand to his mouth it is hot and he has burned his mouth. A table in on open air restaurant overlooking a bridge on the Rhine. Plate of charcuterie placed on table. Man is served breakfast of bread roll, jam and butter in the restaurant car of a Swiss train. Close up as he breaks the roll and puts jam on the already buttered roll. Man takes mouthful. St Gotthard line. Views from train window in Switzerland as train curves round bend in countryside. Exiting a tunnel. Point of view as train passes along track with tunnels. Train on viaduct. Route goes through three tunnels and climbs in loops so village is passed three times, each time at different altitudes. Goschenen. Swiss train. Nine mile long tunnel.
Sign saying Victoria Railway Station. London to Paris train moves off. Train goes onto ferry.

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