Film: 5958

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Various rushes including lots of a boxing match, late 1950's, early 1960's. Very good London street scenes, mainly illustrations of congestion.

West End including Regent Street. Shoppers on the pavement.

Two small navy ships on rough seas.

Harold MacMillan meets President Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower, this is probably at Northolt Airport. They climb into a car flying an American flag and they drive in a motorcade through streets (probably on Eisenhower's visit to Britain in August 1959). Diplomatic cars flanked by police on motorbkes. Driving through an unidentified London street, there is a Freeman, Hardy and Willis shoe shop and a shop called Sequi & Lawrence. People lining the streets and cheering as Eisenhower stands in the car and waves.

Jayne Mansfield at the opening of the new M4 flyover on 30 September 1959. She holds a bouquet and poses for the camera then cuts the ribbon, surrounded by a crowd of people. Close up of a signpost reading 40 (miles per hour). Jayne in the back of an open topped car with husband Mickey Hargitay. The car drives along and approaches the ribbon and stops. Jayne gets out of the car and cuts the ribbon (repeat shot). Boy wheels his bike on a verge on a main road. Aerial view of the flyover and roundabout showing an Esso garage. Point of view rear projection shots of a van going along the new motorway. A man interviewed by a reporter at Chiswick roundabout with people above at the railings of the flyover.

Point of view front projection shots of car on a main road. Sign for London Hatfield M10 one way and Watford London M1 the other way. Another sign as the car follows the road for Hatfield London M10. Signs for the end of the motorway.

Aerial view of Regent Street. Point of view shot side projection of Regent Street, past Lawleys glass shop (not a very clear view). Point of view front projection shot of Oxford Street going towards Tottenham Court Road. Good shots of shoppers walking along the street carrying bags. An AA (Automobile Association) sign for Christmas car parks by either Green Park or Hyde Park. A car parking in the park.
The Albert Memorial with a solitary car parked by it. Close up of one of the figures on the Memorial.

Congestion on Aldwych, shot from top of building looking down. Traffic jam with old style black cab taxis. People crossing a zebra crossing. Buses, lorries, cars. Taxis in a traffic jam with windscreen wipers on in the rain. Cars queuing to drive into Earls Court Exhibition Centre for the Motor Show in October (year unknown). Lots of street scenes and traffic in Earls Court, Kensington, west London area. A policeman directs traffic and directs women across a zebra crossing in the rain, some are carrying umbrellas. Point of view front projection shot of traffic, a van bears the sign Windshields of Worcester Ltd. Queues of cars in congested traffic. A car transporter. A van marked John Barker & Company Ltd Furniture of Distinction Kensington.

00:11:22. Somewhere abroad, could be the south of France. A man photographs two women and a child who are stting by a line of palm trees. A group of people and cars by the palm trees. A reporter with two other men talks to camera. The reporter by a building site. He shakes hands with a man working in a shop selling shirts and boots. Interior of the shop. Lights in buildings at night. Men in hard hats in a factory. Moths flying around a light bulb. Men working in industry, one man is smoking. Men standing on a platform in a factory. Men using trowels on a wall, they are wearing a variety of hats. The reporter and a man looking at a fire.

Paris, France. A grand building. French police check the ID of people entering a building. Men taking their ID from their wallets, an older woman in a hat. The French flag flying. People waiting in a hall. President De Gaulle appears from behind a curtain onto the stage. Good shots of the audience listening intently.

00:14:50. A man by a boxing ring rings the bell. Long sequence of boxing match between two young white men, good audience shots. Boys boxing. A uniformed man in the audience who looks like a soldier. Men writing notes. Close up of the bell. Men with cigars. Boxing match between a black man and a white man. The trainers talk to them when they retire to their corners. The referee counts down as one boxer crouches on the floor of the ring before getting up again. Panning shot of men in the audience. One man tries to hide behind a piece of paper and another man looks down at the floor to avoid his face being filmed. Bob Hope in the audience. A black boxer stands in the ring wearing a robe. Boxer Peter Waterman climbs into the ring and shakes hands with his opponent. The other boxer has his boxing gloves puts on. Various shots of the fight and the audience. Peter Waterman is declared the winner. Danny Kaye in the audience. Men in dinner suits and black tie in the audience. Women wearing pearls and fur coats and men smoking cigars. Footage (repeated?) of the Peter Waterman fight. Members of the audience.

Jack Dempsey (?).

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