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Amateur Home Movie in Tewin, Sussex. 1920's and 1940's

Chequers 1927. House and family. London Zoo, sea lions. Fox hunt, meet of hounds at London Colney and Chorleywood. West Wykeham Park. Chequers. Colour film of Europe and South Africa. Salisbury. Cape Town. Tour of Canada. Two trains. Ships. Canada again? Horses. Rocky mountains. Canadian Pacific tour 1927. Excellent shots of fashions and clothing of this period.

'July-August, 1927. Canada. On Board S.S. Empress of Australia. Southampton - Quebec.' A man and woman play ring toss on board the S.S. Empress of Australia, two portly men are across from them and throw the ring back to them, One is Stanly Baldwin, one has his coat off, the other has it on, they are in the stern of the boat or on the top deck. The man and woman keep throwing the ring back, they have switched sides though. The two men concentrate on the game, another game goes on behind them on another court. A man with a bushy but narrow moustache with a pipe in his mouth picks up the ring and brushes off his hands as he walks towards us. Two men play ring toss on one side of the net. The man with the pipe squats down to catch the ring and throws it back. This man and his partner take turns catching and throwing the ring, it misses them and goes out of the court. Their opponents catch the ring. The man with the pipe and his partner play with effort. Their opponents drop the ring and pick it up, one man wringing his hands. The man with the pipe's partner makes some dramatic dives for the net. Their opponents play half heartedly. One man throws the ring up in the air as the girl tries to sort her coat out. Two men fiddle with the net construction, tightening the strings. One of the portly men walks across the court in his waistcoat. A young man, in his shirt and braces rubs his hands together in preparation for the match. Two portly men in one side of the net ( very large bellies!) play ring toss. The two younger ( and skinnier!) men on the other side of the net, relax, one goes to retrieve the ring. One of the older men leans against the railing and points at us. Another man smokes a cigarette. A sailor helps with the net, while one of the younger men picks up the ring, two men look out over the netting that surrounds the courts. Two women and two men sit on the cargo that lines the deck, one of the men points to something to the left, the other man smokes a cigarette. An older man takes a video of the camera. The ring toss game continues with two different men this time. Two men relax on the bulkheads and watch the match. Two men side and take on the deck. The woman in a white dress, which whips about her legs from the wind, and a man play a game on the court.
A woman in her stateroom, the sun shines in the window on her hair.
Two men and a woman walk down a train platform, the woman in swathed in what appears to be some sort of turban. The woman smiles and passes by, other people follow her along the platform, the train waits giving off steam. People stand in front of the station and move back and forth between the station and the train. One young man makes faces at the camera. The flat rocky lake area of Muskoka in southern Ontario or another area in northern Ontario or southern Quebec.
Men throw a ball around outside the Canadian Pacific train as it stops somewhere along the route through Ontario. One of the men misses the ball and it goes flying into the brush. One of the women on the train steps. Quickly, the men play ball passing the medicine ball underhand to each other around in a circle. A Western Canada Flour Mill grain elevator. A woman in a train compartment, the sun shines through the window on her. A man relaxes reading a book in seat on the train. Another man reads the newspaper, he turns the page. Another man reads a book but looks up at us and then goes back to his reading.
Outside the flat prairie land rolls by, people move along the road beside the tracks with horses and buggies.
'Across Canada on C.P.R. Royal Train.' A man with a moustache and a very ill-fitting hat reads the newspaper outside of the train that carried Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince George across Canada for the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation celebration, porters stand by the train carriage doors and a baggage? Cart stands on the platform. A very crowded train platform, people lean out over the tracks to see beyond each other, other train passengers walk up and down beside the Royal train. Men in suits stand in groups and talk to each other outside the train. The Prince of Wales, Edward VIII stands outside the train with a woman (not Wallis Simpson!) and a man, he laughs. Woman stands in front of the crowd with a parasol. Some of the crowd. A porter in tie and dinner jacket stands at the ready at the train car door. The woman with the parasol ( another member of the Royal Family?) walks towards us on the arm of a gentleman. A woman waits at the top of the stairs, a man climbs up them. Men woman and children stand on the train platform as the train pulls out of the Station at Virden, Manitoba, some wave but most just smile.
Close up of an elderly man. Edward, Prince of Wales stands beside the train and shakes hands with a line of men and women beside him stand William Lyon MacKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada and possibly Arthur Meighen, leader of the opposition and the leader of the Conservative Party. He smokes a cigarette and looks around him, he is surrounded by people, a woman with a parasol stands behind him, men smoke with him. Two photographers and two cameramen stand outside the train, they chat together, leaning on their cameras on tripods.
Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta. The view finder on the shore of the lake then the view of the lake to where the glaciers disappear between the mountains, then some people walk on the shore of the lake. A man smokes a cigar in front of a chalet. Takkakaw Falls in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, water comes out of a sheer rock face, then a man walking beside a fast moving river, then the waterfall again. The swift moving river through the Rocky Mountains. From above, the switch back roads through the Mountains, a car turns a corner carefully.

Cowboys on a ranch (possibly the Prince's ranch in Alberta) stand beside their horses. One cowboy puts a saddle on a large brown horse, the other ranch hand holds the horses head, a blanket lies over the horses eyes so he does not spook. The cowboy pushes the other horse away from him and then tightens the girth strap of the saddle under the horse's belly. The horse twitches several times, its back legs kicking but the cowboys stand warily beside the horse. Another cowboy holds another horse also with a blanket over its eyes, its is very nervous and kicks but the cowboy moves his horse away from it, the other cowboys try to manoeuvre around the brown horse without getting kicked. The first cowboy mounts the blinded brown horse, the second cowboy holding the harness rope, he is only half in his saddle in order to keep clear of the other horse, they move off to the side of the field and then he lets go of the rope. The cowboy tries to stay on the bucking horse, men chase them around the field. A cowboy tries to mount a horse, but it is too scared and tries to buck him immediately, friends come to help him. A horse bucks its way over the field. A group of First Nations people, ( Native Indians) stand in front of a log house, ( very bad quality here) a woman stands with the natives, connected with the Royal household in someway? , the Natives are dressed traditionally, with feather headdresses and lots of bead work, especially on the women, long braids.

A woman flips through a magazine seated in her train compartment. Another woman sits in her carriage, she leans forward and starts to turn the handle on a gramophone. The hallway of the train car with its polished wood and shiny surroundings. A woman turns the crank on a gramophone ( very dark picture on the DVD), then she lifts the lid, and places a record on the phonograph. Very dark but the outline of a woman with a hat on. A man sitting down, takes his shoes off. Looking behind the track end and the sea begins , possibly the train ferry at the Needles in British Columbia ? Prince George? Throws the medicine ball over his head, he catches it and then throws it again on the deck of the ferry. The man with the moustache who is constantly smoking catches it and throws the ball. A woman holds onto the arm of a man in bowler hat and tie, she points at something on the boat deck. Another ship passes on the lake, mountains rise out of the mist behind. Two men walk down steps leading to a lower deck. Prince George? And another man play catch with the medicine ball, then two other men who are also playing catch with them on the other side of the deck. They play football. The British Union Jack flag flies from the ship's flag pole. The shores of the Fraser River or somewhere on Vancouver Island? A truck decorated with red, white and blue bunting. A man leans back on a fence rail in front of a field. A Canadian Navy Destroyer At CFB Esquimalt. A small launch from the destroyer manoeuvres to a wharf, the boat is filed with sailors and the wharf is very crowded, the sailors prepare to disembark, getting ropes ready, one of the sailors climbs on the dock and ties the rope, another launch appears behind them. The crowd pushes in on some people trying to move through it. From a ship, over a ship's rail the landing packed with people. The docks disappear still crowded with spectators , they wave as the boat pulls away, on the other side of the dock another ship sis moored to the wharf, it is filled it people as well. William Lyon MacKenzie King shakes hands and takes his hat off. Some men talk on the deck. Ahead, another ship sails. Passing ship at anchor, with flags flying from the ropes. A woman holds a bouquet of flowers and stands beside a man with a hat and moustache. The long steam ship, broadside. A close up of the decks of the ship, the railing run along it, and sailors lean over the railings. Passengers stick their heads out over the side of the decks and wave. Three sailors stand at the open doorway, they pull the ship in towards them. Close up of a man (MacKenzie King? In a hat, he talks. People walk from the launch into the steam ship, behind a car sits on the boat. The side of the ship , looking upwards. The ferry pulls away from the steam ship. A man on the bow waves. Close up of a man making a face. Another man in a flat brimmed straw hat. A two masted schooner on the sea. The 'Caribou' the bow of the ship. Quickly ( bad quality) a part of the exterior of the ship, a woman on land in a field near some buildings. A man prances up to the camera, play boxing, making a face in front of a locomotive. A woman stands in the grass, her legs, then she stands astride the railway tracks, a group of men outside the train. The train, the same porter as before stands outside the carriage door, his arms folded, two men come down the steps to the ground. Train engines on the tracks, lined up one after the other.

South Africa. A white house surrounded by a green lawn, flowers are in bloom. More of the garden. Low bushes with light purple flowers. A low, white, pillared building. A grass lane, bordered by trees and flowers, the house on the far side. The garden in front of the house. A flower bed with a variety of flowers in it. Trees? Children walk over grassland, the high grass waves in the wind. A man and three children walk towards us up a rutted road. A boy wheels a bicycle long the grass road. The four children play a game, tossing a ball between the four of them quickly. 'Cape Town, Kaapstad 37 ' road sign. Two boys and a man on a gravel path in a flower garden. A yellow bank of flowers and low trees. Mountains silhouetted against the sky. (dark footage) A close up of some low shrubs. A close up of lupine? The mountains surrounding Cape Town from the side of the mouth of the bay, the white beach and the surf washing up . The entrance to the bay. A man and boy stand out against the sky. The rocky cliffs along the South African shoreline. A group of people sit on a rocky precipice above the sea, then the mountain and sea across the bay from them. An older man and woman on the cliff, the water crashes against the shore far below them.
A very packed, busy beach, everyone is in bathing suits or shorts, walking or playing on the sand. People swimming in the ocean, the waves are not big, some people have bathing caps on, children play in the water. The busy beach and the waves washing up on the shore, some people in the water and behind Table Mountain rising across the bay. Children body surf on the waves rushing up on the sand. The mountains across the bay in Cape Town, then a field of vegetables. The entrance to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens? A building of traditional Cape Dutch architecture, white with carved frontage. The front of the building, a wide door flung open and carved and decorated eaves. Another Cape Dutch building from the side, a family walks on the road in front of it. A field of ? Tobacco? A water pond, two children walk in front of it and a woman follows them, this is possibly the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. 'Tintagel' sign on the side of a house. The mountains surrounding Cape Town. A woman in a garden, she holds a flower by the stem and leans over towards it. A close up of the flower, a red aster? A man and woman walk through the garden on well ordered paths, garden shed behind. A white stem flowers. A young boy sits on a ledge beside and other boy. The two boys walk in the garden, they push and play with each other, their father or grandfather is with them, they walk around short hedges. A family shot in the garden behind some large purple flowers.
Children and parents play in the water on the seaside beside some rocks, one woman carries in a golden retriever puppy, while two other dogs splash around. One boy splashes towards us. A man walks out of the water towards us. Children play in amongst the rocks. A puppy pulls ferociously on a towel, he is dragged along the sand. The family walks around pool deck. A white pillared house.

The walkway on top of a huge dam, the reservoir is on the left side , the dam face on the right. The rocks below the dam. The garden down below with paths and landscaped shrubs. A brown dog lies in the shade of the cement railings, panting in the heat on the walk way on top of the dam. A man in a green vest and a woman in a blue, collared dress stand on the pathway on the damn, the woman holds a small white fluffy dog, the other brown dog jumps up on the man, he shoos it away.
A large mountain in the background, patchwork farmland in the foreground. Farmland stretching out to the seashore. Steep rocky mountains, half hidden by greenery. Beside a house, a field of vegetables? Or possibly tobacco. A dirt lane between fruit trees. Very dark, a woman walks in front of a large farm house above us. The man and woman from on top of the dam, and also a young boy, their son, walk down the front steps of the plantation, the woman through something for the three dogs that follow them, the dogs run off to retrieve it, the man disappears to the right, the woman puts her arm around her son. The man holds up a zucchini/courgette, he turns it around in his hand. A young boy with massive white swimming goggles on dives down into the pool, he surfaces with a black flipper. Twice, a boy does a swan dive off the diving board into the pool. Two boys swim towards us , one on his back, the other with a snorkel. The two boys swim, one still with a snorkel, they race to the far side of the pool. A boy does a backwards dive off the diving board.

Two black men in brightly coloured satin suits, very shiny, pink and yellow and purple and grey with to hats walk along a street, they doff their hats to us. A man walks towards us carrying a fish by the tail, two boys follow him, both hold up fishes, then a another older man with a fish as well.

An airfield, a small white hangar and then an airplane men walk around on the tarmac near the plane. The gate at Salisbury ( now Harare) Airport, the woman and her son emerge and walk towards us. A group of ladies and the son, other people stand behind and look towards the plane. The son walks towards the plane carrying a square white box and his coat under his arm, he turns around giving a last smile. He waves from the top of the landing stairs. The plane takes off the runway.

A sign nailed to a tree, 'G.W. Hackwill, "OrmeStation"' with an arrow pointing to the right. Two men stand in front of a house, one of the men has with a large belly, he bounces something up and down in his hand, and smokes pipe, he turns to the other man who is skinnier and they talk. The larger man walks down a grassy lane in a garden with a woman, a rose trellis stands behind. The woman walks beside some large flower bushes. Close up of a flower from the bushes. The landscaped garden in full bloom, small palm trees are there and large shrubs in flower, lawn covers a lot of ground and a dirt path runs along the right side. A close up of other flowers, irises? The drive leading up to a low farm house, white with black roof, flowers lining the drive. The house from another angle. The circular drive approaches the front of the house, awnings stretch out over the windows to provide shade, bushes surround the house. Two oxen pull a reaper, driven by two men, another man leads them, they cut the tall grass outside of the house yard. They come towards us, the man at the head pulling the ox forward with a rope. They come near the finish of the row, other workers are behind them in the cut grass. They turn the cattle and keep walking. A South African man stands with three small children, looking up at us , all with their hands on their hips. Women walk along a dirt road in their bare feet, with one with baskets on her head, another carrying a child on her back. (Very dark) a child walks towards us over a pile of rocks beside the road. From above, a hotel swimming pool on a large patio, surrounded by statues, the sea stretches out behind. A man and a young boy stand in front of the hotel veranda, the man all in white and the young boy in black and white. A steamer sails by the headland. A man in a hat and blue shirt, stands in front of the pillared porch of the hotel. The swimming pool again. A man and young boy play in the ocean surf, other people are there as well, a woman in a white bathing cap. People play in the sea, waves crash over the sides of a concrete pool, children play in the pool. A woman in a hat and the young boy walk along the beach and. The man in the bathing suit hugs the woman but she runs away from him. A beach, people play in the waves. Two sailors stand up on the side of a boat, each holding a bundle, on the dock behind them people walk back and forth. Seamen on the deck of a ship, they wear scruffy clothes, torn and threadbare. The sailors lean on the deck railing, the young boy faces us fiddles with something. A native African dancers dances below on the dock, he is in full traditional dress, horns on his head, wearing furs and holding a spear and shield. He twists around, his fur cape flying out behind him, he squats down and then gets up and twists around again.
In the garden, a man in military uniform holds several snakes in one hand, he puts one of the snakes on the ground. One of the snakes in the grass. The man holds a handful of snakes and shakes them, gesturing over some rose bushes. Snakes slither about each other on the grass, whipping back and forth. The man puts a thick snake on his head while his other hand is full of other snakes. A very thick snake comes out of a small water feature in the garden, another snake writhes in the water and then slides onto the lawn. Cape Town harbour, two large cargo ships sit at anchor, some smoke comes from the industrial part of the city. A man dressed like the African man who danced on the dock, pulls a two wheeled carriage. Another man dressed the same pulls another carriage, he jumps up and the carriage keeps moving along, even though he has his feet in the air. A young boy dress in yellow with wide necklaces and a headdress on stands in the sun by the side of the road. Two German Shepherd dogs climb up stairs on an obstacle course in a ring surrounded by seats filled with people. One of the dogs goes down the stairs. One of the dogs climbs other stairs. One of the yellow and black dogs jumps on a high, white fence. Another walks along a narrow board above ground. The dog jumps over a board. The dog jumps over several hurdles. Another dog jumps over several other hurdles, one held by children. Quickly, other dogs jump over the hurdles or on to the white wall. A man leads a dog around in a tight circle, he pats him on the head.
An old part f Cape Town, several buildings in Cape Dutch style, and some people are dressed in old Dutch costume, probably a festival of some sort. A man walks towards in a grey suit, he doffs his hat to us. A sign for the 'Punch and Judy' café. The row of decorated brick Cape Dutch buildings with coloured window shutters, a girl in a White Dutch hat passes. An African woman walks through the crowd, picking up glasses from table, she wears a pick head scarf. A carnival ride, with yellow and red cars that go around and around.
A tugboat moving away from us down from the wharf on the water. The tugboat from the side, behind, the industrial harbour of Cape Town, South Africa, smoke comes out of numerous smoke stacks and several ships sit at anchor. Two boys in uniform walk along the wooden decks of a ship, they are in identical brown shorts and white shirts. Table Mountain, with the buildings of Cape Town climbing up its sides, seen from the harbour. Three men, one white and two black, sit in a boat, it moves up and down on the waves, they talk and look around them. A small stone church on a hill, people behind the bushes entering the church. The gate at the end of a drive, people along the edge of the drive collecting bushes. An old dilapidated building, the gravel path leading up to it. A man and two boys, dressed in suits, walk up a hill, then a car sitting at the side of a field. The two boys with the lady, walk up the field above the ruined buildings. Views of green fields, leading down to the sea, and a tall green mountain across the valley. An old farm building and a roadway running by it. From above, green rocky mountains , going down to the sea, on lower hills , farm buildings appear. Two donkeys carrying fire wood up the mountain, herded on by a man with a stick. A man sitting on the back of a very large tortoise, he bounces up and down a bit to try to make it move. The head of the tortoise, it looks around. The tortoise walks towards us (the man is not on top though). A white and green stately large house. The man on the tortoise on the lawn in front of the house, the tortoise moves a little but the man gets off. From above a battle ship.
A car drives along a road close to the mountains, it is a back road, behind several houses. A church spire? Behind the shore wall, the waves crash up against the wall. Men pull on large ropes in the dock area, behind are bales of tobacco?. Men climb on white bales of tobacco, on the dock in front of storage sheds. A ship on the sea, and a motor boat comes towards us. The motor launch comes towards us, turning slightly as it nears the boat. The launch pulls up alongside the boat, two men are in it and they manoeuvre for space.

Back to B/W, 'Jan 1927. West Wykeham (wrong spelling, should be Wycombe) Park, Buckinghamshire. Chequers. Meet at Chorley Wood.' Two ladies, One of which is Helen Lady Dashwood , the other possibly a relative of hers, both in dresses, one with a 1920s hat on, and a man with a pipe stand in front of a large elegant building, This is Sir John Dashwood, the 10th Baronette at West Wycombe. The two women walk away from the man down the Park, Sir John laughs. A large heavy arch attached to the left side of the house. The two women stand in front of the colonnade, the relative swings her arms and bobs up and down, they walk away from us. They walk under the colonnade of the West Wycombe Palladian Mansion, they wipe their feet carefully on the mat and open the door and enter the manor. The front portico of the manor house with its Palladian front, tall columns and classical proportions.
The tower of the winds, on the top of Wycombe Hill, shrouded in mist and trees. From above, the south colonnade of the mansion, the large lawn stretches in front of it, Sir John smokes a pipe and Lady Helen stands on the steps of the colonnade. A close-up of Lady Helen smiling, a classical statue is on a pedestal behind her. A close up of Sir John, he takes his pipe out of his mouth as he talks. They stand outside the porch on the steps, behind them is a large black door. Lady Helen sits on one of the benches of the colonnade, she take off one shoe, Dashwood walks through the door and comes out again as she crosses over her other leg. Sir John holds her foot and ties (or unties) her shoe.
Three women hover around a large baby pram outside of the south colonnade, another child in white, Probably Sir Francis Dashwood as a child, or his younger brother John, with a bonnet on walks in front of them. One of the women fiddles with a camera, another woman stands behind her. The child holds the baby carriage, the third woman stands behind the child. One of the women approaches the baby buggy with her hands on her knees, trying to engage the child. Very dark.
A young boy, probably Francis, with a large snowball on the ground, he packs more snow onto the top, he almost falls walking around the snowball. Francis makes the snowball bigger packing more snow on, it now looks more like a rough dog than a ball. The child hits the snow pile and slips around it. He packs more snow onto the large ball. The young boy with hat on, holds a lump of snow and looks at us. A man and woman ( possibly Stanley Baldwin at Chequers with?) very dark footage, the woman has a cigarette in her mouth. The man with a woman on each arm walks down a lane lined with trees and a garage at the end. A group of children dressed in overcoats and hats, bounce, or jog up and down on the grass beside the road, a car goes by, a man and woman stand with the children and listen to them talk. The man and woman beside the tree by the road.
A several groups of men on a lawn, all dressed in riding clothes and tails with top hats. Two men in riding gear ( jodhpurs), top hats and pipes, stand beside ea horse and talk. Three men in riding coats and hats talk, one has a pipe. A man on a horse with hunting dogs milling about the horses feet, then another man taking off his over coat, while another holds his whip, the dogs move about them, wagging their tails fiercely. A man adjusts he gloves, the woman beside him laughs as he strikes a pose. Another man on a horse, the dogs move about, behind, other men and horses move preparing for the hunt.
Two women come out of the front door of Chequers, one possibly Mrs. Baldwin, the other woman holds a scarf. A bundle of ? On the steps leading to the front door, the legs of a man as he walks out of the house in plus fours (most of the men in this part of the film wear plus fours). From behind, the statue of a woman at the gates of Chequers, Buckinghamshire. Through a stone doorway, in a wall, a man takes a swing with a golf club.

'Feb. 1927. Meet at London Colney. Meet at Bridgewater Arms. Tewin Water. The Zoo.' A man in riding gear, whip, jodhpurs and round hat, in the middle of a pack of hunting dogs in a park, London Colney. Another man more commonly dressed man, in coat and hat and long pants joins the other in the midst of the dog pack, the dogs follow the man in the riding clothes wherever he walks. They walk around, the dogs move around them. Two women, one in riding clothes and the other in a coat with a fur collar walks towards us arm in arm, in the park, a man on horseback in the background.
A man in riding gear beside a carriage, many men on horseback in hunting clothes, their horses move about, the dogs get under everyone's feet. Two men sit calmly on their horses waiting. Several men on horseback, one in a light overcoat, the others in hunting clothes. Quickly, many men on horseback as they prepare for the hunt, women pat the legs of their respective men folk. The horses ( and the legs of the riders) move out for the hunt. A man in plus fours and two women stand on a golf course? Or possibly just in a park, the woman in the middle, grabs an arm of both of the others and, tucking them under hers, walks towards us. One of the women and the gentleman beside a narrow river. Another man in plus fours stands with an older woman beside a large house covered partially yin ivy, the woman points towards us, the man looks around confused. A group of people in the same spot with the man and the woman, they all gesture towards us and the man suddenly starts and runs towards us with a newspaper in his hand, arms spread wide, everyone laughs. A woman stands as if having her picture taken in front of a bay window. Another woman stands to the side of the window and pats her knee as if calling a dog. Quickly, a rider on a horse rides around on the slope of a bare hill, a couple of people watch him at the bottom of the hill.
Very dark. A man on a horse. The exterior of a large building, Tewin water? A boy leans on the rails of one of the animal pens at the London Zoo. A woman with a fur collar stands behind the child, another woman is also there near the boy. Looking down the bear roars, could this possibly be Winnie the Pooh, from Winnipeg Manitoba? The bear catches some food in its mouth. The boy smiles as he plays with his bag of popcorn. A monkey rolls around on the bottom of its cage. A camel leans its head over the rails of its enclosure. The bear opens its mouth as a hand throws food through the rails. The woman in the fur coat and another woman stand against a wall. A lion stands in its enclosure behind bars. A tiger paces back and forth in its cage. Two raccoons, stand up on their hind legs at the edge of their outdoor cage. A sea waddles along the rocks in the middle of its pen, and dives into the water below. Another seal waddle son the same rocks, it moves towards the edge of the rocks and dives into the water. The young boy stands within the seal enclosure with the zoo keeper, who holds a bucket and feeds the seals fish, the boy seems very nervous at first but then takes a fish and holds it up for the seal to eat, the seal slurps the fish down, the boy feeds the seal again. The water as one of the seals splashes into the water from the rocks above. The seals play and wrestle in the water.
'March 1927 Chequers.' A man and a woman watch as a woman with a golf club prepares to hit the ball off a small patch of green grass in front of Chequers, she pounds the lawn with vigour and takes a practice swing, a small dog runs up from behind and jumps around in front of the ball, the woman starts the swing but stops mid-motions and hands the club one of the spectators. Changing angles, another woman swings the golf club, hitting the ball, she pokes at the divot. Both women enter the house. A man in plus fours stand

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