Film: 5964

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Zuider Zee Holland in the Netherlands 1960's

It is night but a man is working. Some birds appear. Lots of cars are going to the city (circus). It is now day and a man is near some cows. Another man meets him. Men going to work. Men working in the circus. Lots of children looking at the animals. Close up of lions. Finally the children leave. A map is shown and then some images of the city and the see. Men working (b/w)
"Gesloten" (Closed) A man is on his bicycle. Images of a wedding. The man is giving letters to everybody. Images of some cows and horses. Men are working in the land. Lots of people are camping on the beach. Images of houses and little boats. People fishing. Lots of children are on the street. Men are telling them to go to the circus. They are skating now. Images of pregnant women, women with children and babies. People are working on the land again. After working, a man is going home. He is drinking with a woman. Close up of a picture of a house. Images of a big ship and then the city. Men are working. Circus vehicles with people are on the street. They are screaming so people look at them. Animals follow them as well. Close up of some animals. Everybody is looking. A ship is leaving. Images of it inside. Images on a train. A map appears. Men working on a project. Images of the city. Close up of some people going to work and then doing it. People are camping on the beach. Some people are playing cards. A woman is cooking. It starts raining so everybody goes into their tents. There is a storm. People drinking and playing pool in a bar. Images of the circus. Close up of people and animals. Men working. Men drinking. In the circus, people are playing music while men work. In the circus, people are very happy, especially the children

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