Film: 5967

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Lots of excellent national costumes, food, sport, culture and architecture from some of the European countries in the early days of the package holiday 1950's

Stereo types throughout, but very good. Also lots of good airplane shots but only of KLM aircraft (but the logo only visible on screen in some shots).

Luggage and suitcases carried to an aircraft by luggage cart. Speakers. Passengers board the aircraft. Sign "Vienna". Man waving as he boards an aircraft. Speakers. More passengers boarding a KLM flight going to Munich. The airplane now ready to take off. Ground staff navigating. Passengers leaving the aircraft, down the steps. A shot of a hand opening a folder, it says "Holland" on the page. Building in Amsterdam. Dutch countryside. Tulip field. Close up of tulips in different colours. Windmill. Next page in the folder, "Spain". Water fountains. View of a rural town. Spanish countryside. White house on a hill top. Donkeys pulling a cart. Next page "Osterreich" (Austria). Austrian countryside. Cows with flowers on head. Houses with the alps in the background. Next page, "Scotland". Scottish Highlanders, wearing kilt, marching, playing bagpipes. Scottish hillside with lots of sheep. River. A ruin of an old castle on the edge of a loch (lake), very picturesque. More Scottish Highlanders. Next page, "Italia" (Italy). A couple on a Gondola in Venice, the Gondolier sings "Santa Lucia". Small sailing boat. Rural Italy. Hillside town in Italy, olive trees. Children chasing turkeys. More olive trees and a big house in the background. An old hunch-back man walking down a road. Next page "Skandinavia" (Scandinavia) A male violinist playing a violin by a log house. A woman listens. Scenic view of a lake. Water fountain. Norwegian wood and lakes. Cliff. Two Stalks in a bird nest on top of a chimney. Sunset over a lake in Norway. Next page, "Greece". Donkey pulling a man on a cart, in rural Greece. Bougainvillea (possibly) shrub. Small dog climbing up steps. Big heard of sheep (shot from back of the sheep). Birds. Sunset at a ruin and people about (bit dark to see what's happening). Next page, "England". River Thames, Tower Bridge. Ships on Thames. English countryside. Hawthorn tree. Shots of a small church in an English village. Windsor Castle. Ann Hathaways Cottage, Stratford-upon-Avon and The Old House in Hereford. Next page, "Helvetia" (Switzerland). Close up shot of a man playing alphorn (alpine horn). Swiss flag and alps in the background. Snowy mountain. Lake and mountains. Next page, "Eire" (Ireland). Irish countryside. Horse drawn carriage. Scenic Irish landscape. Horse. Next page. "France". French vineyard, close up shots of the grapes. Picturesque French countryside. Sunset. "Portugal". Port. Beach, people walking, carrying boxes (can't see what it is). Big windmill (not like the one you see in Holland). Horse / donkey possibly grinding corn? A castle. Fishing boats at sea. Next page, "Deutschland" (Germany). German town by lake, boats. Brass band on a boat, the players swaying from side to side. German flag on the boat.

Close up shot of a propeller. Airplane taking off. Clouds seen from the airplane. Greece. The Acropolis Parthenon. Tourists visiting. Shots from various angles and distance. The Coliseum in Rome. Exterior and interior shots. Notre Dame, Paris. Brief shot of old building in Carcasson, Southern France. Windsor Castle (very close up shot of the round tower). Statue of a lion with crown on its head, in front of a Tudor Building. Thatched-roof cottage with a pretty garden. An old Tudor house. Close up shot of the Tudor building (the windows and beams). Houses along the canals in Holland. Shot of a building reflecting in the water. Modern office building at Schiphol Airport. Flight control tower. Shot of propeller going through thick clouds. Vatican City, Rome. Soldiers of the Pope in their costumes having cigarettes, then a group of them marching. Priest. Close up of the propeller. Windmill in Holland. Dutch fishing village. Women sweeping and washing, they are wearing traditional costume and clogs. Woman hanging up washing. Washing line, full of clothes.

View of Lisbon. A man and a donkey carrying a big basket on its back. Close up shot of the donkey, which talks to the camera in a very silly voice. Shots of bicycle wheels, and lots of bicycles passing by in Holland. Monorail (suspended style), in Germany. Ski lift (but the men on it are wearing suit, so not like skiers), in Switzerland. Airplane flying about the cloud. London, Big Ben, red double-decker bus around Westminster. Lots of buses around Piccadilly Circus and on Piccadilly. A tourist looking lost, and asking for directions to a Policeman (big moustache and in his uniform - very stereotypical!). He wants to know where Leicester Square is but pronounces it as "Ly-cester" Square, which confuses the Policeman. But eventually they understand each other, and the Policeman points to the sign "Leicester Square". Eiffel Tower in Paris, scene from the River Seine. Traffic light (its red). A car goes through a red light, and a Police office spots this. Close up shot of the Policeman blowing a whistle, then he stops the car. Now the traffic light is yellow. The driver and the Policeman argue. Greece. Evzones guards carrying guns and Greek flag, wearing traditional uniforms, marching in Syntagma Square, part of the changing of the guard. Policeman approach a lady (she looks bit weird) and help her take a camera lens off.

A KLM airhostess (stewardess / cabin crew / flight attendant) carrying a young boy back to his seat, next to his mum. The airhostess walking down the aisle, being helpful - lighting a passenger's cigarette. Passengers relaxing on the flight, drinking, smoking, eating a tray of canapé. Shot of the airplane flying, then into landing. Nice, Cote D'azur (French Riviera). Crowded beach with lots of people sunbathing. Various shots of swimming costumes and bikinis. Paddle boat. Water ski. Splashes of water. Jumping board. Airplane taking off. Gentle waves onto the seashore. Wave hitting rocks. A person walking away from the camera (can't work out if it’s male / female) along the beach in Portugal. Small boats on the beach. Norwegian beach, full of people sunbathing. A woman in red swimming costume and a white swimming cap sitting on the top of the rocks, two young men sitting near her. One bloke spots her and nudges his friend. She carefully walks down the rocks, and dives into the sea (very bad dive!). Lots of splash and bubbles on the surface of the water and she doesn't come up to the surface! A lake in Austria, can see water skiing in action in the background. The diving woman from Norwegian beach comes out of water (in an Austrian lake!). An old man sitting by the lake is shocked when the woman appears from the lake. The woman takes off the swimming cap, walk over to the deck chair, takes a binoculars off the chair and sits down. She looks through the binoculars. Shot of a rocky mountain through the binoculars. A man rock climbing. Close up shot of a rock climber. He loses his grip and falls down, but a man at the top keeps hold of the rope. Sailing in Holland. A young couple on a sailing boat.

Close up of the propeller. Snowy mountain. Outdoor ice skating rink. Twins (girls) in matching costume ice skating (figure skating). Skiing. Lots of skiing shots. Curling. Men (2 of them look like priests) playing Pelota (giant squash game). Good shots of spectator cheering and clapping. Cycling race in Belgium. People cheering as the cyclists pass by. The Grand Prix in Italy. Cricket match in England. The umpire takes the bowler's jumper for him. Few spectators (no one cheering…mostly old people).

KLM airplane flying above cloud. A man at a French restaurant. He's sitting at a table outside. A waiter brings out the menu. Close up shot of a wine being poured into a glass. Lots of food on the table. A headless shot of the man eating the food. Head and shoulder shot of the man drinking the wine. The waiter brings out some sort of grilled fish, pours some Cognac over the fish and lights it with a match. He serves the fish. Shot of a fish bone on a plate. Man wiping his mouth with his napkin. More food - chicken drumstick, grilled tomatoes etc. He wipes his mouth again. Big lump of cheese. Some grapes on the side. He cuts a slice of cheese. Shot of the man chewing food, looking happy and satisfied. Now at Demark. Big feast and a few bottles of beer on the table. Three people (2 men and a woman, all smartly dressed) at a table, having an aperitif (very small glass, clear spirit). The three of them down the drink. Waiter serves seafood - scallops, and lobsters (I think). Smoking cigar. A bar in Amsterdam, everyone standing by the bar, men only. The barman pours "Bols" into few glasses. Everyone downs the drink one by one. The barman draws lines onto his apron with a chalk. Fondue. People having Fondue (bird eye view of the table). 3 big German men in traditional outfits having a good natter and drinking beer outside a bar. One of them is chatting to a barmaid. A restaurant in Italy. A man in a suit, sitting at a table (outside), drinking water. The waiter brings over a large plate of spaghetti. The man sniffs the food and then start chopping up the spaghetti with his cutlery (his gestures are very over the top), and keep glancing at the table next to his. A man on the next table (looks Italian) is drinking wine, also eating spaghetti. The man in suit calls the waiter over, and orders some wine too. The Italian man is eating his spaghetti, close up shot of him twirling the pasta with his fork. The man in suit can't twirl the fork very well, and ends up with huge amount of spaghetti on the fork, which he can't put it into his mouth. He struggles with his food. The Italian man pays for his meal and leaves the table, carrying a KLM bag. Head shot of the man in suit at his table with spaghetti dangling out of his mouth. Passengers on KLM flight having in-flight meals (some passengers are seated at four seats facing each other). Shot of the aircraft.

The airplane at Schiphol Airport. Amusement Park / Fairground rides in Holland. Children enjoying on the rides as parents watch. A man tries "Test Your Strength" at the amusement park (slamming hammer). Fireworks at Tivoli in Copenhagen. Neon light of the Tivoli sign. (The fireworks aren't that good. Too dark and can't see very well). Sword Dance in Scotland (Highland Fling). Men in kilt and full outfit. Close up shot of the leg movement. Bagpipes. More Sword Dancing. Flamenco Dancing. Women in bright colourful costume with castanets in their hands dance in the centre of a circle. People around them playing guitar, tambourine and clapping. Close up shot of the guitar. More Flamenco dancing. Close up shot of the skirts of the dancers twirling.

Close up shot of the propeller. Paris at night. Can-can dancers on stage (not much leg movement). Cabaret Dancing (neon sign). A singer and pianist on stage performing. More cabaret show, outrageously over the top costumes. Curtain comes down at the end of the show. Bull fighting in Portugal. View of the spectators stand. Matador and the bull. Crowd cheering and clapping. More shots of the bull and matador. Close up of the crowd (you can't tell from the shot that they are watching a bull fight so it could be at any sporting event). The bull charges into the matador. Good wide front shot of the crowd at the stand cheering.

Airplane flying above the cloud. An old couple drinking wine and listening to guitarists in Vienna. A woman kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland. A woman in traditional costume at the foot of the alps in Switzerland shouting "yoodle yoodle yoodle eehe he". An old woman making lace. A French woman in Paris, posing in front of the camera, taking a coat off, showing off her dress. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. Cheese market in Holland. Lots of cheese being carried over. A man putting a whole Herring into his mouth in one go. The ground staff at the airport checking the aircraft before take-off. The engine and the propellers start. Sign - "JOH'.BURG". Airplane make way to the runway (rear view). Sign - "DJAKARTA". More airplane shot (front view). Sign - "CURACAO". More airplane shot (view towards the front from underneath the wing). Sign - "B.AIRES". More airplane. Sign - "NEW - YORK". Passengers boarding the aircraft, they turn to wave goodbye. Head and shoulder shots of people from various countries (featured in this film) saying goodbye in their native tongue.

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