Film: 5968

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A guide to the historic sites and scenery of Northumberland, England 1980's

Title. Map of Britain, emphasizing Northumbria, place names superimposed. Panorama of the countryside, forest, mountains in distance. A field of sheep. Rocky distance, pasture land and meadows in foreground. Part of Hadrian's Wall on a hill. An undulating stretch of the wall. Another view. A larger section of wall. A panorama of open countryside and Hadrian's wall. The remains of the Roman fort at Housesteads. Another angle. The ruined granary. Remains of latrines. Similar. The wall stretching along spectacular moorland scenery. Woods on the horizon. Similar. The coniferous border forest, tree-tops. A huge conifer. Forest around the Catcleugh dam reservoir. A boat on the reservoir. Lake and forest. A fortified farm building ie: a modest medieval castle. Stone steps leading up to the first floor. Long shot. Another fortified medieval home- a Pele tower. The tower, set in a corner of a graveyard. Another tower, at Elsdon, converted into a more modern home. Closer, showing its thick walls. Wider again. Closer, projecting battlements. A longer shot, showing the tower with more modern buildings.
Woods, mountains in the distance. Slopes of the Cheviot Hills. The highest, Muckle Cheviot. Rolling hills. Water gurgling near rocks. A stream. Grazing sheep. A cheviot sheep. Sheep roaming high ground. A farm nestled in a valley. Sheep in a pen. Cheviot shepherds on horseback as he tends sheep. Similar. Again. A sheepdog rounds up sheep. Sheep running. Shepherds and sheep. Sheep. The sheep herded together. A valley. The source of the river Coquet. The river winds. It flows between narrow, steep banks. The river flows through moorland. The river flows through sheep fields. The river widens, passing woods. Wider still. Ornate splendour of Cragside House on steep crag. Photo of the house when it was only a hunting lodge. The house today, high above a lush valley and railway bridge. Closer. Another view of the House- splendid. The original owner's study with armchair. Desk and fireplace- Victorian. (The builder/owner who became an arms manufacturer, was created Baron Armstrong of Cragside) A hallway replete with chairs and paintings. A grand Victorian room filled with furniture and paintings. A magnificently carved marble freplace. Detail of cherubs. A room hung with Pre-Raphaelite paintings (hard to make out). A painting of mermaids. A room with electric lights (Cragside was the first in the world to be lit with incandescant electric lighting). Similar. Close-up of a light. A cluttered desk and view of the garden through a window. The garden in flower beneath the house- firs and rhododendrons.
Grazing cows- wild white cattle at Chillingham. Close-up, of these cows. One of these shaggy, horned cows. Several cows. Cows on the moorland. The king bull, bellowing as he goes. Panorama of fields and hills- Glendale. Ford castle, seen between trees -medieval- where James IV of Scotland tarried before the Battle of Flodden (1513). A better view of the castle. Farmland at Flodden Field. Montage of drawings depicting the Anglo-Scottish battle, where 10,000 Scots and James IV died. The field. A granite cross marking the spot where James IV died, and a memorial to the fallen.
The suspension bridge over the River Tweed at Hornecliff, joining Scotland and England. Pan of the river below. A tower of the bridge, and panning view of the entire bridge. A man in a rowing boat, netting salmon. Two salmon fishermen on the bank. One of the men. The group draw in a salmon net. Similar. A young man washes one of the salmon. The old bridge at Berwick Upon Tweed. Closer (the bridge is very long). River wall and houses. A quiet street-sombre looking. Quaiside and boats. Dour houses and quiet streets, rooftops. Arch of a roadbridge. Similar. A cannon points out from the city's battlement walls. Another angle. A car drives on to the mudflats south of Berwick. A car crosses the causeway linking Lindisfarne to the mainland at low tide Lindisfarne (renamed Holy Island in the II century) in the distance. Closer, houses and the ruins of the Priory visible. Statue of St. Aidan (who came to Holy Island from Iona in 635 to build a church). Closer. The remains of the Priory- arches and crumbling walls. The 13th cenury church of St. Mary on the Island. Its graveyard, the Priory ruins in the background. The castle on Holy Island, built in 1550- seen across the bay. Closer- the castle on a hill. The ruins of a castle, seen in the distance. Closer. Bamburgh Castle at half light, once the seat of the kings of Northumbria. The castle from a distance, rolling countryside around. The Farne Islands off the coast from Bamburgh. Closer, the lighthouse visible. Fishing boats in a harbour. Cliffs of the Farne Islands- splashing waves and hundreds of sea birds. Close-up of the birds. Similar. Kittiwakes, resting. Guillemots. Shags. An eider duck. Puffins. Similar. Again. Puffins flying in slow motion. Again. And again. Bird chicks. Tern perched on rocks. A tern pecks a woman's hand to keep her away from young terns. Gulls on the coast. Rocky coast and mudflats, light- house in distance. Painting of a ship hitting rocks. Detail. Again. And again. Memorial to Great Darling (who supposedly sailed out to rescue sailors). The monument seen in Bamburgh church yard.
A fishing village harbour, at Craster(?)(famous for kippers). Inside a kipper-curing plant. Closer, young man loading the smoked kippers into a machine. The machine, which cleans and slits them. Similar. A man throws the kippers in a vat. Where they soak. They are removed when free of brine. The kippers are passed to women to hang on tenterhooks. The women hang them. Men hang them on racks. Closer. Fires smoulder underneath, smoking the fish. Close-up of the fish. Smoke issuing from the roof. The finished kippers. A woman packs them in a box.
The sprawling edifice of Alnwick Castle. Statue of a lion in front. Closer view of the castle's walls and battlements. (Alnwick is the home of the Percys who often conflicted with te Douglases). View over the castle walls and towers. An armoury inside- walls hung with swords. Closer. The magnificient library (19th century). The Renaissance-style ceiling of the library. Chandelier. A ground room. The formidable towers of the castle exterior. Medieval stone figures on the battlements. Similar. Seen from below. Stone lion outside the castle. River Coquet, below Almwick. A trout fisherman in the river. The ruins of Warkworth Castle. The castle on a hill overlooking the river. The river flows through quiet country- side. Moorland. A river valley. Open country- woods, lake or reservoir. Credits.

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