Film: 597

Railways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Darjeeling Railway in India 1970's

Very winding narrow gauge railway climbs up to the hill station. It loops the loop under itself. People on roof of train and hanging out of doors. Whistles, narrow gauge. Train film from ground. Train reverses. At big long loop passengers get off and run to other side of loop. Very smoky. Lots of people cling to train. Kurseong hill town - train travels down the middle of the road. Filmed from front of train passing through town. Countryside. Observation carriage. Open carts. Film of wheels. Loading coal. Close up of funnel. People run and catch train and jump off. Filmed from top of coal tender. Cameraman leans out of door. Mountain K2. Double loop. Darjeeling general views. Pagoda.

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