Film: 5974

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Footage of United States. Signal corps. Soldiers, pilots and sailors in action in World War Two.

Invasion of Southern France. Allied fleet of more than 800 ships seen from a hill. It assembled on 15 August 1944. View of ships lined-up for the invasion.

Secretary of the United States Navy, James D Forrestal, on board a ship with US navy officers examining a map. A map of the part of France they intend to invade. A hand indicates the planned route of advance after a successful landing. A line of warships. The convoy gets under way. They are heading for the coast between Juan and Cannes. A wide variety of naval ships. A US navy signaller in the background. A troop ship? Lots of American soldiers on a ship. A soldier with a French phrase book. A soldier cleaning his rifle. Putting bullets into a magazine. Tying an armband with the 'Stars and Stripes' onto a friends arm. Some form of military supply (smoke bombs) being handed out. More items being distributed. Officers examining a model of the target area. C-47 transport aircraft tow gliders filled with troops to land behind enemy lines. Four gliders with planes towing them flying in a line. Gliders landing. Some land well, others crash on landing. Lots of C-47's filled with paratroopers. Paratroopers resting before they reach their drop zone. C-47s. Paratroopers getting ready to jump. Queuing to jump. They are using static lines. Paratroopers jumping. Hundreds of parachutes in the sky. They are landing in the possibly Argen river valley, near La Muie ? They start to land. We see that parachute jump from ground and air. US paratroopers in a wood. You can see used parachutes. Some of the paratroopers have the figure 4 on the back of their helmets. Paratroopers going into a narrow deep gorge. One has a rifle grenade on his rifle. Paratroopers crossing a shallow river and entering woods. Crossing another river and climbing a steep bank. Meeting French forces of the Interior. Probably the Resistance . FFI armband with the cross of Lorraine. United States troops talking to some French people - two women and a man. U.S. troops running towards a tree and, presumably, action. One is carrying a machine gun. Running about. Members of the 451st Bombing Group receive a briefing. They are to neutralise coastal defences and thus assist the landing. An American aircraft - Flying Fortress ? Lots of U.S. bombers They fly over mountains - the Alps? A bomber's cockpit - A Liberator ? Dropping bombs. Explosions on the ground seen from the air. Dropping bombs. Explosions seen from almost directly above. Aerial photography of falling bombs and explosives. Some appear to hit a bridge. American fighters strafe ground targets. Ships from many allied countries take part in the shelling of the landing. Lots of ships shelling the shore, some with barrage balloons over them. Landing craft speeding towards the shore. United States soldiers in a landing craft. French troops also landed. U.S. 3rd, 36th and 45th Divisions landed. Sound of explosions. Men on boats approaching the shore. Explosions . E Company 141st Infantry, 36th Division faced heavy opposition. Landing craft about to land. A hotel on the sea. The ramp of a landing craft goes down and the soldiers charge out of it. Soldiers on the beach. Soldiers running out of a landing craft. They have fixed bayonets. United States soldiers under fire near some woods. Some run forwards, others fire their rifles. One soldier fires a rifle grenade, he is near a soldier with a fixed bayonet, silhouetted by the smoke. The Americans advance cautiously. They go through a gate into the grounds of a house. An American soldier crouching in a road. American troops firing through barbed wire defences. One sees the recoil of a rifle as one soldier fires. He is photographed in profile. Americans looking at the bodies of dead Germans. US troops advance across a bridge. An American eating during a lull in the fighting. Advancing through dense woodland. A soldier carrying a field radio. American troops advancing across open country. Reinforcements being landed back at the beach. Ships. One has a barrage balloon above it. A town by the sea. A hotel ? An assault ship nears the shore. United States soldiers leaving an assault ship and stepping ashore. Troops leaving another assault ship. Men and machinery making their way inland. A soldier being given orders. More American troops moving inland, among them a corpsman - a sort of paramedic - with a red cross on his helmet. Among the soldiers in the next shot are a couple with bazookas. Americans examine an incomplete German bomber. They're resting. In the foreground a German bunker. In the background a town. Americans examining the bunker. A shell hole in the side of it. A camouflaged German gun emplacement disguised to look like a house. A ruined and smouldering assault ship. Heavier weapons are landed. Now the beach head is secure, including Sherman tanks. A truck landing. Jeeps landing. A DUKW personnel carrier landing, A number of trucks, DUKWs and Jeeps landing inland. Barrage balloons in the background. Artillery heading for the front, as are armoured cars and ambulances. Bulldozers construct an airstrip through a vineyard. They make a runway 150 fee wide by 3000 feet long. Bulldozer knocks down part of a cottage. Clearing rubble away. Bulldozer knocks down old olive trees. Unusual-looking bulldozers flatten the ground for the runway. United States military vehicles - a jeep and some trucks on a road. Through broken trees one can see smoke. An aircraft fires its machine guns at the ground. An explosion seen through broken trees.

The Far East
American soldiers with captured Japanese artillery. A lot of it is reused by the US Army. A heavy gun half submerged in mud. In the three months prior to August 1st 1944 five Japanese divisions, more than half their strength in Burma - were destroyed by General Stilwell's forces. Soldiers examining captured artillery. Outside the tent, there is a captured Japanese flag. Various pieces of captured Japanese artillery, a couple with monkeys climbing on them. This was part of the equipment left behind in the Kameng area. Testing the radio on a captured Japanese truck. Lots of Japanese radio equipment. A soldier examines some, another testing it. Japanese trucks 1941 Chevrolet. Two soldiers, one smoking, examine the engine of a truck. An ugly Japanese truck. Chindits. (A commando unit in Burma during the Second World War. They have been fighting behind enemy lines since early 1944. Chindits resting and having a cup of tea. One smoking. Some eating. One putting sauce on food. Bearded Chindit. Various Chindits, some black, of whom one is smoking. Mobile hospital caring for sick and wounded Chindits. Chindits receiving treatment. Ill Chindits in bed . Before they move to rest camps, the Chindits get new clothes. A tented camp seen from a river. The camp seen from close up. A Chindit in a hammock, eating. Bearded Chindit relaxing. Chindits walking down a road in single file. They killed thousands of Japanese. At Sin Kai, Chinese troops on large steps show off their American training. They exercise with their rifles. They go on an assault course. Bayonet close quarter fighting practice. Attacking a dummy with a bayonet. A Chinese patrol cautiously advances up a road. The leader halts it and sends some camouflaged scouts up ahead. They make their way up the road and there's an explosion in front of them. They dive to the ground. Through smoke we see them wearing camouflaged helmets and gas masks. General Stilwell's aircraft lands at Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). It's called 'Uncle Joe's Chariot'. He gets out of the plane and meets Brigadier Frank Merrill. He meets other officers too. Shakes hands. Talking to other officers beside the aircraft. Getting into a car. Kandy, Ceylon. General Stilwell and other officers stand next to a jeep. They get into the jeep.

Japs attack task force
Near Saipan. An aircraft carrier seen from the air. From beside a ship a seaplane takes off. An aircraft carrier. Aircraft with folded wings on an American aircraft carrier. One manoeuvres on the flight deck, unfolds its wings. Lots of United States fighter aircraft by an American aircraft carrier. Aircraft taking off. American aircraft flying. Japanese aircraft. An American ship under attack. Explosions. Lots of shots in the dark. Explosions. The ship fires its weapons but is still under attack from the Japanese. Lost of tracer fire. A Japanese plane is shot down and crashes into the sea. Lots of tracer fire. Another Japanese plane is attacked but not shot down. American guns. A Japanese plane is attacked but survives. The evening. A Japanese plane is attacked with lots of fire from an aircraft carrier and another ship. A Japanese plane is shot down. Smoke patches in the sky. Lots of tracer fire. A Japanese plane is shot down. It crashes into the sea. An American ship under attack. Anti-aircraft fire. Japanese plane. Japanese planes under attack. Japanese planes crash into sea. Japanese plane under anti-aircraft fire. Anti-aircraft fire. Japanese plane crashes into sea. Japanese plane shot down and crashes into the sea. An American aircraft returns and lands on an American carrier. It only has one wheel and falls over when it lands. The carrier personnel rescue the pilot. Army -Navy Planes hit Japanese installations. Planes returning from the battle crash land.
Intertitle: Pacific Army-Navy Planes Hit Japanese installations. Aircraft take off from Aircraft Carrier to attack Japanese targets. Lusan Island Bombing and firing. Destroyers I roughs seas. Planes on Aircraft carrier. Very rough weather. More air battles. Bombing of Japan. Osaka Island. Intertitle: Pacific Operation in the Philippines. Phillipinos get food hand outs from the U.S. Army. Guerrillas are recruited from the local populations. They go through U.S. army training./ Assault and bayonet practise courses. They are issued with U.S. Army type clothing. Fighting and bombing of Japanese island. U.S. Tanks and Japanese tanks. The Japanese are kicked out. Tarbac is captured. Lines of Japanese prisoners. Invasion of Formosa Island. Welcome by local people. Operations in Burma. Monsoon rains and flooding. Equipment is rescued and ferried to safety. This opens up a land link to China. Bridge repairs. The restored railway is used with Jeeps adapted as motive power. The End.

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