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War + Military | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Korean War 1950

Battle for Time: Map of Korea. It show the 38th Parallel, Seoul, Taejon and Pusan. It also shows broadly where the fiercest fighting was - around Taejon. 10 July 1950. United Nations forces have temporarily halted the communist tank drive.
US Troops on Korean Front: United States troops on a troop ship. They are landing at Pusan. Soldiers on an LST (?) prepare to unload. They disembark. Men and equipment being landed. A jeep is unloaded from a ship. A jeep with a heavy machine gun mounted. It is also towing a trailer. Tanks and other military vehicles. Ammunition and equipment being unloaded by South Korean dock workers. Military supplies being carried to a train. Piling artillery equipment. US artillery men fire their cannon. An American artillery observer. An American gun crew fighting a rearguard action. American soldiers digging in. American artillery fire. An American artillery observer. American soldiers moving artillery ammunition. A heavy mortar emplacement. Radio operators. An American tank giving some soldiers a lift. American tanks. Captured Soviet motorcycle. Captured Soviet scout car. Captured Soviet motorcycles. What appears to be a captured Soviet sniper rifle being examined by US soldiers. Captured Soviet guns. Captured / knocked out Soviet tanks. American soldiers around a wounded colleague. A wounded American soldier taken to Taejon airport for a flight to medical treatment in Japan. He is loaded into an ambulance for the journey. Another wounded American . He is placed in the ambulance as well. The ambulance moves off, its Red Cross has been obscured to avoid unwanted attention from North Korean artillery. At the airport. A jeep and US soldiers and a truck beside a transport aircraft - a C47 or a Dakota? - loading wounded onto the aircraft.
1st Cavalry establishes beach head at Pohang: Map of Korea showing 38th Parallel, Seoul, Taejon, Pohang, Pusan and UN offensive around Taejon. 5000 United States troopers land at Pohang to relieve pressure on Pusan which had been pretty much the sole port being used by the US military to land men and equipment in Korea. US navy ships. Landing craft. US ships. Landing craft. Troops leaving a landing craft and marching inland. Major General Hobart R Gay. He holds an command conference at the headquarters of the 8th cavalry regiment. Those present include Brigadier General Barnard Wilson. Officer enter a tent. Officers holding a discussion. Brigadier General Charles Palmer, Colonel Ray D Palmer. US troops and General Gay. US troops in Pohang. No Koreans on the streets. They have raised a sign "Wellcome US Army". US trucks. Another identical sign, below which are united states troops. Column of American troops marching. Beside them is a line of trucks and jeeps. It looks like a street in Pohang. A column of US troops.
Navy Strikes Korean Targets: On a US aircraft carrier, an aircraft with folded wings. It is a fighter or fighter bomber. More of the same type of aircraft. They are preparing to take off. An aircraft lands in the sea on takeoff. To the left of the plane is the pilot. A helicopter rescues him. The helicopter on the aircraft carrier. The pilot has only suffered minor injuries and sailors help him away. An aircraft taking off. The view from an American aircraft attacking North Korean targets with machine gun fire and rockets. A house ? Is destroyed. The view from a US aircraft attacking a ship. United States aircraft attacking North Korean positions. Explosions and smoke. US aircraft attack port facilities in North Korea. US aircraft attacking buildings. US aircraft shoot rockets at a railway line. US aircraft shoot rockets at a dam. Aircraft landing on an aircraft carrier. A US aircraft has trouble with its landing gear and topples over on landing. Sailors rush to the aircraft to ensure nothing goes wrong. An aircraft landing. Its rockets are jarred loose and skid across the deck of the aircraft carrier. Sailors rush to grab them and throw them over the side of the ship. Sailors standing around below a scoreboard detailing the results of the day's attacks.
Battle for Taejon: A valley. US jeeps on a road. Palls of smoke. In the background. Ruined buildings. American soldiers walk towards the camera, behind them a jeep. One of them is smoking. US troops walking up a road. US troops standing by jeeps and tanks. A couple of US troops sitting by houses. US troops awaiting combat crouch by a jeep. An American soldier with a machine gun in front of some sheds. He fires it. American soldiers awaiting action. American troops shooting in a street. Taejon. US troops on a tank in a valley. A US tank. The driver is smoking as is a soldier manning the co-axial machine gun. Some soldiers are hitching a lift on the tank. The soldiers on the tank. One looks through binoculars. Another looks through the telescopic sights of a rifle. Looking across a valley. Two soldiers standing on the back of a tank, one manning the tank's heavy machine gun. Looking across a valley from the back of a tank. A soldier fires a tank's heavy machine gun. Smoke in a valley. American troops advancing in a valley. American soldiers shooting. American troops laying rocks on the bottom of a river near Song Du ? So vehicles can cross more easily. 3rd Platoon flag. A jeep crosses the river. American soldiers standing on a valley. American soldiers, one on a telephone. American soldiers fire a mortar. Adjusting the angle of the mortar. Firing a mortar. American soldiers fire a 105mm howitzer. American soldiers advance towards the camera. An American soldier with a bazooka. US tanks in the field. An American tank fires its main gun. American troops watch planes strafe the North Koreans in nearby hills. Two US soldiers, one on a telephone, the other using binoculars. Smoke in a valley. An American soldier crouching beside a telegraph pole. The same soldier, another soldier crouching beside him. American troops beside a fence. American solders returning fire. A jeep crosses a bridge. The solders in it fire as it crosses the bridge. UN flag in Chinzu. A 24th division regimental command post. An officer being driven in a jeep. North Korean prisoners. US soldiers examine their feet. The prisoners are led away. Camouflaged South Korean solders advance on the northern front. Camouflaged military vehicles. South Koreans moving an anti-tank gun. American soldiers moving up a road cautiously. An American soldier in the bushes by the side of the road approaches a dead North Korean with trepidation. US troops sheltering from enemy fire by the side of the road. US soldiers advance cautiously along the road. They recover some abandoned vehicles.
Air Force Hits Reds Around The Clock: Pilot's view of aerial attacks on North Korean positions. Explosions and gunfire. A variety of targets are attacked. Shooting at buildings and roads. Some of the footage is of very poor quality. Firing rockets at vehicles on a road. An American aircraft with purple Shaft painted on it. Air force personnel stand beside it. The aircraft is a B29 Superfortress. They are flying to Korea from Okinawa. Checking the aircraft before take-off. Air force personnel moving bombs. Checking bombs. Putting bombs into the Superfortress though this appears to be a different B29. Air force personnel in front of the B29. A B29 taxiing. B29s taking off. B29s flying in formation. Inside the nose cone of a B29. B29s flying in formation. A flyer looks through a bomb sight. Bombs dropping. Superfortresses dropping bombs. Bombs exploding. An advanced fighter base in Southern Japan. A man putting ammunition into a magazine for an F80 fighter aircraft. Ground crew prepare F80s for a mission over Korea. Extra fuel tanks are attached to the aircraft. F80s taking off. F80s flying in formation. Flying over Korea. The aircraft fire at the ground. The aircraft head home. US tanks in front of ships. US tanks on a train. They have been landed at Pusan. The train heads off. A marine tank battalion drives through Pusan. A sign "5th ORD M.M.Co". A train carrying tanks arrives at Chegu ? US soldiers watch the M24 tanks arriving from Pusan. Driving a tank off the train. Unloading artillery. A US soldier examines a rifle. A pile of captured rifles. A selection of captured weapons, including a PPsH41 (Soviet assault rifle). There are rifles and a machine gun. Captured bullets.
Harriman Visits Macarthur: A group of army officers and politicians. In the background is a cameraman. W. Averill Harriman in front of an aircraft. He shakes hands with a variety of army officers. He gets back on the aircraft. General Macarthur with other army officers. They are at Hamada Air Base in Japan. General Macarthur waves goodbye. A map of Korea. It is dated 10 July 1950. it shows the 38th Parallel, the front line on 10 July, Chonan, Chunhju, Chochiwan, Taejon, Masan and Seoul. It then shows the situation on 25 July when the North Koreans had advance further. It then shows the situation on 10 August when the North Koreans had advanced further still.

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