Film: 5977

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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A film about what is in and what happens in the Pompidou Centre, Paris. Also about artists connected to the Centre 1970's

Close up male arm and hand. Shot moves to face. Male with beard and glasses. Other hand moving up and down - conducting an instrument. Shot moves across to blurred close up, hands playing an oboe, cello. Male player in background. Clear close up of hands playing an oboe. Close up of part of a modern painting. Close up of smaller part of same painting. Top of oboe and mouth of female player blowing oboe. Close ups of same painting mixed with mouth blowing oboe. Close up hand touching reed of oboe. Close up conductor's arm. Foreground very close up a sculpture. Shot moves round to show another modern painting in background. Shot slowly moves into painting close up. Close ups of parts of another modern painting, alternating with close ups of oboe player. Shot moving across a room, moving in and out to other modern paintings on walls and sculptures. Conductors hands close up of face of conductor and faces of people moving on escalator. Moving shot on a sculpture of a human figure. Shot of man playing cello, moves across to another male cellist. Two basses in background being played. Shot back to conductor's hands and up to face close up. A weather vane and title. Slow shot down a very pointed steeple moving out to aerial view of a city - Paris. Shot moves across skyline, looking down over Paris.
Actual b/w archive close up of Auguste Rodin chiselling a sculpture.
Aerial shots of Paris moving across a river - the Seine.
Actual b/w archive of Renoir painting, sitting at an easel, an assistant in the background.
Aerial view moving across Paris again. B/w close up moves up an old woman from foot to head, leg in air, dancing. Close up of a Toulouse Lautrec painting, moves up painting. Aerial view moves across Paris again, see Pompidou Centre. Close up shot of a building and a crane. Shot moves out and down, a flag waves in foreground very close. White cross on blue background. Shot moves down to a fully crowded street, females of all ages clapping to music. Shot moves across large crowd to a stage. Close up of woman singing into camera with microphone. Pompidou Centre in the background. Shot of building exterior close up, moving upwards, see building reflections. Shot over crowd dancing and clapping. Shots of people inside Pompidou Centre and paintings through windows from outside. Crowd in streets, dancing - singer mixed with shots of inside Pompidou from outside.
Front page of French newspaper L'Humanite, close up to headline. Fascist uprisings quashed in Barcelona, Seville and Melilla. Close up Civil war tears Spain. Rebels march on Madrid. American newspaper, San Francisco Chronicle. Shot looking up aircraft flying in sky. Shot across destroyed buildings, ruins b/w. Close up of photograph of Pablo Picasso, b/w. Close up of parts of Guernica painting ? Black and white footage of a woman crying, a man and young boy and an old woman hugging a young boy crying. Close up zoom into the eye of Picasso. Shots of Guernica painting mixed with b/w shots. Two dead men, face down close up. A dead woman and young child close up, face upwards. Close up top half of body and face of dead woman. Shot moves to dead child in her arms. A young dead girl in white dress lying in bushes. A painting on a wall, shot moves round corner to another modern painting. Shot moves to two other paintings. Room with sculptures, paintings on walls and dummy people placed around, shot moves around room past dummies. A female mime artiste with white painted face presses button on box held by dummy. A male mime artist presses box on another dummy. Close up shot of a b/w photograph of people. Shots of mime artists, photographs and people looking round mixed together and also shots of dummies. Interior entrance to Pompidou centre, people going down an escalator. Shot moves out to wide view of entrance hall with sculptures and neon lights and people walking in and out. Close up an attraction or ride, people sitting in fish shaped cars, moving along track - "Le Crocrodrome". Close up fish car, entering tunnel;. An owl flying, close up shots of an owl. Different owls and various birds flying and in various poses. Doors opening, car with children in it goes through door. An old man with moustache speaking close up. Shot looking down, people, playing instruments. Backdrop o walls with painting. Moves across to audience seated watching. Shots of works of art, close ups varying angles, shots of people sitting, walking alongside Pompidou Centre mixed with various shots of paintings and sculptures, some close up. Close ups of a group of four sculptures. Close up of man balancing and performing acrobatics on a table from above. Shots of various paintings. A bench outside. Young women eating , smoking. Shots of a painting and photos of an old man mixed. Two older women walk together outside and also two younger women wearing flares. Shot moving across paintings of people shot from high up in Pompidou Centre, moves around square outside to see buildings and people. Roofs of buildings foreground heads of people on escalator. Café Charbons ion background. Shot of sculpture by Max Ernst moves close up. Sculptures against background of many stairs. Shot moves along all sculptures. Close up trees, horses galloping mixed with shots of painting. Shots of tops of turreted Russian buildings. A bird of prey, flying wings full close up, slow motion. Shots of various paintings. Photographs of a man from old to young. Distance shot of Pompidou Centre looking across the exterior mixed with close ups of paintings. Close up face of a woman singing. Shot moves across paintings on a wall. Close up of another conductor conducting . Shots of Matisse paintings. Various photographs of Matisse mixed with shots of paintings. Outside street entertainers and crowd watching. Shot moves u to escalators and people. Mix of shots of people on escalators with signs, symbols and Buddha. Close ups of spines of books, encyclopaedias in French, Italian, English. Front cover of Shakespeare and religion. Shot of many front covers of books about Shakespeare. Close ups people reading. Shots of piles of books. A pile of books about or by Walt Whitman. Shots of slides of paintings and shots of people reading. Pile of works by Victor Hugo. A very rough blue sea, huge waves breaking. Shots of old footage from twenties, of dancing mixed with shots of manufacturing. Shots of paintings. The conductor and a hanging instrument being hit. Shots of the electric chair and shots of photographs of hit men. Footage of a funeral procession with two coffins, crowded streets all carrying flowers c. 1910-1920. b/w. Close up of male and female mime artists' faces. Lots of varying shots of an artist painting on glass.

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