Film: 5980

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A detailed chronology of World War Two, seen from the German series of events.

The steps of a grand, columned building. German soldiers stand guard, Hitler comes out of the building with Nazi dignitaries. The commentary is unclear. The statued roof of a building against the sky. A statue of a chariot and horses. A column of light German tanks through a city's main(?) street. Crowds of people watch - they seem to be exclusively men and boys. A Kubel (German jeep) drives along the street flying a Swastika flag. A German half-truck tows a field gun. It looks like they're in Prague. The crowds are silent. A group of them give Fascist salutes as the soldiers pass by. Cavalry parade down the broad street. A Nazi meeting in a large hall. Behind the podium is a giant eagle in a Swastika. To the right is a massive Swastika flag. The hall is packed. Hitler has taken Czechoslovakia. Hitler marches through the adoring meeting, acknowledging their salutes. The commentator notes that 'by the spring of 1939, international diplomacy moves to the whim and word of Adolf Hitler'. Hitler is followed by Herman Goering. Hitler is applauded. Hitler gives a speech in response to Franklin D. Roosevelt's pleas for peace. He shows his scorn for the American president. Joachim von Ribbentrop. Goering in on the podium behind Hitler. The audience lap up Hitler's speech. Shots of the audience applauding. Tracks of a tank. Lots of German light tanks. They are loaded onto tank transporters. Hitler plans to invade Poland on First September 1939. German tanks advancing along a road. German advertisement. German cinema. German cinemas showing film designed by the Ministry of Propaganda. Women in a cinema. A Pole, depicted as almost inhuman, as vicious and piglike. With a gang of Polish men and boys he happens to come across a German girl and they attack her with stones. The Pole rips off her Swastika necklace and she is pelted mercilessly with stones. The Nazi sympathizers are shown as 'Fair Maidens'. Hitler and Goering in a massive study. The narrator mentions Hitler's desire to strike and conquer eastwards, (Lebensraum). The Nazi-Soviet Pact. Von Ribbentrop flying to Moscow in German aircraft, a JU-52?
Non-aggression Pact signed nine days before scheduled attack on Poland. A crowd of Germans wish Von Ribbentrop luck. Von Ribbentrop with Stalin (still). The German army on the move - tanks, trucks and motorcycles. German artillery firing. Explosions. Bombs falling. Explosions. Dive bombers attacking. Panicking Poles in a city. Bombs falling. Houses destroyed. German aircraft dropping bombs. A dive bomber. Bombs falling. The aftermath of an air raid. Poland falls in less than 28 days. German and Russian soldiers. A poster in Russian. Poland divided: The Russian and German soldiers appear to get on well. German soldiers guarding a large crowd of prisoners. These are civilians, '...anyone capable of leading rebellion..'. Men of all ages are held. Two German soldiers follow a prisoner across a road in a city. German soldiers watch a line of prisoners they have forced against a wall. The prisoners include, according to the narration, 'politicians, intellectuals, even priests'. Jews wearing large yellow stars (Star of David) on their backs to identify them are given shovels and forced to work clearing up rubble. Back in Germany, three men, backed by a band, sing into a microphone - possibly for a radio broadcast. Tank obstacles on the Siegfried Line. Barbed wire defences on the Siegfried Line. Loudspeakers by a river. A large banner in French - 'Pourquoi....' (cannot see the rest). A German soldier launching helium (?) filled balloons which presumably have propaganda leaflets attached.
The Phoney War: Hitler with his generals discussing the war. Blitzkreig. Explosions. German paratroopers jump out of a German aircraft, a JU-52. Lots of paratroopers jumping. A building ablaze. The Germans conquered Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg. Burning buildings. A German tank rushing through a forest - the Ardennes? - and through a small river. A German armoured car or Command tank or Radio tank fires and advances, a small party of German soldiers sheltering behind it. A light German tank doing the same. A series of explosions in a field. The German aircraft - dive bombers. A German lane machine gunning a town. Horsedrawn German artillery and support carts hurry through a ruined town. One horse falls over. A burning building collapsing. A tank firing. (The speed of the German advance left the French and British helpless.) Two British soldiers run past the camera. An explosion. German troops run down an empty street. German soldiers fire an MG 38 machine gun. German soldiers advancing through a street behind a self-propelled gun. British soldiers at Dunkirk. A German light tank going over a ridge. Lots of German light tanks.
The German forces are halted just outside Dunkirk so the Luftwaffe can destroy the stranded British and French forces. Hitler and Goring out walking. A German aircraft, a stuka divebombing. A ship exploding. A German aircraft dropping bombs. Ships taking on soldiers at Dunkirk. Soldiers being rescued from the sea. (More than 300,000 men were rescued from Dunkirk.) What looks like a crippled ship. Sailing to England from Dunkirk.
SS soldiers in a motorcycle and side care driving in France. German tanks drive through a village. German troops on motorcycles driving through a French town. German bicycle troops pass a group of French prisoners under German guard. A massive column of French prisoners being marched off to internment. The column stretches as far as the eye can see. The camera picks out one prisoner who is marching barefoot. German infantry and bicycle troops march in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. German cavalry in Paris. A sullen crowd of Parisians watch the German soldiers. Two jubilant German soldiers hoist the Wehrmacht flag. (It has a Swastika in the centre surrounded by a circle. From this circle a cross like a St George cross is produced. In the top left corner is a cross - a Maltese cross, but with curves not straight lines). Then Hitler, in jubilant mood, Goring, some Nazi party grandees(?) and army officers. They are in France to dictate terms of surrender. A German soldier with rifle slung over his shoulder - his bayonet is attached to the rifle - stands guard near the railway carriage in which the surrender of the French will formally take place. They are at Compiegne. It is the same railway carriage in which the Armistice at the end of World War One was signed.
Hitler, Goring, probably Doenitz and a lot of army officers walk to the carriage. Hitler and Goring filmed from inside the carriage. Hitler getting into the carriage, (He had the carriage moved to the precise spot where it was when the armistice was signed in 1918.) Marshall Petain with a group of German officers approach the carriage. They get down to business - the armistice of 1940 was dictated by the Germans. The delegations in the railway carriage. Hitler gets out of the carriage. Hitler and his entourage driving past the Arc de Triomphe. They drive through streets which are all but deserted. They pass two French policemen who salute. They approach an obelisk. A tree-lined avenue, deserted but for a priest or old woman (?), a workman and a policeman. Hitler approaches the Eiffel Tower on foot. He is with a small entourage, one of whom is Albert Speer (you don't see his face but he accompanied Hitler to Paris). Hitler looking about with the Eiffel tower in and out of the background. A large number of captured French tanks climb a ridge. Tanks on a cliff. The narrator introduces a recording of Winston Churchill: '..We are resolved to destroy Hitler and every vestige of the Nazi regime. From this nothing with turn us. We will never parley, we will never negotiate with Hitler or any of his gang...We shall fight him by land, we shall fight him by sea, we shall fight him in the air, until with God's help we've rid the earth of his shadow.' While we hear this, we see British pilots scrambling. Six come running out of a wooden hut. We see them running again, now with all their flying gear on. Behind them appears to be a lot of camouflage netting. Ground crew run towards a row of spitfires to prepare them for takeoff. They take off in two groups of three. German aircraft - ME 109's One can see three, but the film is obviously taken from a fourth. The Spitfires, British fighter aircraft, turn and dive. It looks like they are engaging enemy aircraft. A British fighter aircraft. It fires on a German aircraft: The Battle of Britain. An aircraft which has been hit plummets towards the ground. The burning remains of an aircraft. A crashed aircraft. Burning German aircraft remains on the ground. Wreckage of German aircraft. Wreckage being collected.
Hitler looking out of a train window. People waving and cheering to him from another train. He acknowledges their cheers. At a railway station people rush to meet him. A young girl with a basket shakes his hand. A young Hitler Youth is helped up for a quick word with the Fuhrer. About to depart, Hitler signs a couple of photographs of himself to give to the adoring crowd outside his train. He hands them down to eager hands. The crowd is shouting 'Heil Hitler!', he salutes the crowd.
A map showing Germany, her conquests, and her satellites, the United Kingdom is described as England, the Baltic States are shown, though I believe they were annexed by the U.S.S.R (Soviet Union) in 1940.
Hitler, Goring and assorted Nazi grandees examine stolen art treasures, the spoils of war. An embroidered and monogrammed piece of cloth. A chessboard. Old Master Paintings/works of art. Statues and painting in a store room. A German military policeman directs traffic. Behind him, a German army truck with three cows in it drives off. Cows being transported by train, presumably from occupied Europe to Germany - Germany is looting the rest of Europe for her own benefit. A German officer checking figures(?) in his notebook. Hitler's' house at Berchtesgarden. Hitler studying documents as he walks in some woods. A bodyguard or aide follows at a discreet distance. An honour guard complete with drummer is passed by a limousine containing the Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov. He is on a visit to Berlin. He is greeted by some (unidentified) Nazi dignitaries with the Nazi salute. They go to a meeting, Nazi (and Soviet) dignitaries relaxing. Stills of meeting, both formal and informal which (presumably) happened during Molotov's trip to Berlin. Hitler with generals planning Operation Barbarossa. A map. A German soldier with bicycle followed by two infantry men. German Infantry crossing a river in single file on a log bridge. German soldiers waiting to invade the Soviet Union. Low flying German aircraft - bombers or fighter-bombers - fly fast over a large number of advancing German tanks. Tanks advancing, brief shot from on a tank, brief shot of one going above the camera. German troops on motorcycles with sidecars advance over a ploughed field. A German tank crashes through a brick wall. A German half-tank or tracked personnel carrier advances. A German officer in a trench orders an attack. German tanks fire. A large German column led by a tank, but with infantry, motorcycles and other armoured vehicles moves along a road. Behind them a field burns. A German soldier and Soviet prisoner in a field. The German is wearing a camouflage uniform - he may be Waffen SS or a paratrooper. German soldiers with prisoners. A German soldier watches a line of Soviet prisoners pass him. They are in some woods and the prisoners have their hands raised. A German soldier watches Soviet prisoners go through a gate into an internment camp. Lots of Soviet prisoners jogging along a road. German soldiers who are presumably marching to the front pass a long column of Soviet Prisoners marching the other way. One of the German soldiers smiles towards the camera.
Against a background of burning buildings, German soldiers push a handcart with an unidentifiable cargo. Other German soldiers advance. In front of some burning buildings, German soldiers advance. One is carrying an MG 38 (general purpose Machine Gun) over his shoulder. Another has what appears to be a snipers rifle. An disconsolate Soviet woman carrying a child. Homeless Soviet citizens leave their burning homes. Hitler flies over the Eastern Front (August 1941). He is in his personal aircraft with aides. He stares out of the window. Ravaged ground.
A rainy day in the autumn of 1941 on the Eastern Front, in the background, a loose group of vehicles - trucks, a motorcycle, maybe a tank - move slowly along a road. In the foreground a man without a hat braves the rain, to the right of the picture a German soldier stands guard, and between the two is a German tank. A half tank pulls a field gun through deep glutinous mud. German soldiers in waterproofs try to push (unidentifiable) vehicle through deep watery mud. Soldiers pushing a car out of the swampy conditions. A horse pulls a cart and field gun. A cart - it may be the same one - topples over into the mud. Mud covered wheels of a field gun. Howling wind. A long line of Italian/German troops wearing white helmets makes its way across snow covered ground. Shot from inside a car, two thin horses pulling a covered wagon are helped by three soldiers who appear to be pushing it. From a car one sees a long line of soldiers wrapped up in clothing walking and on wagons. There is snow everywhere. German soldiers walking beside wagons. Strong winds scatter the snow.
A Soviet officer orders a field gun fired. (The Red Army launched a massive counter-offensive in the winter of 1941). Behind the Soviet officer can be seen several other field guns with men standing by them. Heavier field guns firing. Explosions. Heavy field guns firing and rockets, 'Stalin's Organs' can be seen in the background. Red Army Infantry supported by T34 tanks attack in force. Most of the infantry are carrying rifles with fixed bayonets but a few are carrying light machine guns. Soviet soldiers on rubble. Shooting can be heard. Soviet soldiers run through fog or smoke. One of them is carrying a PPSH41 sub-machine gun. A plain scattered with soldiers. They advance: It's still the middle of winter.
German soldiers in winter camouflage in a trench. One is looking through binoculars toward the Soviet lines. German soldiers lying in the snow. It looks like they have Schmeisser submachine guns. Two German soldiers looking toward the Soviet lines. Two German soldiers, one in white helmet and great coat, the other in a field grey greatcoat. The soldier in the greatcoat appears to be taking the other one away - the narrator is saying that some of the officers in the German army who disobeyed Hitler's order not to retreat in the face of the Soviet offensive were 'summarily dismissed or court-martialled'. They appear to be walking between two snow covered heaps of straw. Two German soldiers talking to each other in the outdoors. A group of German soldiers in snow camouflage. German soldiers checking or cleaning their weapons. A German soldier looking nervous as an explosion sounds. Snow covered corpses.
Hitler with an entourage of army officers and a soldier carrying what is presumably a ceremonial sword march past an honour guard.
(11th December 1941 Hitler declares war on the United States of America after Pearl Harbor.) Hitler salutes the honour guard. Hitler and his entourage turn to enter a hall. Two nurses, or a nurse and a doctor salute Hitler. A group of soldiers by the entrance to the hall salute Hitler. Himmler is present. Hitler gives a speech hurling personal insults at Roosevelt - this is, I think, the same hall where Hitler gave his speech earlier in the film. The hall is packed. Goebbels. Goering is on the podium behind Hitler, massive applause for the speech.
Hitler's Eastern headquarters, Wolfschanze (Wolf's Lair) in East Prussia. Car arriving there. A detachment of SS troops at attention. Hitler arrives with several companions. (Summer 1942) Another great German offensive is launched in the Soviet Union. An aerial picture of a huge column of trucks heading east on one road. Camera on a truck? German soldiers sitting on it. One smoking a cigar? German motor cycles with side-car, a Kubel and an armoured car heading east. Motorcycle with side care riding through field. The German driver is wearing goggles. His passenger in the side car looks asleep. German soldiers hitching a ride on a tank. Tanks and motor cycle with side car trample down crops. A map - it shows how Hitler splits his forces, hoping to both conquer the Caucausus for its oil fields and to siege Stalingrad. A German officer and a German soldier. The officer looks through his binoculars and talks to his companion. Stalingrad burning. German soldiers running through rubble in Stalingrad. German soldiers walking through rubble. Ahead of them there is an explosion. A German armoured vehicle - unidentifiable but looks slightly like a Bren-gun carrier. Looking through the viewing slit of a tank. German troops charge into smoke, several have entrenching tools attached to their backs. A group of German soldiers appear to be pinned down. A German tank. A German soldier, firing a Soviet PPsh 41 sub-machine gun. With him are three other Germans, and behind them you can see the tracks of a light armoured vehicle. A German machine gun team. A German tank; a German soldier looks gingerly around the corner of a building. Pictures of German soldiers, both in groups and singly. In one of them, there is a soldier smoking. Stalingrad burns. The SS. A group of SS officers and men. Himmler is presenting medals. Pictures of SS men. Himmler completes his task and salutes. To his right is a very large Swastika flag.
The film now turns to the fate of the Jews. Jews entering a building. A sign on the door says it is an AUFNAHMELAGER - a ghetto or relocation centre. In the Warsaw Ghetto, Lublin, Lodz and other cities these were established. About thirty people appear to be trying to share one room, as living quarters, to eat, sleep and wake in. People sleeping, people talking, a child fed by her mother. A man trying to sleep. (It looks like they're Jews.) Still pictures of refugees and of the passes Jews were obliged to carry. A train departing. Cattle cars. SS men discussing a document. SS men by a train. Low buildings. Jews being escorted to a train by the SS. Getting into cattle cars. A man with three young children. SS men oversee the loading. Getting into cattle cars. SS men slamming shut the doors of the cattle cars. Still of a girl at a cattle car door. SS men watch the train depart. Map of location of concentration/death/extermination camps: Majdanek, Sobidor, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, Treblinka, (not all are shown but all are mentioned). A concentration camp seen from the air. Guard tower. Barbed wire. Electrical fence. A still of a guard looking down at the inmates. Picture of SS concentration camp guards. Himmler visiting a camp. With his entourage he takes a tour of the site. On the other side of the barbed wire many of the prisoners are lounging about looking apathetic. Prisoners getting out of cattle cars. Women and children being marched off, the 'uneconomic' prisoners going to the gas chambers. Zyklon B - poison gas. Prisoners at Auschwitz going to the gas chambers, a nun is among their numbers. A still of naked women waiting for the gas chambers. The gas chambers. A few men standing among piles of the dead. The crematoria (crematorium). Stills showing a body being put into the oven. Barrels of hair. Shoes. [The Nazis made an average profit of 1630 marks per person, once the use of a victim's remains, income from their (slave) labour, and any valuables were taken into account].
Germany: Women postmen. Women sorting parcels. A young boy filling the radiator of a car with water. A women pulling a cart. An old man welding. Aftermath of El Alamein - November 1942. Abandoned war material. Dead bodies. Abandoned aircraft. War wreckage and dead bodies in the U.S.S.R. (Field Marshal Von Paulus surrenders Stalingrad on 2nd February 1943. He has lost 140,000 men out of 250,000.) In Berlin, Nazi leaders still go to see Beethoven's 9th Symphony, massive concert hall or opera house. Members of the Nazi hierarchy are among the audience, as are some wounded soldiers. The auditorium appears full.
The survivors of Von Paulus' army are paraded through Moscow, (of this 91,000, only 5000 will see Germany again). Muscovites watch the parade in apparent silence. Some take pictures of them. German soldiers at Monte Cassino. German officers looking through binoculars at explosions. German soldiers walking through the rubble of the monastery. German soldiers, one with a belt of bullets for a machine gun, scramble through the rubble. German troops resting in the monastery. An explosion. Aiming a rifle. Firing a machine gun - an MG42 perhaps. A German paratrooper with a stick grenade. German paratroopers running through the rubble. A German officer sitting in the ruins of Monte Cassino looking through his binoculars. Explosions. Looking down into the plain at the roof of Monte Cassino. Allied bombers on their way to Germany. Their shadows on the ground. Bombs dropping. A burning city. Burning buildings. Hosing down burning rubble. Digging people out from the rubble of collapsed buildings. The survivors look at the dead. The dead line a ruined street. From inside a car we see German civilians fleeing to find somewhere to live. Goring in an open top car with a driver and a guide. He passes an ambulance and there is rubble in the background. One man he passes appears to shout something at him. (The Luftwaffe's inability to prevent the destruction of German cities means he falls from favour with Hitler.) Goebbels with entourage stands in for Hitler who refuses to visit bombed out Berlin. Goebbels looking at ruins. A Hitler Youth hoists a Swastika flag amidst a ruined city. (This bit must be from a Nazi propaganda film). A banner before some rubble: 'Unsere mauern brachen aber unsere Herzen nicht - Our walls may break but never our hearts.' A man liberally decorates the outside of his shop with Nazi flags. A man hanging a bunting of Swastika pennants on the back of a van. A large Swastika banner hangs proudly on a ruined building. A couple of children appear to be planting small swastika flags in the rubble. A sign by a swastika flag planted in some rubble: Die Kriegesheit. Berlin GruBt den Fuhrer - Berlin greets the Fuhrer?
Allied ships bombarding Normandy on D-Day, Sixth June 1944. There are barrage balloons above a couple of the ships, the ships are painted with sea camouflage. A battleship lets off a broadside. The big guns fire. The Germans fire back from the coast. A German soldier gives the order to fire. The coastal emplacement does. The Allied ships continue to rain broadsides on the German coastal defences. Landing craft on the choppy sea. American soldiers in a landing craft. Landing craft approaching the beach. The beach defences to prevent craft landing are visible. A German machine gun team. American soldiers on the beach. One is killed. American soldiers wading to the beach. They are under fire.
Hitler with his generals. The officers are getting increasingly resentful of Hitler, they think immediate peace terms with the Allies are Germany's sole hope of survival and this would only be possible without Hitler. A group of German officers talking to each other standing up, and then apparently having a more formal meeting. Picture of the plotter's Berlin apartment. Army officers, lawyers, clergymen and politicians. Pictures of some of the conspirators. Still of Klaus Von Stauffenberg in profile. Hitler's Wolfschanze. Plan of building. Plan of the conference room where Hitler was nearly killed. Picture of shattered conference room. Hitler a few hours after the explosion, with entourage. He looks fairly well and is reassuring his staff that he is fine. Goebbels with Nazi apparatchiks. Himmler with other SS men. Goering talking to Hitler. The Volksgericht - People's Court. The 'Conspirators trial'. In the crowded courtroom everyone gives the Nazi salute. Hitler's favourite judge, Judge Roland Weizler (?) presides. The conspirators, police sitting with them. One by one they are insulted by the judges, for example one is called 'Schweinhund'. (The court sits for months to purge Germany of anyone considered anti-Nazi.) A Nazi rally. The crowded hall echoes to 'Seig Heil!' and everyone does the Nazi salute. There is a huge banner which says 'Totaler Kreig' (total war) and 'Kurzester Kreig'. Goebbels speaks to the immense assembly. He demands greater personal sacrifice to ensure that the war is won. He gets a standing ovation. On a catwalk in front of the podium there is a camera man filming the audience. Albert Speer (?) and entourage enter a building. Trees behind him so could be Wolfschanze. Many Nazi or army men with their backs to the wall. Hitler facing them. Albert Speer receiving an award from Hitler.
Munitions factory interior. Workers making weapons. Row of artillery in a factory. A half-built tank being moved by a crane inside a factory. Loading a tank onto a train. Ground crew ready a jet aircraft for take off. It takes off, with large flames erupting from its' engines. The rocket station at Peenemunde. V2 taking off. German soldiers walking past wrecked military equipment - some of it on fire.
German soldiers are passed by a German truck. A soldier sits above one of the front wheels holding an assault rifle. There is smoke in the background. German soldiers retreating. On the road a German soldier hitches a lift on a tank. Other soldiers walk in a ditch beside the road. Soldiers walk past the camera. One carries a Panzerfaust (a German anti-tank weapon). German soldiers retreating. German cars packed with troops retreating along a bumpy muddy road, towing artillery which has been camouflaged. German soldiers burning and destroying buildings and supplies they cannot take with them. A train ripping up the track behind it as it retreats. Blowing up a building. Destroying the skeleton of a building. Cranes. German soldiers - one a military policeman - by a checkpoint in a town or city in East Prussia. It is snowing. A man puts up a fly poster on the wall of a building watched by a couple of German soldiers and a civilian. It is snowing. The poster shows the silhouette of a German soldier with Panzerfaust. In the background is a Soviet tank. On the poster it says: 'Der Panzer-schreck (sic) Gist Du! Serve Du die Panzerfaust grebrouchst !' To the right of the poster is a door saying 'der Waffen SS'. It appears to be the offices of the 'SS Freivillage' (Volunteers?) and 'SS Helferinne'. Two German soldiers carrying Panzerfausts. Civilians run a tram up it's tracks to create a barricade. German civilians making barricades. Passing bricks. Shovelling earth. A large number of German's at work on a ditch - a tank trap maybe. Scenes from the film 'Coburg', which was made on Goebbels' orders to raise morale, but the large numbers of troops used in it as extras depleted the forces available to fight. A crowd of men in early Nineteenth century costume march arm in arm toward the camera. They march through a town, presumably on the way to war - women march beside them. A huge crowd of men marches past the camera. A battle scene from 'Coburg', troops advance in square columns. A Prussian officer gives the order for cannons to fire. Cannon fire. Another officer gives the same order. Cannon fire and explosions.
Devastated Berlin from the air. A still of Hitler with aides. Hitler meeting his general staff. They salute him. A meeting of Hitler and his staff. A plan of the Fuhrer's bunker. A room in the bunker: a clock, pictures on the wall, four telephones, a table and chair. Another room in the bunker. American soldiers marching through a partially ruined town in Germany. A large number of American soldiers riding on a tank. Allied artillery fire. A building is hit. British troops run through a garden into a street. American infantry and tanks in an unidentifiable town. In the foreground is a dead body. American tank and infantry men. U.S soldiers running into smoke and other rubble. Running past a statue or fountain. A girl ice dancing or skating in Berlin before a large audience. A lot of girls doing the same. Three soldiers sharing a blanket watch the ice-skaters. The audience. Young conscripts. Hitler reviews them, shaking hands and tapping shoulders.
Soviet rockets launched towards Berlin. Explosions. Artillery fire. In Berlin, a tracked gun fires. Explosions. Red army soldiers running through rubble in Berlin. Soviet forces fighting. Artillery. Tanks - T34's. A women runs along a ruined street. The roof tops of Berlin seen through thick smoke. The last photo of Hitler. Flames by the Brandenburg Gate. Soviet soldiers rush to Hitler's chancellery with a large Soviet flag. Devastation inside the chancellery. Statues. Furniture, scattered and damaged, in a room. There is a globe. Soviet officers examine the charred bodies of Goebbels and his wife. The garden of the chancellery. Soviet soldiers by petrol cans. Erich Kempka, Hitler's chauffeur recounts how Hitler shot himself, and how Eva Brown too died, the bodies were taken outside and burned with the aid of 200 litres of petrol. Berlin in ruins. A Concentration Camp fence. American soldiers in a camp. Dead bodies of inmates. German civilians shocked at the dead bodies - the narrator asks why they should be surprised. The civilians put dead bodies in coffins. The Nuremberg Trials - an American prosecutor speaks. An elevated view of the defendants. The defendants. Over this we hear Robert H. Jackson - the American prosecutor - say that 'the crimes of the Third Reich cannot be simply ignored by the rest of the world.' Among the defendants we see Rudolf Hess, Goering and Albert Speer. All the Nazi leaders we hear in the film plead not guilty. Shot of the defendants.
A bust of Hitler among rubble. A Swastika sign undamaged among ruins. Dachau as it was when the film was made. Crematorium sign. (15,000 children went from Theresienstadt (Holland) to Dachau, and less than 100 survived.) The camp looks like a massive parade ground with walls and watch towers. The ovens for burning bodies. Flowers in front of the ovens. Pictures drawn by the children in Dachau: A butterfly, a man in some woods, people on a train, children playing, a bird in a tree, people holding hands.

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