Film: 5981

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Documentary of the rise of Hitler from 1924 to 1938.

Prison where Adolf Hitler (AH) served his sentence in the 1920s. A cell - a single bed with a chest of drawers. A young Hitler reading a newspaper. A photograph of Hitler at 35 years old, with a group of other men including Rudolf Hess. Side profile of AH looking out of his cell window. Cover of "Mein Kampf, bon Adolf Hitler". A page from Chapter 11 of "Mein Kampf" against a backdrop of Aryan soldiers, refugees, AH giving a powerful speech, a Jew being arrested, troops marching through a bombed town. The body of a dead Jew is carried on a couple of wooden slacks. Faded photograph of Hitler, possibly taken in 1924 following his release from prison.

Peaceful marches in the Rhineland. President von Hindenburg shaking hands with small children. View of Hindenburg (head and shoulders). A Nazi meeting chaired by AH. Profile of Hitler looking animated. At a meeting of ultra right-wing nationals. Photographed with Goebbels and other men. Outside of the buildings of "Volkischer Beobachter" - official Nazi newspaper. Nazi officials at work. Members of the public read Volkischer Beobachter pinned to a wall. Issue featuring caricatures of Jewish industrialists. A train filled with Nazi members giving the salute pulls into the station, possibly Nuremburg. Sequence of shots at the station showing men, women, young, old, Hitler Youth (HJ) all with swastika armbands. HJ march through the streets and are cheered by police. Hitler leading a band of stormtroopers (SA) - carries out a ritual whereby each time a Nazi banner passes him it stops and pauses as he touches it.

Symbolic closing of factory gates. A line of unemployed men during the 1929 Depression. People begging on the streets. A communist march through the streets of a town centre. A communist giving a speech that gears up the crowd. Powerful crowd scene - aerial view of thousands of people. A band of Nazi demonstrators tussle with the crowd of onlookers. Sequence showing street violence between Nazis and communists with police intervening. Group of Nazi high command, including Goebbels, enter the Reichstag following their 1930 election gains. Photograph of the Nazis inside the Reichstag. Another photograph of an empty Reichstag missing all its Nazi members. The Cabinet of Chancellor Bruning. Close up of Bruning. Hindenberg giving a speech voicing his intention to run again for the Presidency. Nazi publicity campaign during the presidential elections. AH amongst a group of supporters. A Dusseldorf meeting where AH gives a speech to industrial barons. A cartoon of an industrialist pouring money into the pockets of a Nazi thug - a Social Democrat cartoon sartorising Hitler. A publicity car throws leaflets to passers-by. A Hindenburg campaign car. Nazi posters featuring strong images of Hitler. A line of cars drives through a throng of people. Speaking at a rally. Going to the polls with heavy police and armed guard. Hindenburg casts his vote. Hitler leaving a polling station. Leaflets and publicity posters are swept away. A victorious Hindenburg comes out to meet the cheering crowds. A stern-faced Hitler climbs into his car, smooths down his hair and looks directly ahead paying no attention to the waiting crowd.

An American commentator analyses events occurring in Germany in 1932/33 and the political intrigues surrounding von Schleicher, Bruning and their attempts to appease Hitler. A cartoon of Bruning standing over a trap door that is opening as he talks to Hindenburg. Photograph of von Papen. Photograph of von Schleicher with Strasse and Rohm. Hinderburg in traditional Kaiser attire. A very elderly looking President alongside AH on 30 January 1933 when Hitler is invited to become Chancellor. An impressive firework display at a Nazi rally. Hindenburg watches from his window. View of Hitler in the distance waving from a window. A Nazi march passes through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Close up of a German men watching proceedings. A Cabinet photocall with Hitler's colleagues looking pensive. Close up of communist workers demonstrations. Nazi anti-communist propaganda posters.
(17.29 ) The Reichstag fire on February 28, 1933. Three shots of the building on fire at night, one clearly shows the dome on fire. Fireman aims firehose at the blaze. Burning window frame. Reichstag on fire with people silhouetted in the foreground. A destroyed Reichstag the day after - thrre shots of ruined building. Hitler looks over the debris. The accused, a 'half-witted' Dutch communist on trial. A special session of Parliament, with Hitler speaking and demanding emergency powers which are granted.

The SA ("Sturm Arbeitlung") patrol the streets of Germany. The arrest of Nazi political opponents - socialists, communists, conservatives, union members, right-wingers, partisans. Drawing of a political enemy being tortured by Nazi soldiers. The German Army parade before the President. Hitler looks on. A march of the SA over the country fields. Ernst Rohm, Commander of the SA, salutes Hitler. Two battle ships carry out naval manoevres in Spring 1934. Hitler on board. Rohm meets SA soldiers and grasps a swastika flag as he passes down the line. Photograph of Kurt von Schleicher. Photograph of Gregor Strasse. View of the church on the day of President Hindenburg's funeral. The army giving an oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer. Hitler gives a powerful speech, very well-received by the audience. Examples of the cult of personality and the onset of Nazism. Hitler planting trees, opening events, public works schemes, setting off ships. German industry - steel works. Model of a new city envisaged by AH to be the perfect example of the "Thousand-Year Reich". Visiting an art gallery. Examples of Nazi art: the 'Aryan' sculptures.

Jewish shops daubed with graffitti. SS soldiers block entrances to Jewish shops, march down streets wearing sandwich boards with anti-Jewish propaganda. Political prisoners lined up before what looks like a firing squad. Burning of subversive books ie. Those that are not accepted by the regime. Nazi onlookers sing as the blaze increases in ferocity.

A view of a tranquil hilltop. Hitler at his mountain retreat. Reading one of Wagner's operas. Seated on the sofa with Eva Braun. Braun in the field picking flowers. Bathing on a sun lounger. Alongside Hitler with other officials. Hermann Goring in braces seated with Hitler on the patio. Rudolf Hess and AH. Goebbels and Hitler at the dinner table. Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. Film of the Hitler Youth groups. Columns of Nazi soldiers. Masses of swastika flags. A rally. The new Reich Chancellory in Berlin, visited by important European statesmen. Hitler meeting various important looking men.

The Fuhrer oversees army manoevres with planes, tanks, cannons. Map of Central Europe with Germany at the centre and the nations that Hitler plans to invade. March 7, 1936 - soldiers march into the Rhineland. Greeted by inhabitants. A dapper-looking Hitler in trilby hat. Bird's eye view of Vienna. A Nazi demo in Austria. Austrian prime minister, Kurt von Schuschnigg. A mountain road. Von Schuschnigg speaking in an interview. View of Berchtesgaden in Bavaria. Schuschnigg's publicity posters. Demos in Austria. Raising the boundaries between Austria and Germany. Hitler drives into Vienna. Propaganda film that is aimed at Czechoslovakia showing refugees supposedly fleeing the Sudetenland. Neville Chamberlain smiles from the window of his train. Chamberlain arrives at Berchtesgaden with Hitler. Photograph of the two men around the table. Arms being distributed to Nazi sympathisers in the Sudetenland. Pins from hand grenades being released. Armed preparations. Chamberlain arriving at another meeting with Hitler. Close up photograph of Chamberlain and Hitler. British PM leaves the meeting, his eyes cast downwards. British newspaper boards warn of the "Imminent Peril of War".

Soldiers on their way to defend Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain boards a plane bound for Munich in a last ditch attempt to prevent war. Hitler meets with Mussolini. British premier arrives at the Munich Conference (1938). Hitler shakes hands with the French Prime Minister, Daladier with Mussolini alongside. Footage of the Munich Conference. September 30 1938- Chamberlain, Hitler, Mussolini and Daladier sign the Munich Agreements ceding control of Czechoslovakia to Germany.

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