Film: 5982

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A propaganda film made by the US government explaining the reasons why Americans should be committed to fighting the Nazis. A lot of very good contemporary archive material used. The actual narrative suffers from over imagination where fact is not available.

Opening sequence is that of US army emblem with dramatic music. White words come up on the screen" In our first film we saw that this is a war between a free and a slave world. We saw Japan occupy Manchuria and invade China, and Mussolini seize Ethiopia". " Now we are going to see how the Nazis struck". On a fake Space background the words" German ambitions for world conquest go back a long way". "1863" comes towards the screen. A picture of 'Bismarck' is shown. The words " We will dominate the world" appear over him. "1914" come hurtling towards the screen. A picture of 'Kaiser Wilhelm the Second' appears. The words "God has made us for civilising the world, woe and death to all who resist my will". "1933" comes towards the screen. A photograph of Adolf Hitler appears. The words " My motto is : Destroy by all means and any means. National Socialism will reshape the world". A pretend meteor hits and explodes on a model Earth.

Statue of German Eagle with swastika in talons. Shots from "Triumph of the Will" by 'Leni Riefenstahl', Adolf Hitler and two associates walk up an aisle with columns of people either side in a regular formation. Another shot looking out onto the Nuremberg arena. The three walk towards the camera, Himmler, Hess and Hitler in centre. Uniformed Nazis in black helmets begin to bugle. Rows of nazis turn around and look at the camera. Aerial shot of Nazis moving about in formation. Over this shots of what the "madness of domination" has cost the world. Large flandersque graveyard full of white crosses. Gassed British soldiers, with hands over eyes, walking in a line. People receiving bread from the back of a truck. Buildings on fire and falling down, Blitz probably. Woman in head scarf crying. Woman crying with patch over eye. Russian soldier leading a bloody faced child through the snow. Hanging bodies, could be Eastern Front.

Nazi banners being carried up beside the Nuremberg podium, where Adolf Hitler is standing. Adolf Hitler standing on the podium with arms crossed. More bugles playing, more people saluting. Close up of Adolf Hitler standing with Hess. Marching Asian warriors clashing symbols and banging drums. Mongolian horsemen ride around. Picture of oriental warrior appears, probably 'Genghis Khan'. Map of Asia and Europe with white lines drawn , demonstrating the path of the Mongol army under Khan. The point made is that " Khan conquered most of the world of the thirteenth century, Adolf Hitler was determined to out do him".

Two towers. A bridge in front of a large building with a detailed façade. People walking into the building. According to the commentator this is the " German Institute of Geo-Politics". People looking at an over head projector. A picture of "Carl Househoffer" appears on the screen, behind 'Carl' is a map of Europe with lines radiating across it. Woman slides filing cabinet open to show rows of index cards. Corridors with people walking along them. People at a desk talking and holding a piece of paper. A woman looking at photographs. Close up of magnifying glass looking at an oil refinery. Nazis walking into a large building with two large black statues of naked men sat either side. Lecture theatre with chemistry equipment on the front table. Picture of globe ,as seen from North Pole. The land area coloured black moves together to form a whole circle. The figures 25% show on the black and 75% on the white perimeter. Sots of oil wells. People turning the pump of an oil well. Oil drill coming out of the ground. Texan oil wells. Logs falling down a hill. Coal being picked up by a crane. Coal travelling along a underground conveyor belt. Cows running up a wooded hillside. Wheat being harvested. A mass flock of sheep. A Russian soldier over looking people in a small valley walking about. Men putting boxes onto a truck. People carrying rubble in head bags up a hill. Back to world map. Animation demonstrates the methods by which Adolf Hitler is planning world domination. Close up of Adolf Hitler. More shots of Nuremberg. An artillery gun is fired. Adolf Hitler meeting and greeting Gauleiters at Nuremberg. More shots of Adolf Hitler at Nuremberg. Animated maps of Japanese seizure of Manchuria and Mussolini's seizure of Ethiopia.

Adolf Hitler sat laughing with Goering. Adolf Hitler and another Nazi looking at a map. Black Swastika on a textile background, words in white " Demoralise the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. That is the war of the future." Shot of Adolf Hitler looking out onto ship in port. Young men sunbathing on a ship's deck, people smiling and looking out at the sea. Ribbentrop gets out of a car and walks up some steps in London, where he was ambassador until 1938. Picture of Belgium Nazi De Grille (?). The French nazi La Roche(?). Sudeten/Czech Nazi Henlein walking through a town. Austrian Nazi Dr Arthur Seyss-Inquart in an open top car. Oswald Mosley walking through the 1936 Black Shirt rally in Olympia. Mosley making a speech at Olympia rally. Scenes of street fighting and scuffles in France. A car being turned over. Belgium police attacking a crowd of demonstrators. Uniformed American Nazis marching at a rally in Madison Square Gardens. Shot of 'Fritz Kule' (?) leader of the 'German-American Bund' More shots of American Nazis saluting. Some one is beaten up beside the speaker podium at the rally.

Shot of urban skyline. Train moves into station. Shots of the steel making process.
Thin woman gets a tin from another. Early Nazi concentration camp, could well be Stockhaussen, people walking in its grounds. Clearly acted shot of four men being executed by firing squad. Photograph of Himmler. Silhouette of man chopping with a large axe. Marching German soldiers. President Hindenburg(1925-33) inspects the troops. Goose stepping German soldiers. Paper and pens blown off a table. "1935" comes on the screen with men walking with suitcases. Boys throwing gliders. Gliders flying in the sky. Pilot gets into a glider and is released by some comrades sitting on the ground. Large glider takes off. Two uniformed Luftwaffe pilots look into the sky. Far of plane formation in the sky. Planes fly past. German paratroops jumping out of a grounded plane fuselage. German paratroopers jumping from an airborne plane. More goose stepping German soldiers. German 'Mark 2 Tanks' on manoeuvres. A diving 'Junkers Ju 87B-1' or 'Stuka' . Shots of the German navy.

Map of German/French border, Rhineland is highlighted. German soldiers crossing the bridge over the Rhine on March 7th 1936. Two German high ranking officers one possibly ' List' look at a map. Goebels looks through some triangular binoculars. German officer giving instructions. Man in white coat knocks a post into the ground. Young men with sashes walk along a road. Young men pulling on a rope. Shot of train passing. Shot of train from trucks forward. Lorries passing each other, train in background. Shots of tyres piled high. Barbed wire piled high. Men shovelling something out of railway trucks. Men building. Views of fortified lines of defences, could be 'Siegfried Line' or 'Maginot Line'. German soldiers walking past some barbed wire. Shots of underground bunkers from ground level. German soldiers walking into a bunker. Hitler and cronies turn a corner in an open top car. Close up of Hitler waving. Planes in formation overhead. 'Waffen SS' marching. Two large coastal gun barrels drive past. Military personnel from different countries salute from a podium. More troops, trucks and guns parade past. Aerial shot of parade. German soldiers march past Hitler, Goering, Raeder and other military chiefs. Ticker tape parade in New York.

Hitler and Goering walk up the steps of the 'Berghof' at 'Berchtesgaden'. Hitler looks at a map and laughing with possibly 'General Bock', General Rundstedt' and others. Map of Europe with finger pointing to Austria. German and other border guards remove a white post, everyone is happy. German soldiers marching through a town with crowds looking on. Trucks with a Nazi flag drives past. Planes fly over. Hitler driving through the streets of what is said to be Vienna. Map animation of Austrian take over and designs on Czechoslovakia. Picture of Bismarck. Shots of Czech army marching, pulling and riding. Pre-war Czech Air Force. Man at machine in the 'Skoda' works. Long view of factory. Czech President 'Benes' signing a piece of paper. French troops marching with spears. Shots from the back of a Royal Navy ship. Hitler surrounded by a large group of Nazis and military.

Shot of old woman with glasses. Hitler Youth marching. Hitler making a speech, if the commentator is correct then this is the Nuremberg rally speech of September 1938.Shot of a lot of flags. Hitler Youth marching towards flags. German Navy marching through a town. Different people some in national costume walking through a town holding banners with the name of the country on the top, Norway, Sweden and china. There is an Olympic flag flying in the background so this could be from the Berlin Olympics of 1936.A lot of Americans clamber to shake Hitler's hand. Close up of Hitler speaking. Pictures of anti- Nazi Americans of German decent are shown. 'Admiral Chester Nimitz'. Lieutenant general Walter Krueger'. Senator Robert Wagner'. 'Wendell Wilkie'. 'Henry J Kaiser'. Shots of American armed forces. Close up map of Czechoslovakia with Sudetenland highlighted. Czech nazis march past camera. Konrad Henlein with German officer. Meeting with Sudetan Nazis looking on. People examining rubber truncheons. Shots of people injured. Hitler making a speech. Man making speech at League of Nations. Old men voting at the league. Men carrying suitcases. Border post coming down. A lot of Nazis running towards a plane.

Meeting of Axis, Hitler, Goering, Mussolini, Hess, Himmler stand around a table. Munich agreement meeting. Chamberlain walks up some steps with two other men. Daladier walks into a room. Chamberlain, Daladier, Ribbentropp, Hitler, Goering, Mussolini in a room. scenes of protest in Prague. Daladier driving in an open top car, crowds are enthusiastic. White plane lands and taxis. Chamberlain appears at the door way. He stands and makes 'Peace in our Time ' speech. Panzer tank rolls by. German troop trucks, motorcycles , Mark 2 tanks drive through Prague. Women make Nazi salutes even though they are crying. Map of central Europe Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia blacked out, big white arrow points at Poland.

Chamberlain makes a speech, possibly 1939 Tory party conference, guaranteeing Poland's borders. Shot of the Kremlin. Ribbentrop boards a plane and waves. Ribbentrop and Molotov greet each other, could the signing of the Nazi-Soviet pact of 23 August 1939. Both sit on white sofas for a chat. Stalin waves. Russian troops march past Stalin in annual May Day parades. Stalin and Molotov wave. Hitler making a speech. Cover of newspaper " Poles will Fight for Danzig". Polish border guard looks behind. Men in civilian dress march. Old men and women dig a large trench. Boys dig. Map animation to show Poland's position and options pre war. Aerial view of Germans in trucks ,armoured cars etc. Back view of Panzers driving. Polish soldiers driving along road in horse and cart. Polish Cavalry charging. German ground crew preparing a 'Heinkel 111'. Shots of Japanese in China. Hitler making a speech. Heavy artillery guns firing. Motorcycles drive through a wood. Mark 2 tanks drive along. Heinkel 111 takes off. 4 Stukas take off. Views from Heinkel shooting up a Polish air field. Views from inside cockpit. Squadron of Heinkels. Interior of Heinkel's front gunner. Messerschmitt 109 flying behind camera in another plane. Indistinct fighter plane gets shot up. Another plane tumbles out of the sky. Another Indistinct fighter plane gets shot up. More views of Aerial combat. Bombs falling on a city. Close up of Stuka dive bombing from stukas point of view. Railway engine gets hit. Pilot smiles. Another Polish cavalry charge. Various shots of German army advancing across Poland. Animation map describes how Poland was defeated. Aerial view of Warsaw under siege. Radio masts. Old fashioned fire engine. Top of building explodes. 240mm Howitzer siege guns are loaded and fired. A city in the distance burns. People pray and a priest delivers a mass. Women and children run. Dead horses in the street. Skeletons of horses in the street. German soldiers in the city.

Cartoon of Polish resistance at Polwysep peninsula. Ships firing at close range in a port. German sailors discarding empty shell cases. Tracer fire from a German ship. White flag. Polish prisoners of war walk along a road. Scenes of betrayal in a polish village. Actors stand in front of a fence. German soldiers fire a Maxim machine gun. Picture of Himmler. Silhouetted axe man. Real pictures of dead people on a roadside. Women throw water on to a flaming pyre. Women and girls cry. A German Condor plane takes off. Interior of plane shows Hitler chatting and looking out of the window. This is interspersed shots of Warsaw burning and in rubble. Russian and German troops greet each other and read out proclamations.

Animated map explains why Hitler carry on fight to Russia. British news stand read 'Britain Acts'. Some French troops run out of some gates. Three planes in the sky. German ships and crew running to battle stations and a few bombs dropping. Chamberlain sitting. Churchill and wife walking. George VI getting out of a car. Civilians marching past in helmets. Men getting 'Kitted out' as soldiers. Home guard in 'Civvies' helmets and with rifles. Churchill making a speech, flanked by Eden, Attlee, Beaverbrook and Bevin. Whilst speech is in progress sots of a devastated city, dead people and assorted horrors of war are shown. American soldiers marching, the liberty bell swings and a large white 'V' appears on the screen.

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