Film: 5984

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Newspaper street seller holds up newspaper "EXTRA. NAZI SPY GANG ARRESTED"
fake shot of Nazi American meeting indoors with orator working crowd up by denouncing American constitution. Crowd rise and proclaim "Seig Heil".
Real outdoor shot of gathering of American Nazis who carry Nazi and American flags. German American clubs. Marching bands. Man in crowd gives Nazi salute.
Madison Square Garden, New York City. Huge rally of Nazi sympathisers. Protester is grabbed by men in uniform and hit. Audience salute. Cover of newsreel with picture of Mussolini and Hitler on it.
Steel works - smelting. Launching a ship. Smashing bottle on ship. German troops in troop carriers at parade. Parade of forces. Planes fly overhead with Nazi flag fluttering in the foreground. Japanese munitions plant. Japanese steelworks. Launching Japanese ship. Welders. Marching Italian troops goose-stepping. Mussolini salutes by statue of Caesar. Hitler saluting. Emperor Hirohito riding horse at head of mounted soldiers. Japanese with flags. Emperor salutes. Japanese flag waving crowd. German flag waving crowd. Close up of face of Statue of Liberty. Lincoln Statue. Representative Andrew J May of Kentucky speaks. The Naval Affairs Committee of the House of representatives. The secretary of Navy, Charles Edison speaks. Talk of American re-armament. Diagram shows size of budget spent on armaments.
Map of Czechoslovakia. Smiling face of Hitler. Choir singing in American church, U.S.A. Newspaper seller with paper "Italy attacks Albania". Warships' guns firing in close up. Italian troops march along quayside in Albania. Italian troops push bicycles through Albanian town. Troops in military vehicles driving through countryside. The White House in Washington. President Roosevelt signing messages to Hitler and Mussolini as he sits at his desk. Photo guns flash. Roosevelt uses blotting paper.
In Germany, Reichstag audience laugh and burst into applause as Hitler lists names of people who complain. Crowds rise to feet and salute. "Seig Heil". Close up of goose-stepping feet. Newspaper headline spins into view "Poland Invaded". German troops march across makeshift platoon bridge. Field guns fire. Shell explodes near country road. Infantry walk across open country. German stuka explodes. Crowds of civilians in Warsaw read message in shop window reading "War". They look glum. Air raid sirens sound. People run around streets of Warsaw. Larger German bombers bombing. Close ups of bomb release mechanism working. Fake footage of street fighting. German horse teams riding through ruins. Old Polish woman holds her head. Very young baby has head bandaged. Dead Polish civilians lined up. American couple sit at home listening to wireless. She knits, he reads newspaper. Men in workplace stand around wireless and pot-bellied stove and listen to announcement of "Zero hour". British Houses of Parliament. Downing Street crowds. Policemen outside number 10 Downing Street. Black cat passes. Chamberlain's voice speaks of war. Men in a back garden in Britain shovel earth onto an Anderson shelter as mother and baby look on. Old woman has gas mask fitted. Baby is placed in baby's all -body gas mask. British troops ride in back of open-topped lorry. marching British troops. Tommy gives a "thumbs-up".
American couple listen to radio as they lie in their twin beds, the radio between them.. The French Maginot line. Beret-wearing French soldiers march. Underground tunnel of the Maginot line. French forts and underground bunkers firing on Germany. German field guns firing back. Large gun. At this stage 82% of Americans considered Germany responsible for causing the war. Special session of Congress called. Delegates meeting informally. Roosevelt talks to Congress. Senator Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota talks. Senator Elbert D. Thomas of Utah asks for the Embargo Act to be modified.
War in China. Japanese artillery. Civilians fleeing Japanese soldiers execute bound Chinese civilians. Woman cries. Dead baby. Crying boy. Dead burned baby. American pollster talks to American headscarf-wearing housewife on her doorstep. American port.. Crane loading scrap onto Japanese ship. Chinese Americans walk by with banners "Embargo Japan". Mr Acheson, Assistant Secretary of State talks to camera.
Hitler talks to two German high ranking officers at a table in 1940. Americans listening to radio. European civilians on roads as refugees. Faked footage of dive bomber and stream of refugees. American men gather round car radio. People on farm listen to radio. Footage of Dunkirk evacuation. Man in barber's chair has hair trimmed as he reads newspaper headline "Italy enters war". Roosevelt makes speech. Technicians twiddle knobs in radio control room (?). American mother, father and boy in living room listen to radio.
1940 surrender of France at Compeigne. Hitler marches by and salutes German troops. Statue of Marshal Foch. Germans prepare to enter military carriage. French delegation march up. German soldier unveils Nazi flag. Deserted Paris cafes. German troops march in front of Arc de Triomphe. Gun carriage. French man holds his head. Frenchman mops his eyes. Train with Nazi emblem on front. Hitler salutes out of the window. Deserted Paris streets as Hitlers's car drives around. Hitler looks at Eiffel Tower. Paris from Eiffel Tower - marching troops. German railway gun. Large gun barrel rises to the sky. Nazi soldier looks through binoculars. Large guns are fired. Maps show potential new German influence. Brazil with 1 million Germans. Pipe-smoking ethnic Germans. Three blonde girls. "Deutsche Schule". Inside a classroom with children writing and holding hands in air to teacher. Blonde girl talks. Examples of German-Brazilian newspapers. A German glider club. Also in Brazil 260,000 Japanese. Japanese farmer in close up in Brazil. Ecuador with German airline logos. Man indicates an Ecuadorean - German transport plane with bomb rack already fitted.
In Argentina the Deutscher Tennis Club. Ethnic Germans running and discus-throwing. German bank. German businesses. The Havan Conference (in Cuba) for the Defence of the Americas, July 22, 1940. Large building in Havana. Delegates from Argentina sit in foreground. Cordell Hall the American secretary of State speaks. Roosevelt speaks to congress. American airplane making. Work on building up navy - riveter. Men in large office study blueprint. Marching sailors and soldiers. American soldiers. Military build - up. Training without real guns. Machine gun made of wood for practising with. Tank is hit with bags of flour (for bombs). Trucks having "Tank" written on them. Soldier with dummy machine gun. Sign behind him reads "Machine Gun Nest". Soldier deeding bullets into real machine gun as it fires. Rally of field artillery. In May 1940 the United States army had 10 light and 18 medium tanks. Stock of lager beers in cans. The National Guard of the U.S. marching. Soldier kisses woman goodbye - obscured by his mountie-style hat. Soldiers get on train. Making the draw for recruitment. Serial number 158 is written on blackboard. Number 192 written underneath. Roosevelt reads the numbers out. Man looks at "Order to report for Induction" - the first compulsory peace-time army. Black man reads order in his kitchen with his wife next to him. Woman gives man suitcase. Chinese man puts sign in window "Closing up, drafted". Medical examination of men stripped to waist. Man has teeth checked. Ophthalmologist wears eye light. Man positioned for chest X-ray. Order has "Accepted" stamped on it. Swearing-in ceremony. Quick montage of raw recruits learning to march. German airfields. Taxiing aircraft. German planes taking off. Edward Murrow speaking to camera. German planes flying over Britain - filmed from another plane. British artillery. Burning barrage balloon "Public Air Raid Shelter for 300 Persons" sign. People in shelter look up sat noise of bomb. Burning building. Firemen. Blitz of London. In America, people read signs in window outlining progress of war from British perspective. British aircraft carrier, biplane flying close by. American harbour with lines of old naval ships from First World War. Ancient destroyers. Churchill signs for 50 old destroyers.
Meeting in Berlin between Japanese and German politicians. Roadshows(????). Mr Berle, the Assistant Secretary of State talks to camera. He tells us of and we see the Pact of Berlin. September 27th 1940. Cheering crowds. Italy, Japan and Germany sign tripartite pact. Caption tells us we are seeing Joachim von Ribbentrop signing for Germany, Galleago Giano signs for Italy, Saburu Kurusu signs for Japan. In Tokyo a waiter's hand pours wine from bottle into glasses. Japanese politicians. The toast. Crowds outside cheer. They wave flags. Large crowd in Rome cheers. Mussolini speaks from window. The Nazi, Japanese and Italian flags side by side. Japanese holds his hat up and acknowledges the crowd. Hitler stands by his side. Huge crowd in Berlin. London Blitz. Searchlight switched on. People asleep in Leicester Square tube station. Gun flashes. German bomb aimer. Points of light from fires far below, Bomb explosions in London. Warehouses burning. Fireman's hose with low pressure. Charles A. Lindbergh speaks. Wendell Willkie speaks and says England will win. In London, cleaning up the morning after a bombing raid. Sweeping glass off pavement. A fireman picks up a mannequin. A rescue worker picks through rubble and pulls out a small Union Jack flag.
Japanese soldiers marching.
U.S. pollster asks farmer on a ranch his opinion. Roosevelt speaks to congress asking for more funds for armaments manufacture. Quick shots of ship, plane, tank, gun being readied for export to Britain or China. American Land-Lease Act passed. U.S. dockers working oving sacks. Marching Nazi feet with dates superimposed.
Yugoslavia overrun. Greece invaded. German troops attacking Russia. Germans in small boat. Tanks and motorcycle troops. German fires large field gun. Russian women dig massive earth defences. Loading a British fighter plane body onto a ship. Arab dockers unloading goods in Red Sea. The Burma Road to China full of trucks. Large depot of boxes in Murmansk. Cotton bail tipped off ship in Iran. Chalked graffiti "Hammer and Sickle 'em". Huge depot of trucks. Lots of sailors rolling tyres. Arabs pulling large wooden crate. Chinese lifting heavy goods. American barber with man in chair, his face lathered. Statue of Liberty.
Map shows what would happen if Axis had won. The Capitol in Washington, a flag flying in foreground. Railway trucks of aid destined for Britain, Russia and China. Trucks on road in arid conditions. Ships at sea. American ships taking troops to occupy bases in Greenland and Iceland. U.S. ship in front of snowy, rocky shoreline. American troops in Greenland or Iceland harbour. Submarine at sea. Point of view of men descending conning tower towards camera. Crew working in submarine. Turning a wheel quickly. American ship seen through faked periscope shot. Launch of torpedo, torpedo track through sea. Explosion of torpedo against ship. Newspaper headline "U.S. ship torpedoed". Several headlines showing American ships being sunk.
U.S. flag floating in water. The U.S. Secretary of War, Harry L. Stimson speaks in front of microphone. Wendell Wilkie speaks at rally. "We want those cargoes protected." Enthusiastic applause from audience.
Shot of Neutrality Act repealed superimposed on Congress interior. Crane loading deck guns on to merchant ship. Ships in Atlantic.
Map shows Japan attacking French Indo-China. Japanese Imperial flag flies from ship's mast. Japanese troops descend side of ship. Japanese troops in open truck in town in French Indo-china. Troops march near Donodak. Japanese troops wear camouflage on helmets. Sea plane takes off. The ships of the Japanese task force making their way to Pearl Harbour. Japanese Ambassador disembarks from seaplane. Lots of American photographers take pictures of Ambassador. He speaks into microphone (mute). Cordell Hall meets Japanese negotiators. Japanese field guns in operation. Japanese troops in Chinese town. Charging down street. Smiling Japanese faces after meeting. Japanese aircraft carriers. December 7th 1941. Japanese air crew are briefed. Pilot gets in plane with his Samurai sword. Two-seater planes taking off. Planes fly in formation . Clock reads 1 o'clock. Clock reads five past one. Shots from inside Japanese plane. Ten past One. U.S. Secretary of State on telephone. Twenty past one. Hawaii - views. Sailors at open air service. Sailors throw baseball to each other. Sign says "Aloha". Dramatised shots of sailors looking up as they hear aeroplane engines. Japanese bomb aimer. Bombs dropping. Exploding. Explosion on ship. Camera shot straight down at airfield. Japanese plane drops torpedo. Large explosions. Faked footage. Japanese pilots fire guns. American is shot. Clock reads 2 o'clock. Twenty past two. American naval gunner winds wheels on gun. Ships fire guns. Actors firing guns up in air. Black soldier fires gun. Japanese planes trail smoke. Crashed and burning Japanese plane. Japanese delegation in Washington. hall talks to camera about Japanese proposals. He puts on pince-nez glasses and reads. Smoking ruins of ships at Pearl Harbour. Panorama over this. Roosevelt's voice announcing war. Americans on stretchers. Injured man. U.S. flag and Statue of Liberty.

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