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War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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World War Two, The Battle Of Britain.

Map of Western Europe shown with the continent and the swastika, and on the opposite side, the British Isles. Over this map with big white letters "June 1940", over the map is moving a shadow of a German soldier with a rifle, moving against England as the swastika gets bigger.

Eiffel Tower in Paris shown. Adolf Hitler with other German generals on a balcony watching the Eiffel Tower, Hitler alone with the Eiffel Tower, German army marching through the streets of Paris, on the streets people, Hitler with generals on the balcony in front of the Eiffel Tower, German soldiers marching on a street through the Arc de Triomphe, Hitler in front of the Eiffel Tower, soldiers sitting on a wagon driving on a street, holding rifles, followed by a gun.

Photograph of Dunkirk, Hitler in a car sitting with other German generals driving through Dunkirk, Dunkirk destroyed, ruins, German soldiers on the street driving motorbikes and cars, they drive through a destroyed street, photograph with a bridge of Calais, big letters "Calais", the port of Calais with destroyed and sunk ships, one big destroyed ship and a small one, Hitler with German generals walking through a gate, soldiers in a trench watching through a pair of binoculars, beside them a machine gun.

Hitler watching through a periscope or telescope, he is looking at the English Coast, the English Channel and the English Coast, waves on the sea, map of England, Hitler watching through a periscope, map of Europe, the German Reich in black colour with an white swastika, flames over Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, England shown

A street of Berlin with cars and people, in white letters "Berlin", a Nazi-museum with a big gate and two sculptures in front, on the gate two guards, one guard with gun showing alone, a big door with soldiers and two well dressed guards, door of the office of Adolf Hitler, on the top of the door the runs AH for Adolf Hitler, on this runs a quotation of Hitler about England.

Hitler with other German generals on a table looking at a map, a house with lights in the windows, guards in front of an building, Hitler and other German generals in a office watching a map, a swastika and the letters of the invasion plan of England, map of the European continent and the British Isles shown, graphic of the plan of the destruction of England by aircraft, bombs on different British cities, German planes in the air.

An animation of the German occupation of England, graphic with aircraft bombing the English Coast, airplane with parachute troops jumping out of the plane, graphic with the movements of warships from France to England, graphic of aircraft, movements from the English Coast to the middle of England, a circle around London, the circle closes, over Britain a big white swastika, war boats on the sea in front a black swastika, graphic of Europe with the German occupied countries, troops moving from England and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, direction USA, troops arrive on the East coast of the U.S.A., on the West coast Japanese troops.

A destroyed French city in front a river or sea and a big church tower, German soldiers marching through a destroyed city, army musicians playing music, they sing a German song about to sail against England, soldiers marching on a street, military cars with German soldiers, a military truck drives over a bridge, German soldiers on a train with a gun watching the area, soldiers moving cans of petrol, a plane with petrol cans, soldiers reload, a train with a big gun.

A graphic map of Europe shown with black coloured occupied German countries, they move to a crocodile snapping England, Dunkirk - British soldiers on a street, a battleship with a gun and British soldiers on the sea, behind the ship soldiers walking in the water, swimming soldiers arrive at boat, people help them to get into the boat, German aircraft in the air, a British boat with a gun, gun shoots, soldiers on a British ship helping others out of the water, British soldiers on a ship cleaning their hands, the sea with ships and soldiers, a destroyed village with crashed cars on the street, a destroyed tank, guns in a field, army cars and a truck, some British soldiers on a bridge, around them other soldiers, soldiers smoking cigarettes, drinking and eating, a camp of British soldiers, a British tank around it, soldiers, the coast with a trench and soldiers in it, the English Coast, a British battleship, five battleships on the sea, two battleships on the sea, one with an smoking funnel.

A graphic of England shown, England covered by ships, over then German aircraft, a British military airport with a plane and soldiers, the Royal Air force Flag, RAF aircraft on a field checked by soldiers, RAF aircraft in the air, London and the St. Paul's Cathedral, people on the street, the home front in World War Two, a British family at home at the table, women cleaning the ground, two men in a pub drinking, smoking and speaking, two women in a clothes shop, a pastor speaking with a farmer in front of a church, a baby on the ground crawling to the mother, soldiers in a street, women in a street, soldiers and sailors, a boy, old men working, men waiting at a bus stop, change into the Home Guard, some civilians with guns, soldiers in front of a blackboard, a man is showing a tank, two soldiers on a gun, some others watching them, a man with a shell, he shows how to shoot a shell, training the Home Guard. Artillery, people watching this, a soldier shoots a rifle, other one is watching him, he shows how to shoot.
Women at war, a lady in a clothes shop wearing a puppet, two soldier-women watching her, a girl is making a fire on the fireplace, she is reading a newspaper, the newspaper shows a picture of an barrage balloon. (08:02)
Balloon moving out of a garage, women fasten the barrage balloon with ropes on the ground, a man alone doing this, a barrage balloon is starting, around it people, women in military clothes between sandbags, they are running to a machine, a railway locomotive cleaned up by people, a woman is cleaning a wheel of a locomotive, a woman moving levers for the railway tracks, a woman gets into a train, a woman getting into a cockpit of a plane, plane is starting, women with bags moving to motorbikes, they sit on them, hospital trucks driving on a street, people removing a bus, a woman opens a can, women cutting potatoes, a soldier tries to put food out of an pan, women give the food on plates to the soldiers.

In a steel factory, women munitions workers, women on a drilling-machine, a woman is welding, a worker is moving a propeller on the plane, a worker is walking on a stairway, beside him a man in a box, a woman on a drilling-machine, a man on a turning-lathe, a woman on a turning-lathe, drilling a tool, turning a machine part, a woman with a steel-hook, a steel-factory, a steel-worker with glasses, another one cleaning himself, a worker with the glasses, a tired woman, drinking.

Inside a factory. A woman is giving drinks to the workers, people playing darts, workers on a turning-lathe, two soldiers (guards) on a field, guardians on a street, a car passing, soldiers running over a field, soldiers are running out of the bunker, down to the sea, a man with a rifle taking milk and newspaper into a house, soldier on leave ? he is closing the door, doors opens again, his wife brings him a bag,

Soldiers walking on a street, Winston Churchill walks out of a building, a woman gives him a flower, cheering people, Churchill greets them with his hat. A family in front of a radio, people sitting in a restaurant, a man listens to the radio.
The coast with English soldiers, a guard walking on a border fence, soldiers lay down on a hill, soldiers behind sandbags watching a street, soldiers walking up a hill. Man in a pub is smoking and drinking. Houses of Parliament with barbed wire in front.
A family is working in the garden, Two men pile soil onto an Anderson shelter while a mother and baby look on. (10:35)
People on the street, soldiers with rifles walking in the evening, soldiers are marching on a street, workers in a steel factory, King George VI on the coast watching the sea, a air raid siren sounds, people watching the sky, a farmer with a horse is sitting on a wagon watching the sky, children under a bridge watching the sky and running away, farmers on a grass-wagon watching the sky, an antenna or aerial, a soldier with a pipe alarming the people, people trying to put a gas mask on a child's head, a woman with a baby, a boy is watching the sky, his mother takes him into the house.

The Battle of Britain. A picture of the English Coast, over this with big letters "August 8th 1940", soldiers on the coast watching the sky with a pair of binoculars, soldiers running into a bunker or onto a gun (anti-aircraft-gun), German aircraft in the sky, German aircraft over the Britain. Pictures from the coast from an aircraft, aircraft in the sky, the camera in a plane watching the sea, a pilot in a plane watching through a pair of binoculars, the plane-camera shows battleships, battleships on the sea, aircraft on the sky, a pilot in the cockpit, flying German aircraft, battleships on the sea, German dive bomber aircraft (Stukas) flying down to the land, German aircraft dropping bombs against battleships, a German aircraft over a ship, dropping bombs, detonation on the sea between ships, plane camera shows flying German aircraft, a bell is shown, an RAF man rings the bell, British pilots scramble, running to the Spitfire, aircraft, starting plane engines, a pilot on the wings of an aircraft, starting British aircraft, the sea is shown, German aircraft in the sky, they attack a British battleship, dropping bombs, detonation on the ship, Stukas flying, British aircraft flying, German aircraft, a pilot climbs into a cockpit, he is pushing the button for firing his guns, the pilot is shooting at an aircraft, the aircraft is burning, falling down into the sea, detonation in the sea, more German aircraft shown, British aircraft shown, a battle in the air, a damaged aircraft, shooting at a German aircraft, the aircraft is damaged, falling down into the sea, destroyed German aircraft shown, big white letters "182 planes", destroyed airplanes in the sea, graphic shown of the battle and bombing of England by German aircraft, detonations on different English cities, an aircraft flying down to the sea to bomb the ship, dropping bombs, detonation on the ship, flying aircraft shown from the plane camera, detonation on the coast.

A bus is driving, the driver stops and watches the sky, a German plane in the sky, people getting out of the bus, the German pilot is shooting at the bus, he shoots holes into the windows of the bus, a pilot in the cockpit, aircraft shown, a hand on a lever, German aircraft in the sky, followed by an English one, a destroyed plane is falling down, destroyed planes on the ground, over this big white letters "180 planes".

Graphic of South England, smoke over Plymouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Dover, planes over a ship, a battleship shown, boxes shown with ammunition from the USA, a burning house, reload a ship, a plane reload from the ship, men reload with pushing some levers, a tank reloading, British planes in the sky.

Graphic shown from South England, destroyed Army airport shown, German planes dropping bombs over England. Hidden British aircraft, a house, in front people, beside the house a British plane, another plane in the garden, planes in the air.

Graphic shown with planes, dates of German attacks shown, big letters
"26 major attacks", graphic of German and British planes shown and the number of them, a bailed out British pilot parachutist is landing beside a ship, another one is still in the air, a boat on the sea, a man watching through a pair of binoculars, a parachute on the sea, a man in a boat shows plates to a plane, the sailors help the airmen from the boat to get into, a water-plane helps a parachutist, a man on the boat, shaking hands on the boat, a destroyed German plane, German prisoners of war, in a camp, men with shovels walking, a burning German plane.

Hitler on the Obersalzberg speaking with German generals, map of West Europe shown, occupied German countries and England, a tank shown with soldiers in front sitting on a table and reading a map, soldiers with horses shown cleaning them, a soldier is hanging clothes to dry, trucks at a port, German soldiers are bringing munitions to a gun, the gun is shooting, detonation on the sea, a gun on a wagon of a train is shooting, Hitler in the Reichstag making a speech, Hermann Goering (Chief of the German Airforce) with other German generals in a car,
they stop on a building, they get out of the car and enter the building.

Plane shown and the date August 30th 1940, Hitler and Goering give greetings to the soldiers, soldiers loading a bomb on a plane, starting, flying, German planes in the air, a British guardsman with a rifle in front of him, a gun, British soldiers marching on the coast, sitting on a gun-wagon, guns shown, alarm or signal shown, soldiers on a wireless station, soldiers on a gun, British generals sitting in a big office watching the map of Western Europe and England, soldiers in an office are listening to the radio and writing, British soldiers are starting planes, two British guards watching the sky, British soldiers in a bunker are watching the sky with a pair of binoculars, more soldiers with binoculars, aircraft in the sky, aircraft over the land.

Graphic of England, German planes are bombing the English cities, big letters "Hell's Corner", German aircraft in the sky, British soldiers on a gun (anti-aircraft-gun), they are shooting the German planes, British soldiers on a anti-aircraft gun, aircraft in the sky, a German plane is flying over the land, destroyed German aircrafts shown, bombing the country, explosions over a city,

Workers in a munitions factory, planes in the sky, anti-aircraft guns are shooting, soldiers with binoculars, a soldier is giving information on the telephone, on the other end of the line a man reacts and pushes a button, alarm sounds, a worker in a factory with a cigarette stops the machine, he takes his clothes and hat and leaves the factory, workers are running out of the factory, going into a garage with an fire-brigade truck, men give alarm with an pipe, men in a factory stop to work and take the hat, German planes in the sky, one is dropping bombs, workers in a factory are carrying ammunition, a laughing man at work, a soldier is watching the soldiers, workers on machines, behind them other workers throwing stones from the destroyed wall, British planes, following the German planes, a pilot in the cockpit, a destroyed German plane is falling down, the British soldier is showing the hand, a British plane, landing on the airport, soldiers are holding the plane, a British officer is holding a paper, a pilot in a cockpit, talking with him two soldiers, the pilot is getting out of the plane, shooting holes in a plane are shown, talk between the pilot and the officer.

Graphic of aircraft shown, big letters "35 major attacks", graphic with the number of the German and British planes shown, also the number of parachutes shown, British soldiers on the coast are watching the sea with binoculars, house in Berchtesgaden shown, Hitler and Goering in a big room with a big window watching a map, a German map of West ern Europe and England shown, a finger shows London, Tower and Tower Bridge shown, people are walking on London Bridge, anti-aircraft guns, a barrage balloon, more barrage balloons over the country, a British plane shown, passing by a military car with soldiers in it, guards are watching, people working, a mother with child, children walking to the railway station, women crying, evacuation, children on a platform, children in a train watching out of the window, workers reloading a truck, a soldier on a balcony watching over London, a fireman working, people in front of a station, cars by night, a food shop shown, a policeman knocking on the window, Stipules shown with big letters "September 7th 1940", Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, people walking in a bunker led by soldiers, a house, a soldier with a telephone, women in a shop, a man calling, he gives information to the customers, women on a lift, people on a stairway walking out of the shop, a woman calling, an empty shop shown, soldiers with binoculars.

German planes, from the plane showing the Thames, more planes, a British soldier is watching the sky, behind him the panorama of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, German planes, British planes, shooting planes, fight in the air, a German plane dropping bombs, a pilot in the cockpit, Big Ben shown, a plate of Air Raid Shelter, people inside a bunker, soldiers watching the sky, a German plane dropping bombs, a man stands on the wall, after a detonation he runs away, he runs to the telephone, a German airplane over a British city, inside of a cockpit, dropping bombs, people on a bank in the tube station "Piccadilly Circus", a train is coming, a woman is knitting, a plane drops bombs, people in the tube station, detonations, destroyed houses in London, two men in a hospital, a man in a destroyed church, a destroyed church, destroyed houses in front of Big Ben, people working in the ruins, a man carrying a bomb out of a house, people working in the ruins, soldiers watching over London with binoculars, a man driving a car, ration cards shown, people in a food shop, a man inside an air raid shelter, a woman in this too reading a book, people are preparing a bed, the old lady is talking, a man in the bunker is playing music, British soldiers in the night, explosions, doctors and nurses are operating in a hospital, people are walking in the ruins, a man finds a dead woman in the ruins, fireman extinguishes a fire, men are drinking beer in front of a destroyed house, a girl is playing with a cat, soldiers with families on the street, officers are talking, people, a train in Germany is passing a station, Goering with other German generals are looking on a map.

A German plane in front big letters "September 15th 1940", people loading a bomb on a plane, the plane is starting, the English Coast shown, two soldiers are watching the sky with an ocular, one man calling, people in the headquarter, moving the positions of the German aircrafts, a British plane starts, a pilot is getting into a plane, the plane is starting, German planes shown, battle shown between German and British planes, shootings, detonations, falling planes, British soldiers are watching the planes, the air battle continued, a German plane was shot, the plane is falling, the man counts the number of destroyed German planes with small swastikas, soldiers are talking in the Army headquarter, soldiers are watching the sky, German planes in the sky, barrage balloon, German planes are bombing the balloons, a burning balloon, people watching the sky, planes in the sky, a street with houses, a man preparing a telephone, running out of the ruins, German aircraft, a man is watching the sky, the aircraft is dropping bombs, the man lays down on the ground, detonations, he is walking out of the ruins, his friend with a helmet is coming, a woman with binoculars is watching over the city, German planes, shooting, a typewriter is writing numbers of destroyed German planes, destroyed buildings, buses, ruins, a dead woman in the ruins a wounded woman with her family, Buckingham Palace with destroyed parts of it, people are working in a ruin, they found something, they give this to a general, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, stones in a church, the House of the Associated Press, destroyed buildings and streets, damaged St. Paul's Cathedral, inside of the Cathedral, two pastors are walking in the church, soldiers extinguish a burning German plane, more destroyed German planes, a camp of destroyed German planes, passing by a truck bringing more parts of other planes, a man is throwing a part of a plane, a man rebuilds the planes.

Goering, Hitler and other German generals in a train carriage, Goering speaks, on a German Military Airport a man is getting into a plane, big letters "October 6th 1940", two pilots in a cockpit, a pilot prepares to start, a German plane is starting, two British soldiers are watching in the dark sky, binoculars, soldiers reading books, playing pool, the piano, chess, a lamp is shown, a soldier is moving this lamp, alarm in the barracks, the soldier stop playing and run out of the room, a man draws signs on a map, the lamp shines in the dark heaven, pilots in the cockpit, a man is writing notes, guns are shooting, detonations, explosions in the sky over London, St. Pauls, guards at the entrance of a bunker talking, anti-aircraft guns are shooting, explosions in the air, a burning port with ships, more burning ships, burning houses, men extinguish the fire in houses, burning houses, an old woman knitting. People sleeping in the underground station of Leicester Square. Destroyed houses. In the morning people leaving their Anderson shelter air raid shelter , man yawns as he gets out. Woman exits Anderson shelter carrying cat and picks up a bottle of milk. (35:52)
Women leaving a larger air raid shelter, they go to a food-stand, people drinking and talking, a family comes back to the house, proofing the door, people are working in the ruins, a family in the kitchen with broken windows, the man is moving the broken plates with his shoes, watching in the mirror, a street in London with cars and people, people cleaning a shop, people are sitting on a wagon with a horse, workers in a factory, a man on a street tries to stop a car by making a gesture at the car, (here the voiceover refers to the spirit of the British, without directly mentioning Churchill and his V for Victory gesture. What actually happens is one man makes an unmistakable V-sign gesture or 'Fuck Off' gesture to the driver of the car). Bombs on a British Army airport, wagon carry the bombs to the planes, a Air force officer is sitting in a office and is calling, a other man is speaking with him, soldiers carrying a bomb to a plane, officers in a Army bureau, proofing letters and pages, watching a map, an officer is speaking in front of soldiers, map of Bremen shown, soldiers listen to him, British soldiers are moving to the aircraft, starts the engines, a pilot in a cockpit, starting planes, a soldier is watching the clock, British planes in the air, a British pilot speaks, the headquarters answer him, British planes in the air, pilots are writing notes on a piece of paper about the location, British plane in the air, German soldiers are running to the aircraft, getting into the planes, German soldiers are shining with big lights into the dark night, people are running out of a bunker, German soldiers are moving an anti-aircraft-gun, a British plane, shooting, detonations, a British pilot is speaking to the headquarters, German soldiers are shooting with a gun, bombs over Bremen, a British pilot in his cockpit, he is dropping a bomb on the railway, detonation, German soldiers are shooting, English pilots drop more bombs, detonations, contact British pilot to the headquarters, burning factories and houses of Bremen.

Adolf Hitler shown, speaking, big letters "November 14th 1940", German planes in the air, a soldier on a gun into a plane, explosions over England, German soldiers in the cockpit, explosions, destroyed and burning houses in Coventry, detonations, destroyed Coventry shown, ruins, the Coventry Blitz, children between the ruins, destroyed buildings are falling down, people walking through the destroyed city, a woman gives a cup to drink to a girl, people are reading on a board, men are working in the ruins, hospital helpers are carrying wounded people, men carrying coffins, they lower the coffins into the ground, a funeral with people and flowers, the people are throwing the flowers into the graves, a bunch of flowers with the words "Mother", crying women, soldiers at a grave.

A factory with people shown, a man on a turning-machine, women working, workers prepare a bomb, an airport garage with planes, bombs, a wheel of a plane is moving.

(43:05) The silhouette of an church with the letters "Christmas 1940", a singing boy in a chorus in the church, all the chorus is singing, a guard is smoking, a British soldier is coming home to the family, his daughter is greeting him. In the tube-station people are waiting, on the platform a Christmas tree, a train is driving, women give presents, children at the Christmas tree, the silhouette of the Houses of Parliament, factories with smoking chimneys, soldiers are watching the sky with binoculars, lights are shining in the night, the London Blitz, bombs over London, burning buildings, German pilots in the planes, detonations over London, burning furniture in a room, a man try to extinguish the fire, burning houses, into a church, flames in houses, flames on stairways, a fire-man extinguish the fire, fire-men on a boat with water-tubes, a fire-man is carrying a water-tube, throwing the water tubes into a water, burning houses, sleeping people into a London Underground station, laughing women with babies in the station, shoes shown, sleeping people, woman is washing clothes, a mother is sleeping with her baby in her arms, a baby is sitting in a drawer, firemen working, burning houses, houses falling down, burning streets and houses, a man carrying a wounded one, a burning city, German pilots in the plane, British soldiers with lamps shining into the darkness, German aircraft are shooting, British anti-aircraft-guns, a German pilot into a cockpit, shootings into the night, fire from a British anti-aircraft-gun, a burning plane falling down, ruins in front of the St. Paul's Cathedral, Churchill greeting people, cheering people in the street, camp of destroyed plane parts, crucifixes in a field, one crucifix shown of a German lieutenant, more crucifixes in the field, a street in London with cars and a bus, workers in the ruins, a dead woman on a stretcher, soldiers carrying dead people on stretchers, a guard on the coast watching the sea, a guard on a gun.

Hitler with other German generals, a general shows on a map, a German stone eagle, a German regiment with Nazi-flags marching, a British soldier is watching the sea, British people with rifles, a man and woman on a bank, the man is reading a newspaper, the woman is talking, a British soldier on a gun is watching the sky, a British plane, people prepare ammunition, British soldiers marching, a starting plane, a pilot getting into a plane, a pilot climbs into a plane in front of a gun, British planes in the sky, British soldiers in front of a plane, a pilot getting out of a plane, soldiers and pilots, soldiers singing, planes in the sky, a battleship, soldiers, woman tanks, Churchill, planes, a quotation.


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