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History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Hitler and the Nazis

Organisation Cinematographique Francaise.
Youths looking at a brick wall on which there is a graffito of the Nazi swastika – the sound of marching boots. Man is a dark striped suit with wide lapels sits at a desk in front of a typewriter – behind him a map of Europe – in French he tells us that all the things we are about to see in the film are authentic and the film will help us answer the questions about such a thing as “the bloody years” of Nazism could have happened.

Caption Rene Thevenet presente – over the Nazi eagle insignia. Caption: Un film d’Erwin Leiser. Caption: Mein Kampf in Gothic script, – Les annees sanglantes de la Vie d’Adolf Hitler. Caption Adaptation Francaise de Leon Zitrone – Post synchronisation SPS. Caption: Une production T.O. Sjoberg pour Minerva International Film. Caption : Nous tenons a prevenir le public que certaines scenes authentiques de ce film risquent par leur violence de choquer la sensibilite des jeunes spectateurs.

Fire burns in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. A stream of refugees and laden carts move down a very bomb damaged street – the sounds of guns firing. A field gun / Howitzer with its operator on a war torn street in Berlin, the cannon is fired. A woman in headscarf runs amongst the debris of crumpled buildings in the city. Side-on shot of a field gun being fired on a Berlin street – ruined building behind. Two elderly men and a worried looking woman shelter in a doorway as firing continues. Another Howitzer fires upwards on a Berlin street – we are told this is the city in 1945. A young boy in peaked hat walks along the street passed damaged buildings – he has his fingers in his ears and looks anxiously at us – women and a young girl, sheltering in a nearby doorway peer out at him as he passes. Central Berlin – debris everywhere, Russian artillery firing. An artillery shot hits and brings down the corner of building in a Berlin shopping street – dust as the building crumbles – a group of civilian women appear pulling suitcases and belongings behind them – they seem un-deterred by the onslaught at first but then hesitate as more firing causes a bigger fall of debris. A woman runs along a street with rubble strewn along it – she almost stumbles but carries on. A field gun fires on a street. The woman stumbles and falls. Clouds of smoke seen to one side of a half-ruined multi-storeyed building. A rocket is fired from a window of a five floored building and heads off in a cloud of smoke. An explosion as a rocket hits a building and fire takes hold – charred ruined windows surround the fire. A building in the distance is hit by a shell. Smoke around a charred building, partially on fire – old men below in the street. A smoky street seen from above – a lorry carrying soldiers passes a horse and cart in the dusty atmosphere and stops in front of another military truck - other people are seen on the street. Scene looking down a Berlin avenue – streaks of white as rockets head towards us overhead making a screeching noise. Flames emanating from windows of what was once probably an elegant building with iron balcony. Night time in Berlin as rockets are fired with flashes of bright light and screeching sounds into the sky. A corner building in flames, the rafters are seen burning in the darkness of the night.

We are back now in 1914 in a Berlin park – prosperous looking crowds in summer straw hats are running past mounted cavalry officers. A marching brass band passes by spectators in a Berlin leafy park in summertime. An enormous throng of people on a Berlin street watch the marching brass band pass by as war is welcomed with something like a national frenzy. A row of soldiers in their military regalia which includes plumed helmets and sashes waits as top brass exit a building wearing military capes and the plumed helmets – the soldiers salute. Crowds wave goodbye to troops departing by train for the war – each window of the train has soldiers’ arms waving from it and men and women, some military, some civilian and women waving white handkerchiefs in farewell. Inside an office where two senior generals - Hindenburg and Ludendorff consult over a map on a tabletop. In the trenches we see a group of soldiers – one of them carries a flame thrower.

A trench containing German soldiers, one has a shoulder bourn flame thrower. German troops wearing gas masks and covering their mouths and noses with white handkerchiefs run along a trench. The front treads of a large tank rear up in the air. A tank’s caterpillar treads as the tank makes its way across a battlefield during the First World War. Four French biplanes with open cockpits fly together in formation. A submarine conning tower surfacing. A World war one submarine with sailors on deck waving. A half submerged ship. Men diving from the sinking ship. The sinking ship – men’s heads seen bobbing in the sea – the ship lists severely to starboard and we see human shapes falling and struggling to jump off and then the whole ships falls over onto its side. The ship overturns so that its hull is now facing upwards – another ship in the background with steam coming from its funnel. Smoke in a deserted bombed out street. Dead bodies lie outside a burnt out house on a street. One soldier with rifle over his shoulder walk amongst the debris of a ruined town.

Triumphant Bolsheviks march through Moscow during the 1917 overthrow of the Russian state – the Russian Revolution. Bolshevik march through Moscow as crowds throng the street. Bolshevik revolutionaries carrying banners in a parade. Lenin addressing crowds. Listening troops. Lenin again in peaked hat in 1918 - other people in background, including a woman in a large hat – we are told Lenin makes peace with Germany. Close-up of Lenin in his peaked hat –he salutes and smiles. Naval ships at Kiel where the German navy revolted and mutineed following the Russian example. Civilians on a German street after the defeat at the Battle of the Marne. German soldiers carrying guns on a street after the abdication of the Emperor. A building with Greek pillars in Berlin, could be the Stadtschloss, after the Weimar republic has been declared. Soldiers and civilians with guns in Berlin 1918. Troops hanging onto the running boards of a car travel along a Berlin street – other passers by .

Troops alight from a truck. Troops on board an open truck as civilians mill around. Crowds in the street – man and women and troops – one soldier with a gun walks in the foreground – urgent music. Karl Liebknecht addresses crowds. Crowds in the street. Liebknecht again addressing crowds. Troops of the National Socialist party patrolling in a Berlin street. Troops round up the Communist partisans. From above we see National Socialist troops herding Communist partisans, those hands are on their heads, through a Berlin street. A corpse, presumably of a communist, possibly Liebknecht, lies on a street. A notice stuck on a wall which says the downfall of the Fatherland is near and urging citizens to save it by killing Liebknecht. The Brandenburg gate in 1918 with cyclist, horse drawn carriages and passers by.

At the Palace of Versailles, the gathering of politicians for the signing of the peace treaty. The treaty itself – pages containing signatures are turned – we are told Germany is made to pay for the war by ceding territories but much of the Reich remains intact. Crowds surround politicians as they exit the signing of the treaty – some wave their hats. The destruction of a metal framed building, possibly an aircraft hanger. German ships. Destroyed German airplanes. Three soldiers salute as the signatories, including Friedrich Ebert, leave Versailles. German soldiers in a formal line are inspected by Friedrich Ebert, the German President along with others.

Large crowds watch outside Versailles – the politicians and troops are seen. A Politician standing on a bow at a parapet addressing the crowds and soldiers outside Versailles. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Walther Rathenau, signing a document at a desk. Troops milling around a tank. Marching soldiers in a town in Bavaria. Unknown German extremist nationalist General – Bavarian. Ernst Rohm , also spelt Roehm, photograph of him. Early photograph of Adolf Hitler, circa 1920. Poster or circular of the National Socialist Party of Germany advertising a talk by Adolf Hitler on the Versailles agreement – 1920. Baby photograph of Adolf Hitler aged about 9 months. Inn in Braunau Austria, the town where Hitler was born. Photograph of Hitler’s father – Alois Hitler. Photograph of Hitler’s mother – Klara Hitler as young woman. Small house where the Hitler family moved when Hitler was eight years old near Linz. Church and countryside near Linz. Church and graveyard near the young Hitler’s home. Photograph of Hitler’s class and teacher in primary school. Closer shot of Hitler in school. Self-portrait in pen of the profile of the young Adolf Hitler aged about sixteen. Hitler’s bedroom in Vienna (?) in the hostel for single men , with single bed and pot plants on a small table. Image of the registration document for Adolf Hitler’s residency at the hostel for single men. Image of the cover of Hitler’s first anti-semitic brochure with large Gothic type warning of the dangers facing people of a blond complexion. Photograph of Lanz founder of a society for man with blond hair and blue eyes.Pages from the anti-semitic publication Ostara showing the difference between Jewish and non-Jewish feet. Ostara’s symbol – a knight on a horse with shield etc., decorated with proto-type swastikas. Receipt made out to Adolf Hitler. One of Hitler’s residences in Munich.

Photograph 1914 taken in a crowded Odeon Square (Odeonsplatz), in Munich with the face of Adolf Hitler circled, then zooming in to the face. Hitler as a volunteer signed up to fight in the First World War – a photograph with other recruits. Photograph of Hitler as volunteer soldier in 1916 – with other soldiers. Circa 1918, another photograph of Hitler as soldier – with comrades and a dog. A further photograph of the solider, Hitler around the time of his admission to hospital following a gas attack. Dramatic photograph of Hitler before his rise to power with the characteristic moustache. Munich – troops with their kitbags on the pavement. Photograph of two soldiers armed with rifles on the street. A soldier marshalling a civilian who walks in front of him along a pavement. Soldiers in Munich after the 1918 war – the Free Corps. An officer of the Free Corps of Bavaria during the Weimar republic. Two soldiers on a Munich street discussing. Hitler in civilian clothes on a mound surveying Nazi troops – a soldier with swastika emblem on his arm stands behind him. Marchers of the Workers Party carrying the Nazi flag through the streets. Two soldiers on a motorbike in typical Nazi helmets. A line of people each holding a Nazi flag during some kind of parade. An early photograph of Goering in helmet with medal pinned to his uniform. Hitler in civilian garb with Julius Streicher – other civilians and an officer behind them. Photograph of a line of soldiers through which walks General Ludendorff in civilian clothes in 1923.

Still of a newspaper with headline : Der Einfall in das Ruhrgebiet . A convoy of military vehicles moves over a cobbled road. Cavalry procession through a street. Closed iron gates. A group of poor looking children lined up outside a corrugated metal building A document being stamped by hand. Brief image of a cart containing fruit. A turning roulette wheel. A 1000 Mark note. A cart containing potatoes. A 100,000 mark note – part of a montage of bank notes increasing in value, roulette wheel and people buying potatoes from a cart. Some loaves of bread with a price tag of 460 million marks. A photograph of Hitler in raincoat standing with officials. A group of Nazi soldiers next to a lorry carrying troops ( a still). Photograph 1923 – troop lorries in a street – soldiers on board. Crowd outside an official building. Proclamation notice declaring a government independent of that in Berlin. Hitler with General Ludendorff who is wearing his uniform - Hitler in civvies. Photograph of Nationalist soldiers on the street in Munich with Himmler carrying the flag. Hitler in raincoat stands in a photograph between German officers – one being Ludendorff.

Still of prison where Hitler was imprisoned – Landsberg – after the failed beer hall Putsch. Still of Hitler standing a the prison window. View through the bars of Landsberg prison. Group of Nazis – Hitler is seen in Austrian braces behind a small round table – with Rudolf Hess in suit and tie.

Cover of Mein Kampf with Hitler’s portrait on the front. Title page of Mein Kampf. First volume, title page of Mein Kampf – title Eine Abrechnung – A Reckoning. Another page of Mein Kampf in Gothic script. Another page of Hitler’s Mein Kampf with words “Kapitel”. Title page of the second volume of Mein Kampf entitled “The national Socialist movement” (in German). Another page of Mein Kampf. Yet another page. Hitler in his Austrian costume.

Poster announcing the death of President Ebert. Ebert, dead, lying in his coffin. Funeral of Ebert with marching troops and smoke coming from ceremonial pillars. The horse drawn hearse carrying President Ebert – accompanied by soldiers. More of the parade during the funeral of Ebert. Hindenburg, the new president sits at a desk. Hindenburg working at his desk. Close shot of Hindenburg. Hitler in another raincoat stands next to a truck . A poster advertising a talk by Hitler. A poster asking why Hitler is not allowed to speak. Troops of the National Socialist party marching along a cobbled road. More marching troops with brass band, followed by a tram.

National Socialists in uniform outside the party rally in Nuremberg in 1928 with Goering wearing medals. National Socialist members at 1928 Nuremburg rally. Goering at the rally. Goering with two other officials drives off in the back of an open top car. Two gun carriages with saluting Nazis perched on them. Floral tributes. A row of Nazis. Hitler, now in Nazi uniform – two soldiers hold up large commemorative wraths behind him. An outdoor rally – a large crowd. Hitler marching through a park towards the consecration of the Nazi flag – he stops and raises his right arm in a Nazi salute. The crowd all raise their arms in Nazi salute and shout Heil!

A Bavarian looking small town with an iron bridge which is decorated with garlands of leaves and a Heil Hitler poster – two pedestrians on the pavement. Joseph Goebbels in a light coloured day suit, patterned tie and trilby hat, smiling.

A Nazi procession on a rainy day. Youth procession. Procession of other parties including communists and The Red Front. Ernst Tellmann (Thälmann), leader of the Communist party delivering a speech. Tellmann during the same speech accompanied by two others. Marching soldiers – possibly Communists. The back of an open topped car in which a woman carries a flag – crowds milling around. An elderly lady in the open topped car wearing a fur rimmed hat and carrying a bouquet or wreath. The car from behind. Crowds cheering and raising their arms to the Communist cause. Communist rally in an industrial works – people perched on iron girders. Communists march carrying a banner saying “Die Jugend ist die reinste and hellste Flamme der Revolution” – Youth is the purest and brightest flame of the revolution. Another view of the Communist march in Berlin. A Berlin street with crowds during a Communist march in 1926 – their banners calling for Revolution.

A Nazi parade with Nazi flags and soldiers doing the Nazi salute. Hitler stands in a street with others including Rudolf Hess, watching a procession . Nazis march through a Berlin street saluting as crowds watch. Male onlookers of mixed ages watching a procession. A line of the unemployed queuing looking for work. A still image of Hitler in civilian clothes standing behind an old fashioned microphone on a street corner with crowds behind him. Hitler – a still photo – in civilian suit both fists clenched and raised in front of him. A grainy still of Hitler – his mouth wide open as he speaks. Hitler – a still – in Nazi shirt – extending his right hand and pointing emphatically – his mouth wide open during a rant – we hear him ranting on the soundtrack. A cartoon of the time with a balletic figure of Hitler wearing a victor’s laurel wreath and black leotard type costume, carrying a lyre and with his mouth wide open as the crowd watch open mouthed. Front page of the newspaper Volkischer Beobachter in 1929 with the headline 106 Nationalsozialisten im neuen Reichstag (106 National Socialists in the new Parliament). A cartoon of Hitler’s face with Nazi swastikas instead of his eyes. German Chancellor, Heinrich Bruning, giving a speech. A still photograph of Hitler and other Nazi officers standing in line as if listening to a speech. A photograph of Hitler leading Nazi officers past a line of soldiers all holding Nazi flags – Hitler and the other officers doing a Nazi salute. Hitler talks to another Nazi officer – a row of Nazi flags held by a line of soldiers behind him. Hitler in a grand looking room looking at an open book. A smiling Hitler in civilian clothes turns to talk to another man. Hitler in light civilian suit coming out of a building followed by others – a man in judge’s or lawyer’s uniform is behind him – an onlooker is cheering. A closer shot of smiling Hitler and the Nazi party’s lawyer, Hans
Frank. Hitler in profile (a still) with civilians in front of himdoing the Nazi salute. A marching procession of young male storm troopers in white shirts carrying a banner following a band – the banner says “Uniformen verboten, Der Beisst lebt!” – Uniforms banned – who bites lives(?)” Young Nazi men , in white shirts march some do the Nazi salute. Nazi storm troopers in front of a poster supporting Hitler. A Nationalist song is sung in the background while Nazi youths line up in white shirts.

Emil Kirdorf – a still of the Nazi supporting German industrialist. Fritz Thyssen smiling in a photograph. Hitler, smiling, coming out of a passenger plane and shaking hands with welcomers, receiving a bouquet . A closer shot of the same scene with smiling officers behind him. A dramatic poster of the time with the words “Wie nehmen das Shicksal der Nation in die Hande” – we are taking the fate of the nation into our hands and “Hitler wird Reichspraisident” – Hitler will become President. Hitler with Hess and Wilhelm Frick coming down a flight of steps (still image).

A voting card for the German election showing Adolf Hitler’s name. A poster saying in German “Who will save us from Hitler? Only Hindenburg”. Hindenburg in close up. Hitler in civilian clothes being saluted by a crowd of men outside a building. A photograph of General Kurt Von Schleicher. Bruning giving a speech in peaked collar and tie. A photograph of the new Conservative cabinet – the so called “cabinet of barons”, after the election following Bruning’s downfall – we see Franz Von Papen seated second from the right – standing we have Dr. Franz Gürtner, Dr. Hermann Warmbold, and then Kurt von Schleicher while sitting left to right: Magnus Freiherr von Braun, Wilhelm Freiherr von Gayl, Franz von Papen, Konstantin Freiherr von Neurath. Hindenburg walking in his garden with his son Oskar von Hindenburg. Some of the Von Papen cabinet sitting around a garden table at Hindenburg’s property. Von Papen looking over his shoulder in a still photograph.
Chancellor Papen with Kurt Von Schleicher – a photograph. Hitler behind Goering.

Otto Braun, prime minister of Prussia giving a speech at a lecturn. German soldiers watching as Otto Braun leaves a building. Cheering crowds in the street. Crowds of men in hats chanting. Hitler leaves a building and is saluted by crowds which clamour around him in 1932 – he enters his waiting car and is driven away to enormous cheers and people throng around the car as if he were a superstar. A traffic jam in central Berlin 1932. Hitler and Goering enter the new German cabinet in 1932. Von Papen sits next to Hitler and other cabinet members stand behind them –n Goering then sits next to Hitler and flash guns go off as photos are taken. Von Papen sitting next to Hitler who sits next to Goering, they then stand up and talk to other cabinet members.

Burning torches at night carried by the S.A – the storm troopers. Hindenburg seen at a window watching. Flags and torches carried by Sturmabteilung. Hitler at an open window acknowledging the stormtroopers. Hitler at the window, cheering crowds are heard and someone holds up a rose to present to him. More brownshirts at night carrying flags. Berlin Cathedral. On the steps of Berlin Cathedral we see GÅ‘ring in uniform with other officers at the funeral of policeman and an S.A member on February 5th 1933. German general on the steps on Berlin cathedral during state funeral. Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia in uniform on the steps of the Cathedral greeting an army officer. Hitler arriving at the funeral and bring saluted. Hitler is followed up the cathedral steps by a crowd of officers as the cathedral bells ring out. Huge crowds of brownshirts line the streets of Berlin. Hitler leaving the funeral – crowds line the steps of Berlin Cathedral. Hitler walks along the pavement in front of the Cathedral flanked by six S.S. (Shutzstaffel), officers – they walk quickly and Hitler salutes. The elaborate hearse of the deceased with a horse standing in front of the carriage, surrounded by crowds – the coffin is lifted into the hearse. From high up on the cathedral, the enormous crowds watching the funeral procession. A marching military band at the funeral – onlookers line the pavement carrying umbrellas. The ornate hearse, flanked by soldiers passes by. Brownshirts in uniform carrying Nazi standards march slowly through Berlin. The hearse again during the funeral of SA-leader Maikowski and policeman Zuaritz. Brownshirts saluting from the sidelines. Goering wearing a cape walks along the road during the funeral procession. At the graveyard, brownshirts carry the coffin as spectators watch – a large wreath carried behind the coffin. Goering with a priest, followed by stormtroopers – on front of him two women, one wearing a black veil over her face – next to Goering, in civilian clothes is Joseph Goebbels. A mixture of the S.S. and the S.A throng at the funeral. Goebbels speaks at the grave of the deceased S.A. officer standing next to two priests – other people with umbrellas Goebbels very empassioned speaks about the old and the young Deutschland holding hands. Brownshirts stand and listen in uniform.

Hitler marching through two lines of saluting brownshirts to cheers on 10th February 1933. Hitler arriving for his first speech as Chancellor of the Reich – seen from above, enormous crowd salutes and cheers in the Sportspalast Berlin. Hitler stands surrounded by cheering people. Hitler shakes hands with a small boy before his speech – behind Hitler is Hess. A snare drum being hit. Seated crowds wait for the speech introduced by Goebbels. . Hitler waits to speak. Hitler takes the stand – seen from behind – he salutes the cheering crowd. Hitler stands on a podium waiting to make his speech – he salutes. Clapping and waving crowds. Hitler begins his speech “Germans, friends of the German Reich – On the 3ost January this year, the new national government was formed. Myself, and with me the Socialist movement are represented in this government. I think that at present the principles for which I fought last year have been attained”. Hitler from the side during another part of his speech, more aggressively delivered now – he gesticulates with his right hand, seems to burp and put his hand over his mouth. Continuing his speech from the front very roused now, many gestures – “ the future of the German people depends solely on us” after an outburst he folds his arms around his waist. The crowd cheers and claps. From behind, Hitler is seen continuing his speech . Attentive civilian crowd. Nazi brownshirts listening as Hitler asks for four years to forge a new destiny. Brownshirts seen from above. The audience cheers and raises their hands in a Nazi Salute – loud cried of “Heil!”. 29. Still of five German soldiers. Series of stills of
Nazis rounding up people. Pictures of the Riechstag after the fire of 27th February 1933. Still of Hitler and others following the Reichstag fire. A handcuffed prisoner, A Communist, is led into a court room following the blaming of the fire on the Communists. Van der Lubbe, the main suspect from the Netherlands, sits between two soldiers in court. Another Communist arrested accused of starting the fire. Still photo of the Bulgarian accused of the fire, Georgi Dimitrov. Still of Goering with court officials in the background, “fou de rage” – mad with anger. Goering standing arms akimbo in defiance in the courtroom, wearing his jackboots – we hear him shouting in anger. One of the accused standing in the dock surrounded by police and court officials. Goerring’s back standing in the court as we hear the French translation of his outraged remarks.

A voting paper for Berlin East district for the election of 1933 – a pencil makes a cross next to Adolf Hitler’s name. Crowds line up outside a polling station holding voting papers and looking cheerful. A ballot box- a voting paper is inserted by someone wearing a Nazi armband. A poster showing the faces of Emperor Wilhelm 1 and Hitler with words from a poem “Nimmer wird das Reich zerstoret, wenn ihr einig seid und freu” – never will the Empre be destroyed as long as you are united and loyal”. Von Hindenburg, wearing the uniform of an imperial field marshall, arrives at the opening of the new Reichstag on March 21st 1933 – crowds of military and civilians, some wearing top hats see him approach a podium and salute. Marching German troops carrying rifles and flags march past – someone is seen climbing a tree in the foreground to see the parade. Hindenburg acknowledging the marching troops – crowds behind him. Hitler, Goering with Von Papen, far left watch troops march on the Day of Potsdam – between Hitler and Goering is (probably) Ludwig Kaas, leader of the Centre party. Troops march behind a Nazi flag on the Day of Potsdam. Hindenburg during the march past. Massed troops marching on the Day of Potsdam. Hitler watching the troops go past raises his arm in a Nazi salute – Von Papen by his side and Kaas to his left. A view from above of the huge crowd and marching troops. The bell tower of the Garrison church in Potsdam. Inside the church – Hindenburg and the congregation sit. Crowds on the balconies of the Garrison church as Goering speaks. Flags on the wall of the church. The congregation in the church on the balconies and in the pews – and then showing Goering at the lecturne, Hindenburg listening. Burnt Reichstag roof. Images of the Kroll Opera House March 1933 which replaced the old Reichstag following the fire. Nazi officers salute and greet Reichstag members as they arrive. Government members arrive at the Kroll Opera House. S.A and S.S officers outside the Opera House. Hitler arrives looking happy. Nazi troops wearing armbands. Inside the Kroll on March 23rd 1933 – we see the assembly, panning over to see Hitler at the stand, with a large Nazi banner behind, addressing those present - and loud cheers. The audience listens to Hitler. The heads of those present at the Kroll, listening to the Fuhrer. Hitler continuing to address the assembly . Another view of the assembly inside the Kroll opera house.

A poster telling people to come out on the streets for Hitler. Nazis in a car drive past the poster in Bavaria. Ernst Rohm. Ernst Rohm head of the S.A. with half timbered Munich building in the background. Man in overcoat arrives at a government building watched by crowds. Three Nazi stormtroopers stand in line with rifles. Scene on a provincial street – a Nazi asking for the papers of a civilian on a bike. Stormtroopers on a street in a provincial town. An elegant boulevard with passers by – stormtroopers patrolling ,Nazi stormtroopers stand next to a mounted machine gun on a street. Front page of the Morgen-post newspaper 12th March 1933 with headline “Clean sweep in Bavaria”.

Goering making a speech as Prussian Minister of the Interior. Goering making a speech in Prussia – Nazi banners line the stage – an attentive audience. Goering continuing his speech surrounded by troopers – he calls “Sieg Heil” in tribute to Hitler – flags are raised in response by the military – the crowd of civilians is seen standing and making the salute collectively. A line of Imperial German Stahlhelm flags blow in a strong wind. Close up of flag bearing the words “Der Stahlhelm”. Marching Nazi troops. An officer of the “steel-helmets” saluting. Nazi flag paraded as the steel-helmets are incorporated into the Nazi organization. A mass gathering of Steel-helmet soldiers – many Nazi flags wave. A large dais with Nazi insignia – Nazi troops with banners below it.

Night time and a large bonfire as people burn books in Goebbels campaign against freedom of speech. Close shot of a burning pyre. Books being thrown onto the fire by soldiers and civilians. Crowds throwing books. Flames as books burn. A Nazi denouncing Jews. Poster declaring that Jews are not wanted – and saying that the shop opposite belongs to Jews. Posters from 1st April 1933 – the organized boycott of Jewish shops, doctors and lawyers. A still showing civilians reading an anti-Jewish poster – a small boy in a beret is looking at the camera as his parents read the text. Nazis carrying anti-Jewish posters – a still photo. Nazi troops with anti-Jewish posters – Germans take care – buy nothing from Jews! An elderly Jewish man with long white beard being manhandled. Another Jewish gentleman in bowler hat, with long white beard and little round glasses being man-handled by civilians. Women walk down the gangplank of a boat as refugees leave German. Refugee women, with tickets around their necks are checked off by a man as they arrive in another country – “like parcels”.

Hitler looking arrogant with arms folded in typical Fuhrer style. Rudolf Hess wearing Nazi armband in a speech addresses Hitler saying “my leader, you are Germany” . Hitler listening to Hess. Hess continues to brown nose Hitler. Hitler reacts, looks a bit embarrassed for a moment and acknowledges the speech with a salute. Nazis clap and cheer in the giant auditorium of the Luitpold Hall– on the back wall we see the enormous slogan “Alles fur Deutschland” – “All for Germany”. Rohm, Himmler and other officers. Hitler making a speech. Hitler in a still with Rohm standing behind him. Hitler and Roehm. Himmler and Rohm in an open top car (still image). A line of S.S soldiers in their distinctive helmets – march down steps to a beat of a drum and march past in jackboots doing the goosestep – a very menacing image. On the parade ground of the Luitpold Arena marching S.S. troops – grandstands filled with crowds in the background. Lutze, the new head of the S.A. in Nazi Uniform. S S. Officers. Viktor Lutze saluting and making a pledge of allegiance to Hitler. Hitler, with Hess in the background, receives the pledge. The oath of allegiance made by Lutze, his arm extended in a Nazi salute. S.A. soldiers listen attentively. Lutze continues shouting his oath. Enormous gathering of troops in front of long banners with the Nazi swastika – listen to Lutze in the Luitpold arena. Lutze continuing – and does the Sieg Heil three times. From behind Lutze salutes Hitler in front of a massive gathering at Luitpold – the arcaded Ehrenhalle is seen in the distance. The assembled troops do the Sieg Heil. Officers in line at the Nuremberg rally. Hitler in close up at the Luitpold rally, Nuremburg on Sunday September 9th when Hitler sought to reassure the S.A. membership that they were not to be abandoned following the execution of their erstwhile leader, Rohm. Looking down on the immense parade ground as Hitler addresses an enormous crowd of serried ranks. A Nazi soldier gazes into the distance, holding a Nazi flag. Serried ranks seen from above. A canon fired. Hitler shakes hands with troops as New flags are consecrated at the rally. A standard bearer salutes. Hitler continues to shake hands. Another standard bearer. Hitler, solemnly shaking hands. A cannon fires.

The dead body of Hindenburg on his death bed, surrounded by a guard of honour of soldiers. Hindenburg, dead in bed holding a bouquet of flowers – a still. Still of a Nazi soldier.

Nazi soldiers holding the flag and pledging allegiance to Hitler as President of the Reich and Chancellor. A row of Nazis pledging allegiance. Rows of Nazis making the pledge, seen from above. Cheering women look happy and wave. Hitler, in open top car, is driven through cheering crowds. Hitler, seen from behind, as his car moves through cheering street crowds. Passing cheering crowds on the pavement, all doing the Nazi salute. Hitler’s hand in close up – saluting from the car. Marching troops, all with their arms extended in salute – at night. Night time marching troops with crowds on the pavements making the Nazi salute. Hundred of Nazi flags being carried en masse. Troops (daylight) carrying flags. Hitler, arms folded, watches the parade of troops – two steel-helmeted soldiers behind him. Long banners carrying the Nazi emblem hand from poles. A very Aryan looking blond adolescent in between two darker haired youths in the uniform of Hitler Jugend listening to the Fuhrer. A group of listening Hitler Youth. A larger group of Hitler Jugend listening to Hitler. A young blond girl in summer frock with other young women, listening to the Fuhrer speak. Young man, member of Hitler Youth listening. A very square jawed young man listens, another with round wire rimmed spectacles behind him. Hitler at microphones in his army uniform addressing Hitler Youth – he gesticulates with clenched fists and tells the youth of Germany they are making a new destiny for the German people – this is the most import day in a hundred years. A row of five Hitler youths – crowd seen behind them. Young German man in profile. Another blond youth. Hitler at microphones ranting. A Nazi walk up to another and salutes – other Nazis and flags are standing to attention in the background outside a folksy clapboard house covered in ivy – a kind of swearing in ceremony for the soldier who is doing the now obligatory military service – one of the soldiers turn to the right and shouts “Heil Hitler!” Rows of Nazi conscripts stand to attention. Young Nazi officer addresses troops as “Readers of Mein Kampf” and goes on to relate sections from Hitler’s book. Troops listening. Back to the young Nazi recruit reading from an open edition of Mein Kampf – he is saying that, if necessary, Germany will abandon education programmes of the past, those that looked down on manual labour. Hitler on a podium giving the one arm salute. A large gathering of rows of Nazis all shout Heil, Mein Fuhrer! Hitler relaxes his salute. The troops, on a verbal command, raise spades onto their shoulders. Looking down between two rows of Nazis with garden spades over their shoulders – on command they bring the shovels off their shoulders. A row of military drums being hit. Soldiers feet in boots with the spade head next to the feet. A man’s hands resting on the handle of a spade. Rows of Nazi conscripts, looking to the left, and in unison making a verbal pledge. Hitler listening to them. One young conscript in close up asks “Comrade, where fo you come from?” A second conscript replies, “From the Friesenland coast”. Back to the first soldier who know asks “and you, comrade?” – the answer is heard “From Bavaria”. A third conscript says “From Kaiserstuhl”. Back to the first conscript . Another conscript saying “From Palatina” Another sconscript “From Konigsberg”. Yet another : “From Schleswig”. Others, one at a time say “From the Black Forest”. Another “From Dresden”. Another – “From the Danube” And so on. One soldier holding a Nazi flag with all the young troops behind him. Hitler looking proud as all the troops shout about being One People, One Reich. Metal railings in the shape of the German eagle. A Nazi flag with the declaration of the troops heard . Back to the first young conscript continuing his nationalistic declaration that they are not in the trenches but are, all the same, soldiers – great zeal displayed.

To the beat of drums, the S.S. marching along a street. S.S. troops marching down a street which looks a bit Bavarian – the officer in front is making a salute to the watching crowds. The Schutzstaffel – the S.S. troops march by to the ominous beat of a drum. Hitler at a microphone stand making another speech with great overblown passion, as usual. A still showing a line of people who are not in agreement with Hitler prior to being thrown into concentration camps. Another line of dissidents being marshalled by Nazis on a paved road. The non-Nazis being marched away (a still). Dissident prisoners doing press-ups (a still). A parade ground with lines of anti-Nazi prisoners in lines. A photograph of the bearded poet Erich Muhsam who was tortured and murdered in Orianenburg Concentration camp – Muhsam holds up his prisoner number 2651.

Hitler doing another speech at a microphone stand. A large dark auditorium full of people listening to Hitler and cheering. Very big close up of Hitler’s profile as he speaks. Nazi flags. Back to Hitler’s profile. Nazi insignia on a big banner. Hitler profile again. Metal eagles seen on the top of Nazi flag poles. Hitler having a major rant at microphone stand. Cheering auditorium. Hitler saluting as troops carrying rifles mach past – other Nazi officers behind him – the Naval officer may be Admiral Erich Raeder. Troops march past Hitler in 1935 when military service became compulsory for all. Marching Nazi sailors carrying rifles. Marching Nazi air-force officers. Nazi cavalry on horseback trot past. In a procession, Nazi gun carriages and cannons. Nazis on motorbikes and in sidecars drive past the saluting Fuhrer. Dozens of German tanks in a military parade 1935. On board a German naval ship, line of sailors along the edge of the deck. A German battleship seen from above. Looking down on a battleship. German battleships at sea. Another ship with many guns seen on deck. A German submarine. A formation of German aircraft in the sky . Marching Nazi troops going down a cobbled street, rifles over their shoulders. Aerial shot of the Rhine – 1936 Hitler re-occupies the Rhineland. Nazis on bikes – crowds on the pavements. On a metal bridge, cars and troops crossing a Rhineland bridge. German troops push bikes as they re-occupy the Rhineland in 1936. Two Nazis with rifles guarding a monument.

In Rome, the Victor Emanuel monument with an enormous assemblage of troops gather below it on the piazza. An Italian flag on a pole flies above ranks of Italian troops in Rome. Mussolini in uniform saluting a woman who also raises her hand in salute. Mussolini talking to an Italian soldier with an eye patch. Italian women in the crowd – one young girl wears some kind of uniform. Mussolini surrounded by Italian troops. Italian troops, their arms extended onto their neighbours shoulders stand in ranks in a Rome piazza. July 1936 in Spain – General Franco greets a few soldiers in a Spanish tiled courtyard. Smoking, destroyed building in Spain. Burnt out farm buildings, the Spanish Civil war. Rebel soldiers behind a battlement of rough rocks, aim their rifles from an armed position above the Spanish countryside. An explosion. Republican troops rush forward during an assault during the Spanish Civil War of 1936. Republican aiming a machine gun dressed only in shirt sleeves. Republican troops rush forward from their position. A grenade explode throing up earth. Fascist soldier fires a round from a machine gun. Dead bodies on open ground during the Civil war in Spain. Dead bodies in woodland. Dead corpse lies in the grass.

Engelbert Dolfuss, Governor of Vienna in 1934, wearing a medal around his neck, giving a speech. German troops getting into a lorry. Armoured vehicles during the Annexing of Austria in 1934. German troops run along outside a row of houses in Vienna – rows of shattered windows behind them. A building with broken windows. A civilian and a woman in fur collared coat hurry along a street, their arms held up signifying surrender. Austrian resistance members stand in a line, their hands up, patrolled by German troops. Germans rounding up Austrian nationalists as passers by stand and watch. Civilians being searched. Cheering crowds on the anniversary of the end of the Turkish Siege of Vienna on the Trabrennplatz race course. Dolfuss stands on a balcony during the anniversary of the Siege of Vienna by the Turks (September 11th 1933 on the Vienna Race course, the Trabrennplatz, other officials seated around him. Crowds listen to Dolfuss – fountains spurt in the background.

Open top cars with waving Nazis from the Hitler Office progress though Vienna – crowds stand and perform the Nazi salute and hold up small Nazi flags. Stampeding crowds Vienna – disorder in the streets. Crowds throng on a street in Vienna during the visit of three German ministers. Hans Frank, Hitler’s lawyer stands second from the right – to his left is judge Roland Freisler and to his right is Hanns Kerrl (1933 visit to Vienna) – Frank makes a speech about coming to Hitler’s birthplace. Mounted troops marshall the Vienna crowds. Hoards of Nazi supporting Austrians doing the Hitler salute, July 1934 troops controlling crowds in Vienna. Crowds in turmoil in Vienna 1934 after the assassination of Dolfuss. An empty microphone stand. A radio room? Film ends suddenly here.

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