Film: 5988

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Film carries on directly from the end of Part One.

Mussolini in uniform, arms akimbo, looking down imperiously over troops. Marching Italian troops parade past in dress uniforms.

In Vienna, crowds line the pavements as Kurt Schuschnigg, (who replaced Dolfuss) and other officials walk down a road, saluting the crowd as he goes. Schuschnigg again walks in front of a line of Austro-Fascist flags. Von Papen in civilian overcoat on the steps of a building surrounded by officers and a group of smiling women on the occasion of his being sent to Vienna by Hitler as Ambassador. Von Papen in dress suit raising his bowler hat in greeting to a crowd – other people in formal clothes standing behind him. A train in Munich in 1937 bedecked with Nazi flags – a train pulls in to the platform. A crowd of smiling cheering young boys in militarish uniforms waves wildly. Hitler and Mussolini together, inspecting rows of helmeted troops lined up along a Munich street – many Nazi flags behind them and a few Italian officers in the foreground – Hitler and Mussolini stop and both salute. Mussolini and Hitler together on a podium saluting the passing parade of troops. Marching troops, all doing the Seig Heil salute, march past the two leaders – in the background are the colonnades of the Koniglicher Platz in Munich. The troops wearing shirts and Nazi arm bands walk past the leaders. Hitler and Il Duce salute the troops – other officers and soldiers in the background. Again on the Koniglicher Platz in Munich, Nazi troops march to the beat of a drum, all carrying Nazi banners with the swastika. The shadow, on the ground, of a soldier carrying a flag and then other soldiers come into view with brass band and drums heard.

An street in Austria with Nazi flags hanging from the buildings and one large banner crossing the street saying “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer” – One People, One Nation, One Leader”. A portrait of Adolf Hitler in front of swastikas. Armoured vehicles, each with a saluting soldier in it, pass crowds on the street. Exterior of the building where Mozart was born (Mozart’s Geburthaus), in Salzburg – Nazi flags hang from it. March 1938 – a tram on a picturesque street in Austria, the tram is decorated with swastikas – various shops in the background. Hitler in greatcoat walking down a Vienna street, followed by other Nazi officers, including Himmler, chief of the S.S. - Hitler inspects troops – this is the Fuhrer on his return to Vienna where he had been a failed painter – Himmler salutes the Fuhrer. Civilians on the Vienna street saluting Hitler. A very old man with white hair and whiskers looks troubled but is saluting Hitler who, we are told, has caused the arrest of 67,000 people. A young boy in white shirt has climbed up a column to see the goings on – Nazi flags hang from the building in the background. A slow parade of Nazi flags processes in front of a giant swastika. Cheers, as the dark figure of Hitler, mounts the platform – he extends his right arm in the Nazi salute. The giant hall, draped with enormous flags, where Hitler is to speak Hitler at the microphone speaking saying that “this country and this people do not join together with Germany humiliated, it is me who welcomes you”. Hitler walks onto an outside balcony with swastikas draped behind – other dignitaries on the balcony – probably on the 15th March 1938 – on the Heidenplatz, Vienna – when Hitler announced the absorption of Austria into the German Reich. Edvard Benes, president of Czechoslovakia in 1938. Benes in an office bends to sign the Franco-Czech Treaty. The final page of the treaty – Benes hand is seen signing it , Edvard Benes. Benes at his desk finishes the signing of the treaty and another man takes the treaty into his hand. Crisis in Czechoslovakia – Czechs carrying the Czech flag in protest during the Sudeten crisis. A crowded street in Czechoslovakia during the Sudeten Crisis – a tram is seen, come to a halt. Large crowd gathered in front of a grand building, possibly in Prague 1938. A section of the crowd carrying large Czech flags. Looking down on the large crowd.

Neville Chamberlain is greeted by Adolf Hitler on the steps of Hitler’s residence at the Berchtesgaden . Hitler, wearing Nazi armband, walks up the steps with Chamberlain. Brief shot of Nazi soldier standing to attention. Chamberlain entering at the Berchtesgaden. French passenger plane landing. The Air France plane has landed, probably in London, and the French Premier, Daladier, descends from the plane and meets Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain on the runway. Chamberlain and Daladier stand together for photographs at the airport – behind them is Georges Bonnet, Foreign Secretary of France. Chamberlain being saluted by German officers as he exits a car during another visit to sign the Munich Agreement. Hitler greets Chamberlain.

A group of top Nazis Including Hitler and Hess pouring over a document in a dark study. Hitler points at the document – Benito Mussolini is to Hitler’s right – Goering is to Hitler’s left – also present Rudolf Hess and Himmler. Hitler talking to Mussolini in the same room. Benes of Czechoslovakia going up stairs. Grainy image of Hitler with Daladier of France. Hitler with Mussolini, Goering, Daladier and Neville Chamberlain – Hitler settles into an armchair. Neville Chamberlain signing the Munich Agreement on 29th September 1938. Chamberlain has signed the agreement and another man blots it. Mussolini signs the Munich Agreement – just to his right is Galeazzo Ciano, his son in law and Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy. Il Duce signs the treaty. Hitler signs. Daladier signs the agreement – Ciano hovers in the background. The Munich Agreement document. Hitler with Mussolini and Daladier after the signing. A cheering and saluting crowd in Germany . Hitler smiling and acknowledging the crowd. A crowd below a balcony on which stands Hitler. Nazi troops on horseback salute as a barrier is lifted as they approach a border post. An elderly peasant lady in headscarf watches. Nazi troops march across the border, carrying a flag. Donkeys carrying supplies and armament boxes watched by locals, some in national dress. A line of marching troops processes through the forested countryside probably in the Sudetenland. The front of a passenger plane with the propellers going. Film cameramen on the roof at Heathrow airport waiting for Chamberlain’s arrival. Neville Chamberlain exits the plane at Heathrow. British crowds in macs and carrying umbrellas waiting in the rain. Chamberlain looking pleased and holding a piece of paper and talking to the assembled people – he holds up the paper which flaps in the breeze. A sign saying Praha (Prague). A Czech insignia being removed from a wall by a Nazi soldier who just drops it. Troops on March 29th 1939 occupying independent Czechoslovakia in armoured cars. Nazi troops, seen from above, occupy Prague. Armoured soldiers on motorbikes watched by crowds enter Prague. German troops cars carrying a dozen soldiers, seen from above with Czech crowds watching. Nazis on motorbikes. Armoured vehicles watched by Czech crowds. Armoured cars seen from the roadside in Prague. A major boulevard in Czechoslovakia as the Germans occupy the city. A cannon pulled by a vehicle. Weeping women watch the occupation of their city. A woman holds a handkerchief to her mouth as she watched the Nazis enter Prague. Marching Nazi troops come towards camera carrying Nazi banners. Nazis in steel helmets march through a town. Rudolf Hess speaks at a microphone. Hitler listening to Hess’s speech with serious expression, obviously aware he is being filmed so striking a bit of a pose. Hess again, flattering Hitler and then shouting in a rabid manner “Seig Heil!”. Hitler smiling and doing the salute. Hess, seen from behind. Hitler moves forward to shake Hess’s hand. The enormous crowd cheers. A Nazi in steel helmet blowing a tuba. Conductor of a Nazi military band. Band outside a large house. Hitler at the door of the building with Himmler to one side – listens to the band on the occasion of his 45th birthday. School children amassed to greet Hitler on his birthday. A group of young people in folk costume stand around a large flower arrangement. An old lady smiling. Hitler listening to the band. Wind section of the band. Nazis playing piccolos. A solemn Hitler listens. Children sit on a windowsill. An older lady carrying flowers. Hitler and Himmler in the doorway. Thronging crowds. Nazis banging drums. Hitler salutes the band and the band leader – three small children seen behind. Very young children stand at the front of the crowd. A small blond three year old – Hitler with other small children behind – the small three year old is directed by the S.S towards the Fuhrer.
Nuremberg rally with gigantic crowds listening to Adolf. Hitler at the microphone. Young boys in shorts holding flags with the insignia of the S.S. Hitler continues his speech talking about how the youth of Germany will be better than any gone before. Young girls in shirt and ties stand in rows listening to Hitler. Hitler again. Sailors in uniform listen. Hitler again. Young sailors. Rabid end of Hitler’s speech and the crowd cheers. Young people in the crowd raise their arms in Nazi salute. Arms raised. Bare chested men stand in rows, each man has a spade in front of them. Bare chested Aryan youths in swimming trunks do the Nazi salute. Women smile and wave in the crowd. More of the crowd. A montage of shots of the German public saluting and cheering Hitler. A woman opens a casement window. Polish countryside. Assembled lorries, tanks and other vehicles as the German army crosses into Poland on 1st September 1939. Soldier displays a shield bearing the German eagle. German troops push aside a border control. Motorbikes and sidecars move into Poland.
Reichstag assembled. Hitler at microphone with Goering in the big seat behind him. Assembled members in the Reichstag. Hitler speaks. In France – a poster declaring general mobilisation of the French. French troops mobilised at a station. French soldier kisses a woman goodbye as he heads for Poland. Weeping family say farewell to French troops at the Gare de l’Est in Paris – a woman in a hat runs up and kisses a soldier who is leaning out of a window in the moving train. Troops wave goodbye from the moving train. French troops put a gas mask onto an infant. Gas mask on face of small child. They take off the gas mask – the young child is crying. Toddler walks hand in hand with his mother with gas mask holder around his neck. A saluting soldier in Poland. A Catholic bishop gives a blessing. Rows of troops. Cheering crowds. Marching soldiers. Cheering crowds. Female ARPs or similar.. Mobilised troops march to defend Poland.
Building destroyed by the Luftwaffe. Open cockpit plane, destroyed hangars behind. A destroyed fighter plane still on the ground. Poster telling the people of Danzig that thy are now part of the German Reich. Polish women reading the notice. Charging Polish cavalry. Head-on, charging Polish cavalry. Cavalry carrying spears charging. German tanks. The propeller of a plane turning. A patchwork of field below. A German plane – Stuka ( also know as Junkers), dive bombing. Bombs falling on a forest below. Railway lines as seen from a dive bomber and then smoke billowing up from the countryside. Destroyed trains. Hitler thanks troops, accompanied by Himmler. Hitler saluting the troops and smiling. A bomb being loaded into a gun by the Polish troops who are defending Warsaw. Troops run away from a canon which is about to discharge. Hitler peering though the sight of field telescopes. Smoke rising from destroyed planes. Hitler looking through binoculars – by his side is General Franz Halder (in glasses). Hitler looks up as a plane buzzes overhead. Plane flies over. Airborne formation of aircraft. In a town civilians look up as run as plane approach. A running girl. Running children on a sunny street. People in gas masks running down a stairway. A cannon in the field. Nazi soldiers firing a canon. Canons on the battlefield – Poland. Smoking battlefield. Shadowy civilians running through smoke. Warsaw, seen from above – smoke rising after a bombardment. Fire and smoking issuing from an upstairs window in the town building. Polish fire engine rushes through town. Sequence of shots showing the bombardment of the town and firemen attending a burning building. An ambulance drives past. Two paramedics accompanied by a man in shirtsleeves carry a wounded person on a stretcher. An old man .listens to bombs and looks afraid. Injured woman carried on a stretcher. Two elderly women run down a Polish street carrying wicker suitcases as others pass by behind. A woman and a man – the woman with a blanket around her look anguished as they rush down a street. A large group of people stand around outside destroyed buildings which are still smoking and on fire. A man stands in the doorway of a ruined house, his hands on his head in terror and disbelief. Firemen and civilians attend burning buildings. Firemen and civilians in the smoking street. A man and two women talking – the one woman wipes her eyes. A group of teenage boys stand outside a clapboard building – a young girl arrives. Inside a young blond boy has his head in his hands in despair. German soldier arrive, mostly on horseback, riding into the Warsaw streets. A desolate line of Polish soldiers being marched away to concentration camps. Smiling Nazi with rifle over his shoulders, followed by others, march into Warsaw. Marching Nazis between destroyed and smoking buildings. Three helmeted Nazis carrying a Nazi flag march down a street.

Nazi victory parade of goose-stepping troops. Hitler watching the troops parade past. Ranks of Nazis in helmets, carrying up-ended rifles during the march past. Hitler, in profile, surveys them and extends his arm. Nazi high officers, including Hans Frank, who became governor general of Poland on the steps of a building with car waiting. Nazis inspecting a Polish cart full of straw – Poles in the background. Nazi inspects a peasant woman’s goose – other peasants look on. Nazis with a civilian who is being asked to wear an arm band to show he is Jewish. A Nazi holding a sheet of paper talking to a market stall holder – surrounded by civilian Poles. Police officer writes the details in his notebook of a man wearing the armband with A Jewish star on, overlooked by a Nazi soldier. A Warsaw street, outside an Italian Ice cream parlour – Nazis are seen backing men up against a wall – the men’s hand up in surrender – other civilians watch. A group of police officers and Nazis arresting two men at gun point. The arrested men are put in a vehicle . Men driven away down a street in central Warsaw – passers by watch. Still photograph of a train full of Jewish prisoners – seen on the side of the train, in German “We are travelling to Poland to spank the Jews”. A tram driving through a busy Warsaw street; it bears the Jewish star on it– we are told there is a special tram just for Jews in the city. A Nazi looking at Jewish men’s papers in the street. Close up of the permit. Jewish men being directed through wooden gates into ten square kilometres of Warsaw which has been made into a Jewish ghetto. A railway bridge with many people on it – we see the wall which marks the Jewish ghetto Jewish civilians descending the bridge – women and children in the foreground. A very old Jew with long beard walks past. Polish civilians on a street entering a building- we are told that these images which follow were filmed by Goebbel’s men. Passers by walk down a Warsaw street passing two urchin boys who are sitting on the pavement and another is lying on the floor in the background – no- one takes any notice of the children. Two crying children lean against the wall of a shop as people pass them by. People pass by someone lying in the street, elderly Jews wearing armbands stand around, begging but are ignored apart from one man, wearing an armband, who gives a coin to a young female beggar – we are told these images were meant to serve as propaganda for Hitler but that the project was abandoned because of the fear that the German public might end up pitying the Jewish victims instead of hating them or having scorn for them. A scrawny man in his twenties in destitute clothing looks towards camera – other crowds on the pavement opposite watch. A busy street – a very thin woman in ragged clothes half walks, half stumbles – we are told the Jews have to manage on two hundred calories a day. On a sunny pavement two young children, barefoot, stand together, one with her arm around the other as people pass them by – a woman carrying a baby, wrapped around by a blanket is seen wailing as she passes – another young girl on the pavement sits alone – carts pass her by as she walks down the street in great distress as people pass her by. Windows in a building in the Jewish ghetto – Jews in the courtyard below. The bare feet of a Jewish young man, battered kettles on the ground next to his feet which are resting in dirty puddles – he and his friend are drinking from a cup and eating dried biscuits from a wooden rack dispensed by a woman in a headscarf. A woman inside a building in the ghetto washing something in a bowl – three men in very ragged clothes enter – we are told that, at the beginning the Jews were housed six to a room and then it became thirteen to a room. A Jewish family in their cellar-like room in the ghetto – wooden platforms as beds with a woman and children lying on it – then other people are seen including a young boy picking up sticks. A man stirring something in a pan. He takes it over to two women. A woman sits knitting next to a couple who are lying on cardboard and straw beds – the man looks skeletal. The two people in bed looking deathly – a man hands a drink to the young man in bed and the woman briefly lifts her head. An old woman with a young child on her lap talking to a man in a cap smoking a cigarette. A mother sits on a bed with a young girl who is skeletally thin sitting next to her on a mattress. A young boy aged about two sitting alone on old sacking – his hair thinning and missing. Two children with very thin arms on an old bed – a man puts on a jacket – the sound of plaintive Jewish singing in the background. A young girls picking lice out of her small brother’s hair. Two children aged no more than three or four years old, sit alone on a step as people walk past. The two children again, one looks like he is about to cry. A man with two walking sticks goes slowly past. A dancing urchin boy in ragged clothes. Nazi officers herding a group of Polish Jewish children across a road. Nazi making a Jewish boy get rid of food which he has stuffed up his shirt – carrots seen on the ground. A young girl discharging food from a bag on her front. Market stalls – a body seen lying on the pavement to one side – an old man and young men sit outside the building where, we are told, it is a little less cold. Women with shorn and thinning hair. A group of skeletal Jews sit huddled together in a building – some bow their head. Inside a communal bath house where Jews were put if suspected of contracting typhus- they are taking off their clothes. A dead body on a pavement – a man walks past without looking. Healthy civilians in good clothes walk past – some wear Jewish armbands. Two men in ragged clothes arrive with a coffin to take up the dead body. The corpse is collected as women walk past. Dead body, with bare chest and straggling arm is loaded unceremoniously into a coffin. Passers by on the street, Jewish armbands visible on the men lifting the coffin. A cart pulled along with a coffin on it. A naked, skeletal corpse on a sunny pavement as people pass by. Close up on the fly blown corpse, ribs showing – people pass. Thin naked corpse with hand cart in the background onto which another thin corpse is being loaded – then the second corpse is loaded alongside it. A line of handcarts, each containing corpses makes its way along – skeletal arms and limbs dangle as they head towards the place of mass graves. Jewish elderly men stand at the rim of the hole dug for the dead bodies – they wear long black coats and peaked hats. Corpses being slid down a slide into the death pit – the elderly Jewish men look on. Jewish men with beards watching the horror. In the bottom of the pit a Nazi has covered the corpses with sheets of paper and is now putting handfuls of earth on top. Men shovelling earth on top of the corpses in the pit.

Nazi soldiers marching a group of Polish resistance fighters, outside the ghetto this time, at gunpoint. The resistance men stand outside a building – Nazis with guns around them A sign above a doorway says “Sicherheitspolizei” – Security police, Miechow (town in Poland). Two German officers exit the doorway. Outside, one salutes a German solider – the arrested men stand waiting – the officer looks at a pistol which has been taken from the Polish men. The German officer considers the home-made gun next to the capture Poles. Two captured resistance fighters – one in shirt and tie. Seven bodies hanging by their necks in a still – men woman and children looking on. Arrested blindfold man being marched on by Nazis. A row of blindfolded man standing against a hay rick waiting to be shot (a still). A photograph of the instant the rifles are fired on them. A still showing Nazis inspecting the dead bodies.

Swastika painting on wooden floorboards – up to see the periscope of a tank raising itself. A Nazi at a machine gun. Through the sight of a machine gun. A warship at dock the 9th April 1940 – the day Hitler attacks Denmark and Norway. Nazi coming down a gangplank carrying a bow of supplies. Nazi troops in the back of a pick up truck arriving as crowds line the streets Nazi on a motorbike – and then a large military vehicle with another soldier in it. Caterpillar tracks of a tank. Parachutists exiting a plane during the invasion of the Netherlands and Belgium German aircraft, Junkers 52 – discharging German paratroopers – the Fallschirmjager . The Arc de Triomphe in Paris in June 1940 as German troops march through the monument, occupying Paris. A Nazi on horseback, saluting. With the Arc de Triomphe in the background Nazis on horseback on carts arrive on the Champs Elysees. The breast pocket of a Nazi with the Iron Cross pinned to it. Nazi in steel helmet. A row of saluting Nazis. In England a British fighter plane takes off – a Supermarine Spitfire. A fighter plane in the sky. Camouflaged British aircraft peel off in the sky. View through the gun sight of an aircraft. A formation of fighter plane in the sky above clouds. View from a German fighter plane of other plane flying alongside it in formation over very flat fields on the continent.

Destroyed buildings following the German bombing of Coventry – smoking ruins. Large crowd of people in Coventry – completely destroyed buildings seen in the background. King George VI in army uniform arrives to see the damage to the city – he is accompanied by Herbert Morrison, Home Secretary, in glasses.

A large armoured troop carrier (German) in countryside. Same carrier seen towing a canon through a barbed wire fence. Stalin shaking hands with Joachim Von Ribbentropp during 1939 when German signed the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union. Troops crouch and run through a field. Tanks on a field of battle during the invasion of the Soviet Union. A tank in a ditch as soldier walk past. A dusty road with troops on bicycles – smoke seen in the distance. A smoking street in a village of low-built houses close to the Russian front. A vehicle moves down a ruined street in Russia. German troops march a Russian man forward and then they salute an officer. German officer gesticulates to the Russian men. Sad face of Russian captive. Second Russian man. German troops run forward during an assault on a Russian village – much smoke. In the debris, the Germans take cover from gunfire. Wounded Russian troops and villagers. A wounded German soldier hobbles. He is helped into a truck. Two German infantry advance across a smoking field on the Russian front. Troops in the distance – much smoke. Battlefield with soldiers in heavy capes. Soldiers running over a field of cultivated vegetables. A single building in flames. Soldiers run over a field under fire – one falls and a stretcher appears carried by two troops. A dead body lying in grass. Soldiers in dirty white anoraks taking cover at a destroyed building and aiming their guns. A battlefield cannon with soldiers on the Russian front. A soldier aims. A tank on fire. View from a tank moving forward – Sebastapol mentioned and the Russians halting of the German advance. A shot from a tank hits. A tank on a dusty road firing its guns. The winter advance of troops through snow, all men wearing winter anoraks – a smoking building in the distance. Snow blowing over rocks. Horse drawn sleds driving through a blizzard in a howling wind. Two silhouetted figures walk through blowing snow. A soldier rushes forward during battle. Soldiers crossing a railway line – the corpses of a dead horse lies adjacent. Crossing railway lines to an oil tanker. A filed gun on a street with grand buildings behind. Soldiers going up a destroyed alley way. Soldiers inside a ruined building. A German soldier aiming his machine gun from within a ruined building near Stalingrad. Russian soldiers running through the ruins of Stalingrad. Firing a cannon from with the ruins of Stalingrad. Shots of soldiers during the fight for Stalingrad. Russians wearing Cossack type hats run to a gun position within the ruins of Stalingrad. Rockets fired. Ruins of Stalingrad – mention of the surrender of General Von Paulus, (Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst), commander of the sixth army on 31st January 1943. Shots of Von Paulus during the surrender of Stalingrad including walking from a car with his two aides, Colonel Wilhelm Adam and Lt-Gen Arthur Schmidt. A line of hundreds of captive German troops after the Stalingrad surrender. Looking down on the streets of Moscow as the thousands of captive German troops are marched through the town, past Belorussky train station – crowds watch from the pavements. More of the marching 91,000 surrendered German soldiers from above stretching out in a long procession down a Moscow street. German officers walking in a desultory fashion watched by Russian people. More lowly German troops file past.
Back in Germany – A Nazi rally overlaid with Hitler’s speech saying he only wanted to get as far as the Volga – this is a joke Hitler is cracking because we hear the audience laughing. Listening Nazi officers. German officers stand listening to Hitler’s speech, post Stalingrad. The Iron cross insignia on the wall. The listening audience. Saluting German officers. Hitler saluting standing next to German officers holding come ceremonial batons. Steel-helmeted guards stand next to German flags during the speech. A young Nazi soldier.

Captive people – civilians, in very poor clothing, carrying bundles. A procession of captive civilians who were transported to Germany to work as slaves in the industries there. A long line of captive individuals carrying their possessions – burnt out buildings behind them. Through a window frame, a long line of captive civilians is marched through the streets of an occupied city. Captive civilians crossing railway tracks – railway carriages seen behind. An elderly man walks in front of a railway wagon – four small children are with him – he wears a Jewish armband. On the platform of a railway station, German soldiers marshal men who are being deported. An old woman in headscarf sitting down – a Nazi puts his whip under her chin and roughly pushes back her head. Deportees at a railway station. Shots of people wearing the Star of David on their overcoats at railway station. People boarding trains, carrying cases. Nazi officers supervise the loading of trains. A large wheeled cart is pushed back, carrying a body. A hoard of people getting into the wagon of a train – people already on the train help others up. From inside the train, a woman and others are helped inside. Someone dragged along by Nazi soldiers. Nazi officers consulting a checklist at a station or concentration camp. Handwriting says “74 people”, on the side of a railway train – looking up a young boy peers out through a gap. The train moves off. From above, dozens of long huts, making up one of the concentration camps. Men arriving off a train. Men being herded off a train. The roofs of a concentration camp behind tall barbed wire fences, in snow. A male prisoner with his chest bared and a number tattooed on it. A still showing a large crowd of people, probably at Auschwitz. The “Arbeit Macht Frei” metal sign above the gates of Auschwitz – a barrier lifts behind it. A dead body sprawled on rocks. A man impaled on barbed wire (still image). Barbed wire. The barbed wire fences of Auschwitz with observation tower behind. Silhouettes of buildings at Auschwitz (still). Label on container of poison gas with skull and cross bones and the word Zyklon. Door at Auschwitz with the words Bad Und Desinfektion (Baths and Disinfection). Still of naked women, some carrying infants, lined up ready to go into the baths. Inside the extermination chamber – bare. The tall chimney of the concentration camp. The entrance to the oven where the corpses were burnt – and remain seen on the ground. The door to the oven is opened and a skeleton is seen inside.

Marching S.S. Officers in a German street. Himmler stands to one side as his S.S. troops parade past and then, next to him we see Hitler, making the Nazi salute. From below, Hitler in uniform, giving the Nazi salute – sky and cloud behind. Marching S.S soldiers wearing backpacks.

The ruins of a bombed out town – some figures seen through an arch. A man runs through a bombed out street. Men run with a stretcher. Civilians run to the shelter of a bombed out building in the ghetto of Warsaw. Scenes following the order to destroy the Warsaw ghetto – dead bodies on the streets. Nazi soldiers walk through the burning ghetto (still). Nazi officers in a group on the ghetto streets. A person, on fire, jumping from a building ( a still). Stills of Nazi officer. Civilians lined up against a wall with their hands raised on the wall. A couple cowers amidst the rubble – she holds his head in her hands. Nazi officers. A very young boy and his mother, their hands in the air, with Nazis directing guns at them. Stills of people being marched through burning streets. Women standing with their hands raised (stills). Dead bodies in the rubble. The completely disintegrated buildings of the ghetto. Street being bombed. A woman runs across a bombarded city street in Poland. An incendiary burning on a street. Night-time shots of explosions in the dark. A building in flames. The skeleton of a building in flames. Burning building. Burning inside a church. Polish town in ruins. Fire in a building – a Nazi on the street outside. A flame thrower being aimed at a building as a Nazi soldier stands by. Warsaw street in flames. A smoking building. An explosion and a building collapses. A Nazi giving an order. Another building collapsing. A tall block destroyed. A multi-storeyed building collapsing into rubble with much dust. Many shots of explosions in Warsaw buildings as the whole city is razed to the ground. Troops next to a ship. A line of waiting tanks, stationary. Tanks and troops waiting. 6th June 1944 – a shot of the English channel with many vessels crossing for the D-Day landings. A soldier looks through binoculars. A soldier clambering over a large gun on board a boat. Canons firing during the Normandy landings. Smoking boats at sea off Normandy. A Nazi turning a wheel controlling a gun. A gun enforcement on the Normandy coast. Nazis watching the combat. From on board a vessel on the sea – we see boats approach Normandy. Troops disembark a landing craft onto the beach in Normandy. Allied troops rush up the beach during D Day. A canon firing. An explosion amongst the dunes, one soldier seen carrying his rifle. Explosions at night (a dark sequence of shots).

A dossier bearing the label For the Attention of the Fuhrer, 20th July 1944. Ruined buildings following the exploding of the bomb left in the Wolf’s Lair which was designed to assassinate Hitler – plot led by Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. Shots of the ruins of the wooden building where the bomb exploded. Hitler visiting injured man following the assassination attempt. Hitler at the hospital bed of a wounded man – flowers and an old wireless set on the bedside table. Hitler talks to another wounded man who is in a hospital bed – a bottle of wine on the bedside table. German judge of the People’s Court , Roland Freisler , arrives n court – Nazi flag hangs on the wall – the officials make a Nazi salute. The people present in the court reciprocate with a salute. Freisler takes off his judges hat and sits down. Nazi officers sit down at the back of the kangaroo court. Freisler, in sunlight, presiding over the trial. Freisler in profile. Erwin Von Witzleben gets up and comes to the fore as a defendant in the trial minus a belt or braces to hold up his trousers in order to publicly humiliate him – Von Witzleben stands in front of the judge. Shots from former times with Von Witzleben being presented to Hitler during the glory days. Witzleben stands holding up his trousers. Wolf-Heinrich, graf von Helldorf meeting Hitler during earlier years. Von Helldorf stands in front of judge Freisler. Von Helldorf in civilian suit stands accused during the People’s Court session. Nazi officers listening to the court proceedings. Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld stands in front of the court. Freisler presiding. A closer shot of Von Schwanenfeld in round glasses – we hear Freisler shouting in the background. A bald Nazi officer listening. Von Schwanenfeld listening to the Freisler outburst. Nazi officers attending the trial. Freisler reads out the guilty verdict. Freisler reading, seen from behind. The court attendees and accused listen to the verdict. Von Witzleben listens to the verdicts. Other scenes in the courtroom of court officials and accused.

Hitler accompanied by two officers is saluted by other Nazis outside wooden cabins – representatives of the Wehrmacht i.e. the Army the Navy and the Air force in Germany, post the Valkyrie conspiracy. Hitler seen over the shoulders of senior officers who do the Hitler salute – next to Hitler is Generalfeldmarshall Wilhelm Keitel who was supreme commander of the armed forces.

Soldiers carrying rifles walking through winter weather. Horses and carts make their way through desolate German village – a horse lies dead on the road. Horses and carts led by German soldiers though a destroyed town/village. A completely destroyed German small town. The wooden doors of a destroyed house with the words “haus zu wohnt” scribbled on the doors in chalk – marks of the ownership of those who have abandoned the houses.
Another sign saying the house is lived in by the Zivit family. People with their belongings on carts cross a bridge in a town – cyclists and other passers by seen. Refugees in carts, including a group of children and a young boy walking with a walking stick – crossing desolate countryside – the line of carts extends for a long way back. Another view of refugee carts with a recording of Goebbels’s “total war” speech heard in the background with the crowd cheering him. Refugees carts seen through a broken wooden building. Crossing an icy field – many German refugees with horses and carts and bicycles – one cart carrying what looks like an entire shed. The covered wagon with a shed built over it. Refugees, including an old man carrying a walking stick

Goebbels, with his back to camera, visiting Gorlitz, also spelt Goerlitz, shakes hands with Field Marshall Schorner in the town, troops lined up behind, in front of the town’s chemist shop. Steel-helmeted Germans. Goebbels in leather overcoat meets a soldier in Goerlitz – a film cameraman in the background records the event. A soldier in Goerlitz. Goebbels, in uniform, does the Hitler salute on his visit to Gorlitz. Field Marshall Schorner stands to attention. Goebbels shakes hands with a very young boy in army uniform – the boy is 16 year old Willi Hubner who was awarded the Iron cross for his part in the defence of Lauban, Close shot of the boy who is wearing an Iron cross medal. Goebbels pats the boy on the shoulder – Schőrner is in the background. Nazi in leather great-coat. Storm-trooper.

Goebbels speaking in Gorliz, March 1945 1945, uniform rows of Nazis behind and in front of him as he stands on the podium. Goebbels in wide lapelled jacket gesticulates and emotes from the podium. A German soldier listens, sat amongst German civilians. Applauding audience – mostly civilians. Rows of soldiers clapping. Soldiers listen to the speech. Goebbels again talking about a big offensive soon to be undertaken. An extremely delighted youngish man applauding Goebbels’s rhetoric. An attentive older man. Attentive Nazi soldiers. A sad looking elderly woman in a hat listens. A woman in headscarf listens. A nun in her habit listening with downcast eyes. Goebbels with wild gesticulations. An old soldier listens in smiling admiration. Two applauding women. Still in Goerlitz, behind Goebbels on the platform with the vast audience in front of him. Various shots of a cross section of the audience. Goebbels addresses the audience with a brass band seen behind him. A young woman listens. The faces of several members of the audience seemingly rapt but also obviously rather worried. The platform. Goebbels raising his fist during his speech. A man applauding looking delighted. A German officer calls for the crowd to do the Hitler salute. A cross section of the crowd does the “sieg heil!”.

The opening sequence of a German newsreel in March 1945 – the German eagle with the words Die Deutsche Wochenschau overlaid. Newsreel footage shows Hitler, in happy mood, with a group of generals walking in the open air. A happy looking German officer. Hitler meeting officers of a fighting division on the Eastern front. Hitler sits at a large table and a document is laid in front of him. Hitler, seated, talking to German officers, all wearing the Iron Cross. Hitler exits a building on the Eastern front and officers salute him. Troops salute Hitler as he passes, smiling. Smiling troops. Troops salute as Hitler’s car drives off. The Eagle logo. Hitler, in great-coat, shakes hands with troops – these are the last images of Hitler which were filmed on March 22nd 1945. Hitler smiles and pats a soldier on the shoulder. Hitler pats the cheeks of a young schoolboy waiting in line to meet him. A young German soldier relates the story of how he won the Iron Cross at Gleiwitz. Others listen – all very young soldiers. Young Willi Hubner again relates to listening soldiers his heroic actions on the eastern front. The admiring face of a young soldier. The arm of a soldier with the tank (Panzer) division arm ribbon on it – Iron Cross hangs from his neck. Smiling German soldiers, all young and wearing the Iron cross, listen to Willi – these stories of heroism are genuinely moving when one considers the age of the young fighters.

A panorama of a destroyed Berlin, sounds of explosions. Cars trying to leave the city – destroyed buildings around. Tall buildings in Berlin, all with the white flags of surrender hanging from the windows. White flags hang from officer windows in Berlin. The Red Army arrives in Berlin – Russian soldiers crowded on top of tanks, enter the city. The tanks of the allies enter Berlin – troops sit on top. More white flags in Berlin. German officers exit the entrance to Hitler’s bunker in Berlin following Hitler’s suicide on 29th April 1945. General Keitel sits down to sign the capitulation treaty. Russian officers sit and watch the proceedings as Keitel signs the surrender. Keitel signing the surrender. The surrender document with Keitel’s signature visible. German civilians in a queue carrying buckets – some wear white armbands. Civilian men operating a water pump in a Berlin street surrounded by a crowd of civilians. Women carrying buckets of water – a baby’s pram with a bucket in it is seen behind them. An elderly woman puts her fingers into a barrel with a hole in it to extract and taste, presumably, some water. Loaves of bread being handed out to clamouring hands in Berlin – people scrambling to pick up bread in desperation. A dead horse with an old man who is cutting meat from the carcass in a ruined street. Civilians looking for items amongst the rubble – allied troops seen behind. People, including women with handbags, climb in and out of the window of a ruined building looking for whatever they can scavenge. Fighting for a bit of something which looks like a rag – a woman in a crowd grabs and holds it. Women exiting a warehouse carrying what they can. An old man with loot on his shoulders.

Goering laughing during his criminal trial at Nuremburg – next to him is Hermann Hess. The prosecutors at Nuremburg – Union Jack flag behind – the man who is third from the left is Norman Birkett, Lord Birkett who was one of the British judges – next to him Is Geoffrey Lawrence (in the round glasses), and next to him is American judge Francis Biddle. Gőring stands and says he is not guilty. Hess comes to the microphone and says “no!” loudly when asked if he is guilty. Ribbentrop at the microphone saying he is not guilty. Keitel declares himself not guilty. A succession of the accused announce they are not guilty.

Behind tall barbed wire, the inmates of a concentration camp – some in striped pyjamas, some with blankets around them. The faces, behind wire, of concentration camp survivors. Corpses amassed outside the huts of a concentration camp. Skeletal remains. A young boy survivor. Young children. A procession of child survivors in a concentration camp following liberation – explanation that these children were not gassed, having been kept for experiments because they were all twins. Twins wearing striped pyjamas walk along accompanied by nurses and nuns. Dead bodies outside concentration camp buildings. A large pile of wooden coffins. The clothes of the dead victims hang on railings. A pile of victims’ shoes. A pile of spectacles, left by the dead. Toys and playthings of children who have been exterminated at the camps. A line of skeletons – stretches out into the distance, lying in a ditch. More images of skeletons.
A war cemetery with rows of crosses.

Caption “Fin” – the End.

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